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Bow to the ground. Part I

Is my second visit to Thailand. The first visit was a little unsuccessful - occupied us for 2 nights not there where it was ordered, and, as compensation, it was necessary to take ALL excursions free of charge. Respectively, I saw Thailand only from a window of the excursion bus (read: did not see). In more detail about misadventures of the first visit it is possible to read here.

Having come back home after the next working day late at night, I faded pokovyryal a fork in a plate, though did not eat anything since the morning, thrust a lighter into a mouth and began to try to light from a cigarette. The wife looked at me compassionately, but not as at the idiot, and put the ultimatum: or we go to have a rest, or to yourself in hospital will carry fruit. The argument from its party did not arrive and, in principle, it also was not required; it is enough to look at himself in a mirror - was tired. And was tired so that did not even begin to bother the choice of the place, time and hotel: Thailand, the closest of possible flights, Botany Beach or, at the worst, Island View.

With Thailand, of course, problems were not - it will not get to anywhere, the next flight was not absolutely “next“, but nevertheless, and here with hotel... Though, in principle, what I counted on? Botany is such hotel in which, having even attended in a month, it is possible not to get not that “next flight“. Total we have: Island View, departure 24. 02 at 23:15 from Domodedovo, back 11. 03. The travel agent of “Natali Tours“ is loaded with money for the visa, an insurance, tickets, hotel - more than nothing is necessary to me , on free excursions take orphans from the next shelter, and on my places in a transfer - any tourists from Guinea-Bissau to whom on the way. And in general, I need you as to a hedgehog a t-shirt, and I would not address you if not:

  1. to me would not be to receive laziness the visa at the airport on an arrival or to run most behind it in Moscow
  2. to go behind an insurance
  3. a plane ticket that so, that independently bought, in the same money will pour out
  4. though to lodge in Tye independently, having just arrived, there are no problems any: “Room for rent“ as dirt in Kozlamoysk (the town such), but laziness, again laziness and it is possible to gain an adequate denga, only lodging not near the beach. (If you are going to lodge in Thailand independently, or in general not to lodge anywhere, and to travel, just specify in the migration card, in the column “where you plan to live“, any hotel - is not checked, just in case it is possible to stock up with listing of e - correspondence mail with any local hotel.)
is shorter than

- addressed. 23. 02 I call - I want to come to take away pieces of paper because, having become once the witness of a case when the travel agent “forgot“ to bring papers to the airport, I do not trust any more. “What papers? - are surprised - what 24. 02? You fly 25 - go, and not from Domodedovo, and from Sheremetyevo“. “It is very good - I reply - and where I fly?“ “As where? - to Thailand!“ - it is pleased reported a turagentsh.

I on that thank you that not to Northern Gabon. Though would visit with pleasure, but not this time because:

  1. was dog-tired, and in Northern Gabon never was, and it does not intend to spend forces for local interesnost;
  2. Thailand without shopping - money for wind, and at me is the list on two sheets: to me, wife, son and daughter. And what situation with this type of tourist leisure in Northern Gabon, I do not know;
  3. me have nothing to watch
  4. in Tye, respectively, lying for days on end on the beach and gadding on shops, I will miss nothing interesting.
is shorter than

, Northern Gabon does not approach in any way, and do not offer.

Listened to this tirade of a turagentsh squeezed out

from itself “tomorrow“, then lost a speech power and hung up. Probably, about we wash health reflected, I thought.

But papers I received only 25 - go, the benefit flight was at 23:40. In the voucher it was accurately pressed: a transfer - yes, excursions - survey across Pataye, jeweler plant, a crocodile farm and something with skin. The answer to my extremely amazed look was as much extremely logical - were mistaken. After that, not to reprint, suggested to pay in addition to me for a transfer (7+7=14 and 14ő2=28 US dollars), and excursions, well, free of charge.

“For 28 dollars shamans in Northern Gabon of cows learn to fry meat and hamburgers in McDonald`s to sell“ - the answer discouraged them, I was given an envelope with papers did not stick any more.

25. 02, 20:00 - a voice from phone:“ Well, you go, pancake?! I already below“. It is uninteresting, without excesses...

26. 02, 12 with kopeks, the airport, Bangkok, the coalition from two families rolls suitcases to a rack a limousine - service. In general, I wanted to catch a taxi on the street - would leave twice cheaper, but under pressure of 75% of members of the coalition was forced to recede. Actually, from - for what to be fooled? 1500 re in a limousine - service or, roughly, 1000 re on 2 families for 150 km of a way if to catch on the street. 250 rubles - not that difference, from - behind which it is worth walking from the airport to the road, though nearby. (Further I will transfer the prices to rubles, the benefit at once it is simple: in baht you subtract 25% from the price - you receive the price in rubles if who loves accuracy, coefficient of the translation of RU/BT on 08. 03. 06 - 74,38.)

Being a person decent, and without knowing whether warned the guide in BKK that the transfer and excursions are delivered to me by mistake, I decide to find at first it - to warn. Found, to the own harm.“ The Russian-speaking guide“ - a small tayka on absolutely wild mix Thai, Russian and English one shouted as stadium on a match of Chelsea - Real, at the same time it was extremely difficult to guess belonging of the next word to Russian, to English it is impossible, and Thai neither I, nor my satellites knew.

