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Bow to the ground. Part II

Part I

of Supervision

Very much I was amused by a combination of two incongruous objects: everywhere, where there is an ashtray, except for smoking room, over an ashtray the plate of “No smoking“ hangs. Deification of political correctness! The type cannot be smoked, but if there is a strong wish, then here an ashtray - you do not litter, please.


It is offensive, there is no such bargaining which was in Tye 5 years ago, in the markets now - there is no place to come off. Even in the night market about OutLetMoll where I perfected skill of the bargaining earlier, beating down the price by 4 - 5 times, now only 10 - 20 baht, so, for decency, dump also everything, to bargain it is useless further - the seller just hangs up a thing into place and ceases to pay to you attention.

On a tourist market “Under Mike“ still can have fun and beat down time price in 2, but all the same it is possible to buy because the same thing can be bought in any pier even cheaper. Here with beach dealers yes, it is possible to bargain with all the heart, but only I not for this purpose go to the beach. And so really witnessed the bargaining: the tayka of a cockleshell drags on the beach, acquaintances took to look, not to buy one, namely to look. Tayka at once him under a nose the calculator on which 80 dollars of the USA are gathered, it, it is exclusive for the sake of that that got rid, took 20. Shish - that there it got rid! He 15 tried to banish its minutes, assuring that this cockleshell is necessary to it as to a nightingale of a horseshoe, and it all this time knocked on the calculator the lesser and smaller price. Also reached 20 dollars, and would fall further, but it already had such look - “vashidokument“, and that would retire at once, having forgotten behind what it approached.

of Excursion

Existence of own vehicle significantly reduces the cost of visit of tourist places which if to go there independently, and is so many times lower than the cost of excursions to the same addresses. By the way, on the card of Patai which can be found on a turn local reklamno - an information publication for Russians any gardens of orchids and crocodile / snake / elephant farms are noted, but all this nearby, within 20 - 30 minutes of driving on the drena. For 107 re on any book bazaar it is possible to buy the detailed map of Patai in Russian in which ALL excursion points with the detailed location map are noted. At our acquaintances the guide asked to look at such card - more they did not see the card.

As we moved on the drena, I will bring only really platimy, and you, awaking desire, add to them 200 - 300 baht for a taxi (200 - 300 it there and back) where it is necessary. By the way, I will be farther than the price again to write in baht, at desire you will convert into rubles - train.

  1. Simply massage

    If independently, then it is not even necessary to go anywhere - massage salons as dirt, at every turn. There is this pleasure the 200th baht in 2 hours of massage. The same column, but with the guide for the handle - the 500th baht.

  2. Massage of blind people

    Institute of blind massage therapists in Pataye, but to it it is necessary to go, and to come if does not carry, 2 times is necessary - at first you register, then in massage. There is this pleasure from the 200th baht for usual massage, to the 500th baht for “with oils and herbs“, both that and another lasts 2 hours. If on it to go as to excursion - be so kind as for 1500 baht from a nose.

  3. Fishing of deep-water fish

    Pleasure to contemplate near itself the guide during fishing the baht from a nose will cost 2500. Without guide rent the boat for deep-water fishing costs from 4000 for usual and to 10000 baht for big double-deck for days. At the same time “usual“ is designed for 12 people not to be pushed, to go team of people in 6 - 8 better, it is no more. How many persons can go to fish on big, I definitely do not know, the person 20, approximately. The price, respectively, needs to be divided into all participants of swimming. It is possible to rent any boat without problems on any beach, having just stopped the first Thai.

  4. Happening in Pataye I will afflict with

  5. of the Island - on To With Meda there is nothing to do more - dirtied. For 1200 baht the guide will bring you on the seal rookery during the marriage period which is filled up with garbage as a dump of MSW, and with the prices of the French Riviera. It is possible to rent independently the boat for day (the price see above) which will bring you to any, even remote island, to any its deserted bay, and will wait while you are bought. Or, absolutely “freebie“ to come to an old pier that at the very beginning of Volkinstrit, and to get on the trip barge together with local Thais. This barge plies with an interval 30 - 60 minutes according to the schedule between Patayey and nearby islands: the island is farther, the ticket is more expensive. It was by practical consideration established that it is the best of all to go at 10:00 on the barge, the ticket for which costs the 20th baht (one way). Do not mix - the 20th baht since approximately at the same time other barge, the ticket for which costs the 150th baht, departs, and it will bring you on the seal rookery described above.“ Dvadtsatibatovy“ the barge of minutes for 20 otpykhtit you to an extremity of some sparsely populated island with the fishing village sheltered on it: the purest sand and water at total absence of tourists are guaranteed, and it is possible to have a bite in any fishing farmstead. The main thing not to forget to departure back in the evening: at 18:30 the last flight, and that it is necessary to spend the night under palm trees that, in principle, is quite romantic.

