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Conception - sacrament and calculation of

Of course, we do not choose day of conception of the kid - it depends on will of a case to a large extent. But in our forces to affect that this day came sooner or later. For this purpose it is necessary not so much - only implementation of simple rules and elementary knowledge of physiology.

Many women begin to panic if pregnancy does not come during two - three months after they refused contraception.

However for healthy married couples at regular sex life the typical picture looks thus:

In spite of the fact that any of these three situations - norm, we can accelerate several conception, conforming to certain rules.

the physiology has some

In order that the little man, the boy or the girl was born, two cages have to meet: man`s - a spermatozoon and female - an ovum. At their merge fetal egg - a zygote is formed.

Monthly under the influence of hypophysis hormones (the endocrine gland located in a brain) in an ovary the tiny bubble - a follicle which contains an ovum ripens. Walls of a follicle produce women`s hormones - estrogen thanks to which the follicle increases to the sizes small cherries and bursts in the middle of a menstrual cycle, releasing an ovum. This process is called an ovulation. Having left an ovary, the ovum “is taken“ fibers of a uterine tube and thanks to its reductions moves ahead towards a uterus. The ovum keeps the ability to fertilization on average 24 hours.

Spermatozoa are formed by

in pair male gonads - testicles. Cycle of their formation of 70 - 75 days. Bo intimacy time gets into a vagina of the woman 3 - 5 milliliters of sperm which contains 300 - 500 million spermatozoa. Only the part of them gets to cervical slime inside dripped uterus necks. Before reaching an ovum, a spermatozoon! it is necessary to cross a cavity of a uterus and to get into a uterine tube. They make this way in 2 - 2,5 hours, and keep the impregnating ability in a uterine tube according to different data, from 2 to 7 days. In order that there was a fertilization, the spermatozoon has to break the barrier from cages of a radiant wreath surrounding an ovum and a cover of an ovum. For this purpose “forces“ of one spermatozoon insufficiently - “attack“

is necessary for

100 to 400 thousand spermatozoa though only one of them will get into an ovum!

Within the first 12 hours after fertilization man`s female kernels approach and there is an association of genetic material to formation of a zygote - a monocelled embryo. During fertilization the embryo begins to move on a uterine tube in a uterus cavity. In process of advance of an embryo on a uterine tube there is a division of its cages, then the embryo falls in a uterus CAVITY where on 11 - 12 - y day after conception occurs its implantation - introduction in a mucous membrane of a uterus.

So, the following conditions are necessary for

for approach of pregnancy:

1. Readiness of an organism I whole to provide normal development of a fruit that you provide“ with the general level of health.

Even if you consider by

yourself absolutely healthy, it is useful to be convinced of it once again, having passed inspection at the therapist, the gynecologist, the stomatologist or maybe the geneticist. It is a high time to begin to conduct healthy time of life: to have a rest properly (it is optimum - to spend holiday in nature);“ to give up“ addictions; as much as possible to limit contacts with household chemicals and use of pharmacological means because it it can negatively be reflected not only on health of future mother, but also in formation and development of the kid.

2. Maturing in an ovary of an ovum, capable to fertilization, an ovulation, hit of an ovum in a uterine tube.

In order that this difficult mechanism worked with

, accurate functioning of hormonal system of an organism of the woman is necessary. Best of all this system works for women whose body weight approaches medical norm.

For quite some time now and the press is persistently advised the women wishing to bring the child of a concrete floor, to adhere to a certain diet into world. As far as affektiven this method at gender planning, it is unknown because there are no scientific works on this subject, but one is undoubted; food of the woman who decided to become mother has to be balanced. The chief keepers of the ripening ovum are the products containing vitamin C: vegetable oils, eggs, grain bread, buckwheat and oat grain, bean, nuts. Richest with vitamin E the sprouted wheat grains, including flakes and flour from them. One more important vitamin is a folic acid. 400 mkg of folic acid and considerably reduce days probability of the birth of children with such violations as defects of the central nervous system and a backbone. Folic acid is on sale in all drugstores, it also contains in products: fresh greens (except for parsley), cabbage, beet, carrots, potatoes with a peel, bran, sunflower seeds nuts. Reception of folic acid considerably reduces probability of developing of malformations to pregnancy. If you live in the district where there is a deficiency of iodine, pass to iodinated salt or accept 100 mkg of iodide of potassium a day. All this is fair only in case you have no diseases of a thyroid gland: in this case the doctor will make to you individual recommendations. Without iodine the thyroid gland cannot normally function, at women the ovulation happens to the lowered function of this gland very seldom. Besides, the lack of iodine can harmful affect intellectual development of the child subsequently.

