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To what to be ill there? It bone!

Mashka expressively knocked herself on the head.

Anyutka took offense. The head hurt it often, and she rightfully considered that it is reminded of themselves by brains.

somewhere read

Ya that brains cannot hurt: there are no nervous terminations. Well - the same hurts there!

- Yes anything, - Marina Ryabus, the neurologist of Clinic of a headache told, - vessels, muscles, nerves, at last. By and large, headaches are divided into 2 big groups: primary headache arises in itself is all the known migraines and headaches of tension; secondary is a consequence of some other factors - from a hungover syndrome and a close hat to an infection or a tumor of a brain.

the Wise man, do not wrinkle a forehead

Doctors note that the people having tension headaches are much more unfortunate, than migrenoznik. Their pain is not so severe that with a clear conscience to remain in a bed and to do nothing, but also is not so weak to allow the sufferer to take any active actions.

the Constant dull aching ache does

the victims by whiners and losers. Such people justify all the failures with an illness and do not wish to strain for the sake of achievement of the purpose. And if the ambitious migrenoznik, otvalyavshis two days layer, swells up and with the trebled energy begins to make up for lost time, then our sufferer is not adapted for a hard work at all.

Ya - that to admit, thought earlier that “migraine“ is just scientific name of a headache. Well, that is everything that hurts above the lower jaw, is migraine.

the Doctor in district clinic if you go to complain, most likely will make to

the diagnosis “migraine“ and will report that the illness is incurable. Of course, will not feel better you.

Actually tension headaches - the most widespread - occur at 80% of people. They are not so strong as they migraine, however are not less painful because tiresome, comprehensive and long. They arise from - for overfatigue, alarm, a depression, during the long work at the computer, sitting in an inconvenient pose (for example, driving), at a mnogodumaniye - especially if you at the same time are accustomed to wrinkle a forehead. This pain is caused long (though insignificant) by tension of muscles of the head and neck. Actually, they - that also hurt.

So, trouble it is easy to prevent if to take care of itself:

If headaches visit you too often - more than 10 times a month, then independently not to cope with them any more. Besides if pain takes away from you half-lives, then everything can appear rather offensively. Be checked at the neurologist: perhaps, it is about a secondary headache, and it is necessary to remove its cause urgently.

How to kill tension headache

the Diet of a migrenoznik

Is: blackcurrant, white cabbage, tea (preferably green), green apples, tomatoes, bananas.

is not: cheeses, coffee, cocoa, chocolate, vinegar and marinated products, mustard, ketchup, mayonnaise, pork, smoked products (any!) spinach, green onions, haricot, soy, celery, citrus, pineapples, avocado, nuts.

Head myths

Myth 1. In 30 years at women migraine passes in itself. The main thing - to live.

Actually. At most of women it at this age also arises - from 20 to 33 years. At 30% of women passes during a climax. Migraine it is necessary to treat.

Myth 2. If the head hurts not strongly, medicine should not be taken, otherwise will be able to cope with severe pain.

Actually. It is impossible to suffer from a headache. Migraine can be stopped only in embryo. When it raged - to fight is useless.

Myth 3. The head hurts because that some vessel peredavlen the shifted vertebra or in general the growing tumor or an infection.

Actually. Be checked, of course, about a tumor. Infectious morbidity cannot last several years. Osteochondrosis after 28 years happens almost at all. And headaches, fortunately, - are not present. The head hurts for more prosaic reasons.

the Weakening exercises

1. Sitting, having cast away the head on a head restraint of a chair or at least having just leaned against a wall, try to relax frontal, temporal, chewing muscles, having closed eyes and having a little lowered the lower jaw (you can even slightly open slightly a mouth). Exercise duration - 3 - 4 minutes.

2. Lying on a back, it is consecutive - from top to down - relax all muscles: front (as in the first exercise), then muscles of a neck, shoulders, backs, breasts, buttocks, hips, calves, feet. On everything - 5 - 7 minutes.

3. Having relaxed in exercise? 2, begin to breathe a stomach: on a breath to inflate a stomach, on an exhalation - to involve. The exhalation has to be longer than a breath. 3 - 4 minutes.

the Guillotine - migraine medicine

Migraine - the headache attacks connected with change of a tone out of - and intra cranial vessels. Most often a half of the head or even “chetvertushka“ - for example, left lobno - temporal part hurts. But hurts so that you feel sick and turns inside out from light, smells and sounds.


Migraines every fifth inhabitant of the earth suffers (women - by 4 times more often than men). 75% at least once in life endured a migrenozny attack.

Migraine - an illness of both vessels, and nerves. The beginning of an attack coincides with narrowing of a vessel, and then - sharp expansion as a result of which the head absolutely stops thinking and can only be ill...

Anyutka got used to migraines. Even somehow got to like them and developed own tactics of fight.

- it is silent - quietly, - she says, trying not to move with the head not to frighten off the creeping enemy, - yet not strongly hurts, it is not necessary to accept tablets. And what I will do when aches strongly?

- Perhaps - shy and too I in a whisper (that migraine did not hear) offer, - it is necessary to hit it analginum, small so far?


screws up the face (because migraine already big) and swallows of analginum... Then she does not go two days to work, and to the third - cheerful and vigorous - reports about some new analgetic which so quickly helped it.

Here in this state - while it is capable to think and move in space on city transport - it should be pushed urgently in the trolleybus and to send for inspection. Anyutka not really resisted: she is a girl though confident in own correctness and incurability of migraines, but nevertheless curious and compliant.

- Analgetics, - explained to us in Clinic of a headache, is not a solution. They create a vicious circle: the anesthetizing preparations cause accustoming, and over time the head begins to hurt even more often because the organism “demands the dose“.

