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The diary of the Kid


mother got acquainted with the father in March, 2000, fell in love each other and got married at the beginning of February, 2002.

Having lived

without me, they reflected, began to dream of my emergence, and in 2003 decided that they already very much want my birth. In order that I was healthy and strong, they since August, 2003 began to drink vitamins and to lead a healthy lifestyle. And at the beginning of 2004 I decided that they are already ready to meet me, and appeared at mother in a tummy. She, however, learned about it only in February and very much - very much was delighted. The father was glad not less, but became puzzled a little. He very much cared for me and mother when I lived at her in a tummy.

Mother the first time saw me on ultrasonography at the beginning of April (I was pleasant to it!) and the father came on me to look in the middle of May. Then - that they were also told that I am a BOY. It was really difficult be not to noticed...

Mother listened to classical music, in March stopped taking dancing classes, talked to me and drove by the car. And went driving for 400 kilometers.

to me it was very good

when my parents in July spent holidays in the village. As it is good when they together, and the father nearby. He tried to talk to me too. It was ridiculous (in my opinion, he was rather afraid of me:-)). And so the father very much was pleasant to me.

So we lived

till September. Quite safely. And here in September, probably I began to grow quickly, loading increased, mother began to swell. At it even protein (0,12) raised a little. And we had to go to hospital. There we began to be trained for my emergence. Did to mother droppers, told that to me food and oxygen therefore I for the last month gained not enough weight began to arrive badly. And it would be already better for me to be born because in a tummy it became not so comfortable. Having heard such news, on 38 - y to week I decided that it is time.

No sooner said than done. On September 29 in 21. 30 at mother waters departed. But patrimonial activity was weak, and at one o`clock in the morning on September 30 doctors decided to do Cesarean section. By the way, my father was near us too, in every possible way supported mother. In the operating room it was not let. But he waited behind a door and when I was born, the first took me on hands. To mother made spinal anesthesia that she felt nothing, but was in consciousness and could see me when I am born.

I was born

A at 02:51. On a scale Apgar I was given 8/8 balls. Weighed 2720, and growth was 49 centimeters. As about me the pediatrician in maternity hospital will tell then that I have a skin, bones and muscles. And fat gathered a little. I shouted very loudly. Not really it was pleasant to me that I was pulled out from a cozy mother`s tummy. When the father took me on hands, I became silent, estimated the father - nothing, put out the tongue at him for prevention, and began to shout again: I want back in a stomach!

Me as all C-section babies, placed under a cap, but was put next day in a usual cradle because I behaved well. But to mother I was brought only for the fourth day, however, I remember how she came to look at me and ironed on a nose. But did not bring because decided to make to me a dropper with glucose. Then kept under an ultraviolet - treated my alfalfa butterfly.

A for the second day put to me a probe in a nose and fed through it because I belched. Fed me with food of HIPP PRE - nothing, I even ceased to belch, but mother`s milk is much better. However, it came to it only for the fifth day. I was indignant when I was brought: as it so - is few milk! Mother used the best efforts to rastseditsya, and milk became enough. I began to take a breast and as a result from the seventh day ate only mother`s milk.


wrote out us with mother for the seventh day after to it removed seams. I weighed by then 2603.

grandmothers, the grandfather, and the great-grandmother Met by

us. She only was not afraid to take me. Also showed how to swaddle.

the Father and all others, were delighted. I, and the truth, such charm that it cannot but be pleasant!!! When the grandfather Volodya (the father`s father) in couple of days came on me to look, he was fascinated too (I understood it at once). Told that I raise an eyebrow as it.

So, I began to live at home. Parents bought me all in advance that is necessary, tried to choose the best. They even bought for me a cleaner and a humidifier and glazed a balcony that I could sleep in any weather there in the afternoon, breathing fresh air. It was pleasant to me at home.

the Father took vacation on the occasion of my birth to help mother and to stay with me. It is good when parents nearby.

it is difficult to p to live out of a mother`s tummy, but it is interesting.


In a month to me made ultrasonography. Told that everything is good, everything is created normally. I weigh 3500 g, and growth at me already 52,5 cm. I am quite happy with myself.

Mother feeds me only with the milk and talks, as to the adult. Pleasantly!

I Will develop further. Life as it seems to me, interesting piece!