to secure itself and future kid, begin in 2 - 3 months prior to conception to accept polyvitaminic preparations. Application of oral contraceptives is recommended to be stopped in 2 - 3 months prior to the planned conception. Sometimes after long reception of oral contraceptives there is a complication - lack of periods and a possibility of conception within 6 months after the termination of their reception.

also other causes of infringement of an ovulation at women Exist. Constant stresses at the business woman can result in total absence of an ovulation at preservation of periods.

can be

of Violation of an ovulation also from - for intensive physical activities. For this purpose there are two reasons. The first is a fast loss of fatty tissue, and the second - the increased release of endorphins - brain chemicals (these chemicals, by the way, call still pleasure hormones). They can influence Prolactinum level at women, and Prolactinum is a hormone which promotes successful feeding by a breast, but interferes with maturing of an ovum. Not therefore whether our grandmothers advised the women wishing to give birth to the child, to lead a quiet life more often to play with children, to sew beautiful children`s things, to read children`s books? All this “adjusts“ an organism on conception.

3. Enough mobile spermatozoa in sperm and their ability to impregnate an ovum.

One of the main myths is a communication of a potentiality with infertility. Actually the man with very weak potentiality can have good sperm for conception, and “the sexual giant“ - to have infertility. Moreover, too frequent sexual contacts do not increase ability of couple to conception. The probability of conception at repeated sexual intercourses decreases because the second portion of sperm contains less full-fledged spermatozoa, and excess volume leads to its effluence from the woman`s vagina. When the ejaculation happens to big intervals, it is bad too. The quantity of spermatozoa, how many their mobility decreases not so much - they already not so quickly direct to the purpose. For full maturing of spermatozoa the rhythm of sex life every other day (3 times a week) in the period of a probable ovulation with desirable abstention of 4 - 5 days the day before is optimum.

It is unconditional, the probability of pregnancy depends on quality of sperm. And the main factor of risk is a way of life of the man. So, low physical activity, sedentary work and excess weight, and also smoking can result in stagnation of blood in pelvic bodies of the man and to an inflammation. The spermatogenesis (maturing of spermatozoa), as well as a female menstrual cycle, is regulated by hormonal system of an organism. Therefore if the man accepts anabolic steroids (these hormones can be applied to treatment of some diseases, but is more often - for accumulation of muscle bulk at the men playing sports), then the natural balance of hormones in an organism is broken and leads to man`s infertility.

one more, characteristic only of men, the factor influencing a reproduction Is. This overheating. The quantity of the spermatozoa developed in testicles increases at a temperature which is a little lower than the general body temperature. It is known that at those who visit a sauna two times a week the risk of development of man`s infertility in comparison with those who take a steam bath once a week is statistically higher. For the same reason the man who wants to become a father should not carry close underwear from synthetic materials and tight trousers as it can promote temperature increase of testicles. Lead any feverish states (the increased temperature) to deterioration of sperm, and such decline in quality of sperm can remain about three months - maturing of each spermatozoon in a small egg continues so much.

the Weight and pregnancy

Sharp decrease in body weight by 10% a month, and also weight less than 45 kg at average height leads to the termination of periods. Researchers established that fat of a body can really develop and accumulate estrogen - hormone which prepares an organism for pregnancy. But not only the low content of this hormone, but also high is bad. Therefore if you have an excess weight, try to grow thin, but only gradually, any starvations!

One more widespread and rather dangerous risk factor of development of infertility in men is a chronic stress. From the biological point of view the posterity has to be born in the most favorable conditions for the environment. Such regulation is provided by close interrelation sexual and all other systems of an organism, first of all nervous.

