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The offensive diagnosis of the logopedist

When I made out the card for kindergarten, the logopedist was on holiday. It was necessary to go to a garden urgently, and it was necessary to do without its record. In a garden, of course, there are planned surveys, but the child was ill, went to the grandmother. Generally, it met the logopedist in five years. I, of course, understood what the child tells not really well. But I understood it, the same main thing! And what does not utter “sh“, “r“, “l“ so I heard that it is corrected in a month, well for two, as a last resort, for three.

From the logopedist I left with the child and … the card in which there were three letters: GUS (general underdevelopment of the speech). My first reaction? Rage!!! To this silly woman who did not estimate... we sat long in turn, the child became puzzled in an unusual situation (and so on, all road to the house). Relatives remembered grandmothers, grandfathers and all seventh water on kissel which began to speak in not earlier than five years, and not especially liked it to do in general during life. Well, on a family council the unanimous decision was made - our child is ingenious, and the logopedist we will find another, good which will tell us what we want to hear. Girlfriends calmed how could, they since the birth know it what such underdevelopment? And he draws but as! Agreed everything on the same is it is not necessary to pay attention.

Ya calmed down and could argue soberly. To the child not in a year, so through two in school. Of course, at special desire it is possible to get almost to any, but there also it is necessary to study. I decided to be engaged in examination that it in us it was “put“ by the aunt in the card. ONR as it appeared, happens three degrees, at the child it turned out the easiest (3). On the one hand, it seems, easier, and with another propped up a new attack of anger - it was difficult for it, perhaps to write norm, she also saw - that us the first time, and that is absolutely short (minutes fifteen - twenty with a tightness). What was that so not lucky? Damaged the card the record.

Here in it approximately a state I should have solved

- whether to send the child to logopedic group the next year. It was necessary to solve urgently - there was an April and “set“ came to an end. And I at all never heard before about existence of such groups. But heard the mother-in-law and the cousin aunt which on the next family council convinced all, and, above all, of course, me that to our sun THERE not the place that there underdeveloped children who are not able neither to speak at all go nor to think, nor to go to a toilet. Horror. I, however, continued to read up, some book on logopedics to find out to myself more facts that everything is normal and that not only grandmothers and grandfathers so consider, but also in the book here the clever person wrote the same.

The fact that to me on an ear there stepped a bear I knew

since the childhood, and from - for it never even troubled myself attempt something to catch. To the surprise, I suddenly heard that the child does not say not only “r“, “l“ and “sh“, but also “with“, “shch“, “h“, “z“. The word in plural through one wrong, a genitive case almost does not exist, the words “librarian“ and “militiaman“ in principle do not give in to reproduction, even after trainings.

the Aunt lived far, the mother-in-law was urgently sent to the giving, her “cries“ were not so heard from there about the poor child and parents bearing it the malice who nevertheless decided “to send“ him to logopedic group. References collected quickly. Quickly passed the commission, and in May I went for meeting in a new garden. The garden was even pleasant to me more old, especially the group - is a lot of complete sets of toys - both shop, and hospital, and school and as there are a lot of developing. Quiet tutors promised to temper children, to accustom them to independence. The logopedist pushed obscure for me at that time the speech about the work which is coming all of us.

managed to calm the Mother-in-law during the summer, the child to persuade to descend to look at a new garden and on the first of September its first in life academic year began. It was very difficult. And for us parents, and for our child with his disobedient language. We were engaged through all its and our “I can not“ and “I do not want“, we tried as we could, make everything that was set by the logopedist, and in a garden tutors were engaged in it. By the end of May we had well speaking child and the card for school where in the column “logopedist“ there was very long record - “speech development corresponds to age“.

For us everything ended with

. Ended well, but all this year in the head was a question - “why“? Unless we were not engaged? Unless did not talk to it? How many books we read! We always discussed them. We went to children`s theaters, he was able to ride the bicycle and rollers, it was so developed for five years of that time. And suddenly - an underdevelopment! Why why …


However, he never learned verses - did not love, but he loved logical problems. He very badly drew pencils, but paints he drew best of all in a garden. And so in everything, continuous “but“ …

there Passed time and this question - “why“ - absolutely ceased to interest me. There is no answer to it. One assumptions, and there is a lot of them that not to derive any benefit from them. And here on my mistakes I can suggest to learn everyone.

In - the first, the logopedist it was necessary to visit in two years. And it only washing wines that I did not consider it important and as a result did not find time and in general, then it seemed to me that to the logopedist it is necessary to go before school.

In - the second, the logopedist it is necessary to visit every year. For it in our interests not to wait so far will direct, will invite, will remind, and to go.

B - the third, to the logopedist it is necessary to go with a spirit to listen and understand.

the child, of course, the best, all his defects the loving parents are ready to write off for features - here such it at us! I lacked a measure, I could not open an eye in time and look round around, otherwise I would see that features turned into a problem for a long time.

B - the fourth, the diagnosis of the logopedist should not cause sense of guilt. It is clear to the majority that if the child has a problem with health, these should be engaged: there will not pass dislocation of a coxofemoral joint, will not resolve pilorostenoz, with sore kidneys it is necessary to run to the nephrologist, and at threat of a miopiya to be observed at the oculist. Relatives, as a rule, help with such cases and support. And here when the speech comes about a speech underdevelopment - to us imperceptibly throw up three ideas: or, I am bad mother, either the logopedist bad, or the child (oh, horror!) it is really underdeveloped.

Of course, all not so! And these thoughts very much disturb, close it is impossible to admit them - thoughts such.

Besides, I considered that if I am engaged with the child, then problems cannot be. Especially as I read books, tried to offer the kid various occupations. Doubts is that I can define a condition of the speech of my child, at me did not arise at all. I communicate with it most, he with others speaks not so much.

Trouble that I did not know many nuances, and, in all honesty, I in general knew too little, and for some reason convinced myself that I have enough two books on logopedics for understanding, my child has problems, or they are absent. It is quite possible that if I then read still a two-three of books, then in general would get a false idea herself the logopedist.

also did not suspect

Ya that unresolved logopedic problems can cause the illiterate letter and the two following from here and the three on Russian at school.

I did not treat logopedists seriously. Had no idea of their hard work, I thought that they only ask verses children and speak where to put language to begin to roar. My perception of the logopedist was based on children`s memoirs. Fortunately, I did not need a lot of time to change the relation, and it very much helped me to avoid other frequent mistakes.

All will pass
  1. with age, not in three, so in five, not in five, so in seven, not in seven, so sometime still.

    will not pass
  2. , and it is not necessary. Lenin burred, and nothing!

  3. the Logopedist has to correct everything, and we will wait until it achieves results.

  4. Logopedists also dream only of that “to fleece“, earlier in general without them lived.

  5. We also will understand and we will teach to speak well.

Such talk I hear

from year to year. Already got used not to object - it is useless. Really, Lenin burred. With age the child of logopedic problems becomes less. Children who do not utter only several sounds can quite do without homeworks and the help of parents. Many logopedists give paid lessons, and are respectively interested in clients. There are very talented parents and not less talented children, and there are, eventually, those who are just lucky. Besides parents without ambitions meet. But it does not concern to me - I enough - the ambitious person and I do not consider it as a shortcoming: yes, I want that my child studied well, at good school, but I want that it was easy for him, and for all this the competent and blank speech is necessary.

generally, decide - to go or not to go to the logopedist, to take offense at it or not. And that who already descended and received some unpleasant diagnosis, I wish not to worry, and at once to begin to work, and then everything at your children will be good.