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Second child: the correction of mistakes of

Since my oldest daughter was 1 year old, I began to say about the second child. Even more often I thought of how I taught by bitter experience will raise the following kid. Remembering all those mistakes that were allowed with senior, I was convinced that with the second child they are everything will be in a different way.

owing to some vital circumstances I when senior already executed 3,5 years became pregnant. And, as it often happens, appear, that more unsuccessful time for the birth of the child it is difficult to think up. The husband fell into a trance. I, repent, too thought: “And whether it is necessary to give birth now?“

After three years of sitting with senior I only half a year as came to work. Life returned to new normal. The subscription to the good gym is bought for a year, and passed only 1 month. The husband at work has problems. But also to present that I will make abortion, too it was impossible. When emotions slightly pouleglis, we with the husband, having judged that all the same we want to have not less than two children, decided that time the destiny disposed, so to that and to be.

Almost all problems were quite just solved by

. At me at work all collective amicably was glad for me. And from fourth month I did not work though continued to be registered in a position. In the gym made advances us too and rewrote the subscription on my husband. Now it was necessary only to enjoy the “interesting“ situation and to wait.

the Oldest daughter Polina with delight learned that it will have a brother or the sister. At the same time she said that it needs the sister. Almost every day she asked:“ Mother, well when you will give rise?“

Of course, the second pregnancy was not absolutely cloudless, but also not to call it difficult. Most of all I was afraid that me will put in hospital on preservation as there is nobody was to leave senior, but, thank God, managed.

I here, at last, that day when our younger daughter Anyuta was born came. I will not stop in detail on process of childbirth. I will tell only, as the first, and second childbirth at me took place well and quickly enough.

I here we houses. Having hardly taken breath, I went to a drugstore to buy a baby`s dummy. It is possible to argue long on advantage and harm of baby`s dummies, but I consider that each mother resolves this issue. The oldest daughter sucked a baby`s dummy, I did not need to rock to sleep her, was to put it in a bed enough and to give a pacifier. And here with younger I was waited by a surprise: the pacifier was angrily rejected. After numerous attempts to persuade the child to suck a baby`s dummy the grandmother to the aid was called. But everything was vain. No wetting of a pacifier water, even a siropchik, improved a situation. It was necessary to reconcile to defeat. The daughter recognized only a breast.

When the senior daughter was born

, I very much wanted to nurse it, but from - for very strong cracks was forced to stop breastfeeding. And it was my the first and the main, a mistake. With the second daughter the breast cracked too, but I even thoughts did not assume that I will give it something, except breast milk. It was promoted by persistent unwillingness of Anechki to suck something, except a breast.

I went on the most strict diet. Ate only what could not cause an allergy or tummy pains. But even it did not rescue us from gripes. We cried both in the afternoon, and at night. Slept at night badly, and in the afternoon and it is worse than that. Only on the street the child fell asleep strong, but at the same time it was necessary to shake a carriage constantly. But, having rocked to sleep her on the street, it was possible to bring home, and she slept an hour more - another. Practically since the birth we gave it various preparations for intestinal microflora, but it helped poorly. To be fair, it is necessary to tell that the senior daughter who was entirely on artificial feeding almost had no gripes. In 2,5 months she ate at night only once at 6 o`clock in the morning and then slept to 9 - 9. 30. And in 3,5 months slept all night long, without waking up.

the Second mistake made by me with the senior child. I gave fruit purees to it since two months. And in three we had a diathesis with which I very long tried to cope various creams instead of addressing the expert. It led to development of dysbacteriosis and, as a result, to an allergy with which we coped only by three years. Therefore I did not hurry to offer the younger daughter anything else, except a milk. The exception was made by tea children`s, but as we rejected a small bottle, and tea is not sawn.

When to Anyuta was 2 months old, my mother began persistently to suggest to give to drink to the child juice and to give a skobleny apple. But I was categorically against. And as our grandmothers live in other cities, everything was in my hands. Till 5 months Anechka ate only a breast. The only thing that saddened our life - it is never-ending gripes. At night we woke up on 6 - 7 times, and at daybreak each 15 - 20 min. Of course, it was heavy to both me, and her. Therefore our doctor advised to enter her the first feeding up - porridge.

we did not begin to Sleep at night from porridge. But began to sleep in the afternoon. The first dream - 2 - 3 hours, and the second - 1,5 - 2 hours. It already was achievement.


When to Ania executed half a year, I began to enter slowly the second feeding up - vegetables.

Now to my younger daughter 7 months. It is impossible to tell that all problems behind, but nevertheless at night we sleep better though we all the same 2 - 3 times wake up to eat. But what 2 - 3 times in comparison with 8 - 10 mean? It is possible to tell, our life began to return to normal. There was a certain day regimen. Now and I can plan at least minimum our day.

It is hard to say that having given birth to the second child, I became skilled and correct mother. But, all-. I try not to make the main, in my opinion, mistakes. Of course, with two children to live much more difficult, than with one. Especially, when they are ill. It is worth aching senior as younger right there picks up relay. From - for it we in 7 months could not do any vaccination. Living in one apartment, it is impossible to isolate children when one of them is ill.

But, looking at the children when senior plays with younger, I understand that the best in my life are my children.