  6. Gardens and farms

    As transport at us was the, plus in last arrival we already izlazit all this disgrace, especially there is nothing to tell. Unless the prices of an entrance as were low: from “free of charge“ to the 50th baht from a nose, and remained. And at excursion of the price on the same objects as were from 20 dollars of the USA from a nose, and remained.

the Conclusion, the name of the opus explaining

12. 03 at 7:00 the turagentsha rushed into our number and, howling factory beep, on the Babylon mix of languages which is already forgotten partially from our first meeting began to demand something. I is melancholic, having semi-woken up, took from her hands a piece of paper with a pen, traced “Sami we will reach“ and put the signature. It, continuing to roar on all hotel, was removed. And I recently specially came into office of “Natali Tours“, the benefit it opposite to hotel once again to remind - I need your transfer as to a camel a sail. By the way, explain please why to take away people from hotel at 7 in the morning and a departure at 14:20 if at the airport it is necessary to be in 2 hours prior to a departure, and the road from Patai to the airport takes 1 hour 30 minutes. What for?! Where the bus rides 4 “spare“ hours?

we in a usual taxi were not located with

A - it was necessary to hire the minibus. There is a lot of baggage. So for 1000 baht from each of two couples entering into the coalition, total 2000 baht. Arrived to the airport in 2 and a half hours prior to a departure, at once saw under a sign “Aeroflot“ of the compatriots dying on suitcases from three-hour expectation. One minus in an independent transfer was found: compatriots, during the compelled three-hour inaction organized turn, and we respectively, were the last in turn. Initially I was not upset at all since long ago the tested way of an ocharovyvaniye of the girl who is accepting baggage and giving boarding passes did not glitch. However here he met his match: the girl does not dispose of more talonchik - one after another now the device gives them, and the “We to It Will Sing, and She Will Give a Discount to Us“ option did not give a ride.

Bow to the ground to all airline “Aeroflot“ and Sheremetyevo airport! Having kept waiting us hour on a runway in BKK in the battened-down salon and with the switched-off ventilation from - for “neipravnost in the engine“ - encouraged before flight, the plane flew up. Also reached! And in Sheremetyevo obviously did not wait for us... Having roamed hour on the airport, piercing clouds up down: a half of salon green - fastens, the second half too green, but already to fasten not in forces and actively fills packages, own since Aeroflot was not rich with them. Smell, respectively.

At last mudflows, the plane killed the engines, we stand, ventilation is switched off. In 20 minutes went, on a tow, drove up to the airport and again we stand, 20 minutes again. Obviously did not wait for us. Then went again, in the unknown direction. And again rose, in 20 minutes the ladder approached, doors opened and we were given command to be swept out from salon in an open country. And on the street - 5 and wind. And people just from +35 - 40 °, and the vast majority without warm clothes, among us there are children, even babies are. 1 - y the class tried to protest - the first on snow descended. Type, you who? First class? Well also buy a white cap!

Passengers with children begged to allow to take blankets, to wrap children - no, offered money - no. Chipped in together all salon who that has to roll up children. From salon expelled all. After a while 2 buses - HA approached! Full Il - 96 300 yes in 2 buses! You will not believe - got as sprats in a flank. Also we stand: 5 minutes, 10... and doors are open. Children cry, adults shout at the staff of the airport who is peacefully walking near bus: “Be people! There are children!“ and that, excuse - on... yu!!! This picture if from outside, resembled sending the next echelon of prisoners of war to Auschwitz: the iznemozhenny prisoners who are densely filled in cars, and near walk full and happy supervisors, without paying the slightest attention to sufferings similar. Only there are not enough sheep-dogs.

is shorter than

, having kept waiting us in the bus with open doors even minutes 15 - 20, deigned to carry. Brought, unloaded in the airport - passport control and... who told that the baggage has to be given within 30 minutes?! Tell thank you that in general gave, through an hour and a half.

I again - bow to the ground to all airline “Aeroflot“ and the Sheremetyevo airport! If not the level of your service...


of Alex - ToRent