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Birthday of Antosha

I began to prepare For this day in a month. Looked for information on the Internet thank you that there are such portals family as “7ya“ and “Sun“ where mummies impart own experience of carrying out a holiday. Which - that I took from there (ordered in a photo salon calendar cards with Antoshki`s photo and held game with mothers). Still I liked idea to descend to the pool with the child, but so it turned out that our father worked all day and, respectively, the pool at us “disappeared“. Even we presented a gift to the child next day since in the evening to give there was no sense, Antoshka was filled up with gifts and he, probably, would not apprehend ours any more.

And so, about preparation while I was taken information, the ideas began to arise

in the head, and the holiday turned out, original.

First of all I started registration of a photo album “Hi, I was born!“ . I will tell you, it took a lot of time. Information on the events which took place in the world this significant day, a weather forecast, horoscopes, the celebrities which are given rise this day was required. With it I was helped by the Internet too. Then, of course, it was necessary to pick up photos. To enter additional information, for example, in what games it was pleasant to play in 4, 5 etc. month what sores were, to draw schedules of growth, weight, to fill a family tree, etc.

U me the idea to arrange a photo gallery arose. I released a shelf and made children`s albums: wash, the husband and Antoshin that guests could compare to whom the son is similar. Also I made a photo - a collage with grandmothers, grandfathers, aunts. The matter is that we moved to other city, and all relatives remained very far. And that Antoshka knew the grandmothers and grandfathers, I made this collage.

the Apartment decorated

with spheres, inscriptions: “Antoshka, Happy birthday!“ “1 year“.


the question with the wall newspaper Tormented me, there was a wish to show how Antoshka grew, his metrics. I thought up to represent it in the form of a gusenichka (see a photo): segments of a trunk correspond to months, under them the corresponding photo, on legs, a tail and horns - a metrics is suspended. Everything is linked by skrepochka that is very convenient. Photos I am going to unhook and make a collage, and it is possible to leave a caterpillar on a wall and then on it to study figures, and also to attach to it children`s drawings.

farther the most difficult - a holiday. Of course, there was a wish that it was cheerful. That there was the real children`s holiday. I will not describe how through the fifth - the tenth hands, but I found the person who would agree to try to spend a holiday. At once I will tell, in Kamensk-Uralsky (where we live) I became a pioneer, such practice here was not yet. It would be possible most to think up the scenario, to pick up a requisite, but at me it was not real opportunities, Antoshk is not always at me, and free time at all. And I could not “become torn“ too: to be the leader, the participant, to film with the camera and the camera. And, it cost only 500 rub

Yana (leader) came in a suit of Kolobok, with spheres. It released these balls under a ceiling, then (at the end of the evening) Antoshka gave them to guests.


that it not that Kolobok who was eaten by a fox, and his sister. That the grandmother and the grandfather baked it especially for Antoshki and sent to congratulate. Told how it reached who on the way met. Showed, together with children as hare jumps as the bear goes as the hedgehog sings, the cockerel waves wings etc.


stood, having opened a mouth, and looked.

Forgot to tell

about invited. In total there were 5 children + their parents. Three - one-year-old, one - 2 years, one - 6 years. Children behaved differently: ours stood, without moving, Nikitka (2 years) and Grisha (1 year and 2 months) spoke by toy cell phones (here modern children!) one Dima (6 years) repeated everything that was shown by Kolobok. Then mothers together with children put the fairy tale “turnip“. Still played with Kolobok locks, “the burning handles“, “on hummocks did a bit of traveling“, danced, awarded to children prizes and saw off Kolobok.

So far I gonoshitsya by

, prepared for children to eat, children rushed in dogonyashka, handed gifts. Then sat down at a table, I made mashed potatoes, cutlets, kompotik, fruit. By then as children were eaten up, the father came, brought a cake. We put a candle in a cake and the father helped the son to blow into it.

Time came by seven o`clock, and other fathers were brought up. We with the husband jerked on kitchen to prepare already for parents. Mudflows at a table, toasts, congratulations.


U me it was already prepared and culturally - entertainment program for parents. I bought a heap of prizes both for participants and for fans. Well, prizes and gifts received everything. The first competition was for mothers. I prepared envelopes with the photos cut on part, and it was necessary to collect and paste on a leaf of a photo. At one mummy it did not turn out, but she got out, having pasted pieces of the photo is chaotic, the abstraction turned out.

For fathers, participated in couples. I prepared two drawings - fragments of fairy tales “Kolobok“ and “Chicken of a Ryab“. To one father tied with a scarf eyes, and he had to paint a picture according to instructions of other father, and that in explanations had to use only geometrical figures and explain an arrangement them on a leaf. Upon termination of drawing had to guess the fairy tale which it represented. It turned out very cheerfully.

We also did not notice

how time approached already by 12 o`clock. Guests dispersed. Even Antoshka at us was not cut down though only one hour has a sleep in the afternoon. We quickly bathed it, and it was cut down till the morning.

Here such at us turned out a holiday.