4. The normal environment in a vagina, a cavity of a uterus and uterine tubes providing the active movement of spermatozoa.

If you want to become pregnant, do not use vaginal greasings (lubricants). They sometimes contain the substances changing kislotno - the alkaline environment of a vagina and destroying sperm. If you cannot do without them, try to use egg white during those several days a month when conception is possible if, of course, you have no allergy to eggs. Egg white exerts the smallest impact on mobility and a survival of spermatozoa.

Any infection in a genital tract of the woman, and also use of various vaginal medicines, the antibacterial and flavored means of hygiene, syringings also breaks kislotno - the alkaline environment in a vagina that too reduces chances of pregnancy.

5.“ Meeting“ ova with spermatozoa and optimum conditions for merge of gametes.

the moment when the ovulation has to here - to begin here because the mucous vystilka of a neck of a uterus becomes extremely sensitive is optimum

For implementation of sexual intercourse for the purpose of fertilization, and spermatozoa have enough time for hit in pipe fallopiyeva where they wait for the ovulation moment. At regular sex life and the correct menstrual cycle specially to calculate this moment there is no need. However there are cases when it would be quite good to know exact date of an ovulation. The simplest and exact method is use special the test - the strips allowing to determine the level of lyuteipiziruyushchy hormone. Modern tests look and are used as well as tests for pregnancy. The test - a strip needs to be substituted under an urine stream; emergence of two strips testifies to an ovulation. Besides, day of an ovulation can be traced on ultrasonography, change of bazalny body temperature (temperature taken in a rectum), by means of the special device on saliva crystallization drawing, a calendar method.

One more important point for “meeting“ of a spermatozoon and an ovum is a pose at sexual intercourse. There is no communication between a sex of future child and a pose at conception, as if we wanted it, and it is possible to increase probability of conception by means of a pose. Depends on mechanics of sexual intercourse on what site of a vagina sperm gets. In some poses (for example, the woman from above or a position standing) it is difficult to reach deep penetration of a penis therefore the part of sperm will be just lost. The “man from above“ or “man behind“ position will be optimum. It is better if 20 - 30 minutes after sexual intercourse the woman lies down on a back with the raised legs. Laziness in this case can be more useful, than any pose during the sexual intercourse.

Of course, the most important - that sex gave pleasure and pleasure. If the woman reaches an orgasm, the probability of conception is higher: thanks to reduction of a neck of a uterus during an orgasm spermatozoa are literally involved in a uterus.

6. Free passing of an embryo on a uterine tube and its hit in a uterus cavity, readiness of a mucous membrane of a uterus “to accept“ an embryo.

Krom of anatomic features in the woman`s organism use of intrauterine spirals on the eve of conception can negatively affect this stage. After removal of a spiral it is recommended to refrain from conception during 2 - 3 cycles for restoration of work of a uterus and uterine tubes and, therefore, decrease in risk of a spontaneous abortion and extra-uterine pregnancy.

we Plan time

As for time of day, it is considered that the best chances of pregnancy at couples which are making love in the second half of day (about 17 hours). At present days in the man`s organism quantity of active spermatozoa as much as possible.

As for a season, most of physicians agrees that optimum time for conception of the child is an early autumn. The matter is that at each woman with a normal menstrual cycle and rather full-fledged health in 10% of cycles the ovum does not ripen and fertilization is impossible, i.e. ovulations can not be 1 - 2 time a year. Such cycles are more often happen in the severe winters with short light day and in extraordinary hot summer months.

the Czech doctor O. Jonas went Further away. He claims that along with a menstrual cycle there is the second, individual, the cycle of the greatest predisposition to conception set already since the birth and with an improbable accuracy the accompanying all reproductive period of life of the woman.

This second cycle is oriented by

on that phase of the Moon which preceded the birth of this woman. The greatest probability of conception falls on days of crossing of these two cycles. How such statement was controversial, a certain grain of truth in it is. Most likely, phases of the Moon are connected with biorhythms on which the hormonal and psychological state of an organism changes.

we Hope that our councils will help all who wish it, to become

happy mothers and fathers!