Long time migraine was considered as incurable. There was even a joke that the only thing from it means - a guillotine. To tell the truth, absolutely did not learn to destroy migraine still. Simply, in - the first, there were preparations allowing to extinguish quickly an attack, and in - the second, there are computer and other hi-tech techniques allowing to cancel considerable part of your appointments to pain. Agree, it is much easier to suffer few times in a year (during the strongest magnetic storms), than to roll layer weekly, hiding from light, sounds and smells.

the Medicine removing an attack in each case the neurologist has to pick up

. And presently in Europe not tablets, and sprays for a nose are much more often used: and is closer to brains, and side effects (such, for example, as stomach ulcer) is less, and it will be acquired even in case of the most terrible migraine when feels sick the person and all swallowed tablets right there are thrown out outside. The technique “canceling“ migraine as the fact especially experts after the most detailed inspection have to appoint.

Anyutka in clinic was studied how alien. To its unfortunate (at that moment temporarily not being ill) the head attached a heap of some provodochok, traced all her thoughts on the computer, counted on some priborchik, and then told that it is not necessary to drink tablets and that will treat her right there, on the computer. It at specialists in a headache is called is BAREFOOT (with one “With“). Not in the sense that this elite treatment for bosses, and just such “biological feedback“: all signals of the suffering head register in the computer and are given to the patient for the screen in the form of pictures, computer games and schedules - watch, please, what hurts you... Also adjust yourself and graphics to ideally healthy state.

it was thrust Then into a capsule, pink, similar to big egg, and told that will treat this world.

- It is useless, - I told. - When the head does not hurt it, in this your egg it is boring to lie and when hurts, she all the same does not see this world.

- At us will see, - large-headed doctors promised.

It is quite amusing

. But the head of Ania really ceased to hurt. In general. Well, in any case, at work.

By the way

Migraine - an illness of perfectionists, the initiative and ambitious people who are trying to obtain success. If to trust Bulgakov, Pontius Pilate had migraine. From more reliable sources it is known that Alexander of Macedon, Julius Caesar, Peter I, Elizabeth I Tudor, Napoleon, Dostoyevsky, Gogol, Charlotte Bronte, Edgar Poe, Heine, Maupassant, Wagner, Chopin, Tchaikovsky, Darwin, Freud, Nietzsche were migrenoznik.

of Migraine of the day off

This nervous. The illness which is very extended presently. The person will mobilize all forces of an organism for performance of some task and when it is executed, relaxes, protective barriers do not work, nerves “hand over“ - and migraine begins.

the Main method of fight - to accustom itself to relax for several minutes during the day of work.

the Bird`s illness

“Search“, “hangover“, “a bird`s illness“ - so we call

a state which usually comes in the morning after active evening festivities with alcohol.


the Limit at which it is possible to drink, without being afraid for consequences, at each person different. Usually it makes 1 gram of pure alcohol on kilogram of weight. It just that amount of alcohol which our liver is capable to process. What happens to surplus? They turn into acetic aldehyde which, in turn, is in the habit to collect, be carried by means of blood system on all organism and to influence harmful many bodies.

More than others at a hangover the head hurts. Why? In an organism moisture content sharply decreases. Besides, in blood the number of ions of potassium is at the same time reduced and increases - sodium ions. There is an imbalance in production of some hormones regulating formation of urine in kidneys. Plus on everything - kislotno - an alkaline imbalance... Well, all these phenomena lead to violation of blood circulation and an angiospasm.

Here 4 more points which besides a headache are included into the main list of symptoms of “a bird`s illness“:

  • feeling of dryness in a mouth;
  • slight fever;
  • nausea;
  • orientation violation;
  • excessive production in a stomach of gases;
  • liquid chair. whether

Can avoid a hangover? Of course, it is possible. In - the first, respect the rules. We already spoke today about it. In - the second, try to catch features of the organism.

It is possible, you will notice that serious consequences do not happen if you drink not houses, and on a visit. It means that between a feast and a dream small walk is necessary for you.

U of others the hangover comes only after the use of certain drinks (more often than strong) or violations of an order of their reception (all know that “degree“ cannot be lowered), mixing of different grades of drink of one category (wine, beer, vodka).

If all of you - caught “a bird`s illness“, it is possible to resort to the pharmaceutical preparations which are specially intended for this purpose or to use folk remedies.

How to get rid of a hangover

Honey drink

Mix three tablespoons of honey with water liter. Divide drink into two portions. Drink one immediately, and in a volley. The second - also in a volley, but in 15 minutes. It became easier, but not up to the end - repeat procedure in hour

Compote from dried fruits

It is thought, you know the recipe of preparation. At the time of Peter I compote from dried fruits was favourite morning drink of drunkards and idlers. Only it was called then in a different way - “stewed fruit“.

Partly compote can replace with

apple or garnet juice. the Water-melon

it it is rather simple to p to eat

. In total, of course. But there is as much as possible. Inhabitants of the southern regions distinguished its curative properties long ago. No other fruit or berries contain so much magnesium.

Milk or kefir

These drinks are capable to neutralize quickly the toxic substances which accumulated in an organism. Besides, they “bring round“ many, prostrate alcohol, useful bacteria.

the Cucumber or cabbage brine

It represents well balanced solution of the salts of potassium which are so lacking an organism in the period of a hangover. It is good if when salting cucumbers added a little vinegar to a brine.

In the XVIII-XIX centuries in a barrel with cucumbers poured out a little vodka. Too very useful component for fight against a hangover.

However it does not mean that for removal of a headache and nausea needs to be “added“. The healthy organism of the being able “bird`s illness“ will not allow to pour in itself alcohol gram in pure form. If you had such requirement, so it is time to sound alarm is the first symptom of the arising alcoholism.