Nevertheless, thinking in 4 heads and specifying some moments in a sign language, we could understand that it is extremely dissatisfied since we will pass very interesting sightseeing tour across Pataye (who was - the sarcasm will estimate) and visit of jeweler factory. Generally, we have to write it receipts, about refusal of a transfer and excursions that we immediately also made. Further a taxi - brand new Toyota Camry and the Thai who is perfectly stirring in English as the guide: an hour and a half, and we in hotel. By 8 in the evening, when we who were already bought went to have supper, to hotel the huge bus from which the iznemozhenny tourists who arrived together with us were unloaded crept up (sarcasm again). dryn

of “Dryn“ - so we immediately, unanimously, and without arranging with

of Missile defense with p to the spouse, christened Yamaha hired mopedik. Absolutely remarkable vehicle, I even lit up in Moscow such to buy, on warm weather if she in general here is, instead of the car. Gasoline eats no more, than a canary of sunflower seeds. In 2 weeks we refueled 2 times - a full tank on 75 re, and went constantly. In management it is not more difficult than the bicycle: an automatic box - you twist the handle of gas - goes, you twist stronger - goes quicker, 2 rychazhka of a brake: on a back wheel - you use it constantly, and on forward - if that not to mix the main thing and a knopusk of blinkers. And this feature, despite all simplicity, about - go - go flies.... Adequately the speedometer is marked by

to 160 km/h, did not check because there was no place and there is no need. But 90 km/h go, joking and not straining, even with two horsemen - the fact. And quicker I did not go: there is no place in the afternoon, and at night quickly to go cold and what flies that in the afternoon that at night, will get into a cheek - painfully.

is Costed by this pleasure (take seat more strong) 150 re in days. If who does not know, taxi anywhere less than 75 re one way do not take in Pataye, plus traffic jams. Well, in Pataye, especially in the afternoon, in the blaze of the sun, traffic jams, about Volkinstrit in general that in the afternoon that you will not force the way at night, and on the moped shmyg - shmyg between cars and went.

could not be Rented dryn more simply - they everywhere along roads stand, with the sign “For Rent“. About hotels is 30% more expensive, and it is unclear why (gy - gy - gy). In general there are dryna, not motorcycles, namely dryna, much more expensively, but they are dearer not from - for proximity to hotel, and owing to “coolness“.

to be afraid of the dense movement, even the first time taking the wheel of a dryn, Thais the people polite - not a rod completely are not necessary since, will always pass and will give way, and quick-witted - on the drena steer clear of the European. The police does not pay attention in a usual state to dryna too: though through 2 continuous before it be developed will stay without turning a hair. However, driving without a helmet - 100% will accept, a penalty 750 re, at best. And on Mondays and Tuesdays frankly not to behave outrageously better - at them ches. On Tuesday I was also taken, on 300 re for journey under “brick“. More true it we “brick“, and at them have a strelochka with the indication of the direction crossed out. And went there earlier and the attention was not paid, and here ches - it already the people knowing then in police educated me: on Mondays and Tuesdays--.

the Most opposite not in a penalty, and as its payment: the police officer accepts you, takes away keys, dryn parks, and to you writes out a piece of paper with which you go to a site that to St. Soi 9, on foot. In a site it is resistant, behind a rack the inspector, and on a rack a nail on which you also get this piece of paper with a penitential look. The inspector, slowly, with a melancholic look, pulls off with nailing the lower piece of paper and in the microphone announces a name. From the hall calculated the person on 50 (I was lucky since I got at the end of a ches - there were no more than 10 people, and people skilled assured what happened and so - in the hall there is even no place to stand) the violator rises, hobbles to a rack: short conversation, is a lot of literary trash, signatures etc.

One gratefulness - to go it is not necessary to pay anywhere because the inspector plays also a role of the cashier. With the received piece of paper about payment of a penalty you search for the inspector who accepted you, you show it to it, it gives you keys - it is possible to go. Also do not try, do not try at all! even to try to agree with the inspector on the place as at us - it will be one hundred times worse, despite the Russian nationality.

was amusing to be observed how the inspector in a police station tried to read my name which I when I was accepted, in the protocol, wrote in Russian. And, if he told “name“ having pointed a finger at the column, I also wrote - Alexey. The inspector in a site, pulled off with nailing the next piece of paper - I wash, and began frowning to make sounds similar on “And...“, then “and“, “Aaaaa...“ it could not continue since letters with similar sew “L“ writing neither in English, nor in Thai is not present. Only on its attempts I understood that it me.

to be guided in Pataye, by the way, as easy as shelling pears: 3 big main streets go in parallel, perpendicular to them 3 not less main streets also cross all Patayu. And between them a heap of alleys - lanes on which where do not go all the same you will rest against one of main. It is not enough traffic lights - only on crossings of the main streets, respectively, you will do a bit of traveling couple of days according to the card, and then it becomes superfluous - easily pass to orientation on “shops“. Further, as they say: no what so focuses the person on districts as searches of a toilet.


Besides, as it is known, theft in Thailand - the most rare exception, and, respectively, as an event “out of the common“, any theft puts all police on ears, especially if robbed the foreigner. And so, for dryn, near of all shopping centers free secured parkings are! Really! You come, you put dryn, the security guard gives you the receipt according to which you dryn take away then. We at first thought that it for the subsequent payment - on the contrary.

I the last, to dryna relating: about accidents. In - the first, it is necessary to have a good head on the shoulders, and on the head we send and not to rush like mad not to earn adventures on part of a body to the head opposite. I, fie - fie - fie, and here acquaintances dryn smashed also all poobodratsya - nothing terrible, than travel agents frighten, then was not. To the fallen drynatsiklist, and they fell, Thais right there ran up, helped to rise, dragged peroxide, bandage, brilliant green etc., did not call the police, wounds processed, bandaged and called hire where they dryn took.


A a dryna got strongly: the headlight is broken, the blinker, a forward fairing in general in stuff, a mirror, all side is peeled etc. They already strained - well everything, dollars on 500 here.... What similar, approached the uncle counted repair on 750 re + loss of pledge in 1500 re. They gave money to it immediately, again posted bail, and he left with broken dryny, having left to them new on which they also continued a way.