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Arrange to the baby the real holiday! Me there are a lot of

U little nephews, and also girlfriends with little children. And several years I spend holidays and Birthdays for kids. I want to share with you this material.

the holiday is very important

For the child, especially if it is Day of its Birth. Even if the small child, and you are going to make to him a holiday, make so that he was satisfied. Sometimes we think that the child understands nothing, to him is far to us. But we do not know that children though small, but very clever also understand more, than we think. They, as well as adults, dream, love, hope, wait, want something interesting, unusual. The child, as well as the adult, is tired of daily vanity, the ordinary. To it, as well as us, there is a wish in holiday life... And we, adults, can suit them it. It is worth trying only a little.

So, forward!

Decoration of the room

Before arrival of guests you can decorate with

  1. the room together with the kid. Believe, it very much will be pleasant to it. You can inflate together spheres and hang out them together with drawings of the baby. It will turn out very funny. Or ornament a palm of the baby paints and make prints of different flowers on a sheet A4. These pictures can also serve as scenery for decoration of the room. Hang out color ribbons, the child`s drawings.

  2. by
  3. the Festive headdress

    In order that kids on a celebration had a festive mood, make festive caps: cut out a circle from a sheet of paper, cut it on radius and curtail that the cap turned out (in the form of a cone). On this cone it is possible to paste various stickers, to paint with paints, pencils, felt-tip pens. From two parties bind threads or an elastic band in order that the cap kept on the head.

    Before I made the first time caps, I did not even suspect that children so will be delighted to them and the whole evening with them will rush. After a holiday all children did not want to leave festive caps and took away them home.

  4. the Guest during the holiday

    Kids will be delighted if to them the clown or any fairy tale character on a visit comes to a holiday. But the character surely has to be positive and kind if children very small that nobody was frightened. Besides, characters have to be very simple whom children easily recognize. For example: clown, cat (cat).

So if you decided that the clown will come to a holiday to children, then it will be simple to be arranged. For a role of the clown either the father, or the child`s mother will approach.

What is required to you?

  • the Wig from threads for knitting or a bright beret (it it is possible to make with own hands).

    the Nose can be made
  • of foam rubber (to cut out a ball and to cut through an opening for a nose, having sewn an elastic band for fastening of a nose on a face).

  • Cosmetics (shadows, it is desirable oil, lipstick, a pencil for leading of contours, is ruddy or it is bright - red lipstick as blush).

  • the Bright suit of the clown (it is possible to use a bright trouser suit, having sewed on it bright circles and patches or to take a suit in hire).

So, our clown is ready. It was necessary only to prepare the program. From the experience I understood that kids it is excited when the fairy tale character appears suddenly, or indifferently there passes by the clown or the snow queen. On one of holidays we brought a big box in which the clown sat, and told children that it is a gift for them. All of them were delighted and started developing a gift. And there clown! (Children can make such surprise is more senior and that is accurate that they were not frightened.) Having come to a holiday, the clown has to greet and get acquainted with children, conjure couple. And, at last, the most important, games for children. What children`s holiday can do without games? At the choice of games for a holiday it is necessary to consider age of children.

of Game for children of 1 - 2 year

Approximately in a year kids begin to be interested in the objects surrounding them. Use this feature one-year-old remains and offer it quite real games. It is optional to buy expensive grants and toys or to spend a lot of time for their production: enough the most elementary improvised materials.

A can be played now.

  1. animal

    Before the child several toys or pictures with animals. The kid turns away, and the adult mews as the adult cat or as the kitten, grunts, barks and. etc. The child has to guess whose voice he heard and to show on the picture or a toy which are spread out on a floor.

  2. Find
  3. couple

    Game on development of a visual memory, storing of flowers.

    Pick up several pairs of socks, mittens or footwear. Take one sock, and postpone the others in the party. Give the chosen subject to the child and tell it that it found another same. You speak:“ Oh - oh - oh! all socks were mixed, help me to collect them“. If it is difficult for children to make it, help them. For example, turn their attention to distinctive features - color, elements of a pattern, the size, etc.

  4. Round dances

    Get up with children in a circle, in the middle put the birthday man. Join hands and begin to drive round dances in one, in other party, beginning to sing everything together the famous children`s song. For example, “Chunga - Chiang“, “Let run clumsily“, “A baby mammoth song“ etc. Usually this invention very much is pleasant to children. They with pleasure will run around the birthday man, holding hands, throwing them and randomly moving on the room.

  5. of the Song and dancing

    you will perfectly spend time with kids if all of you, together with parents, get up in a circle and will sing the known children`s song, executing it with the movements. For example:“ Want to resemble the dancing ducklings“.

  6. Fruit and vegetables

    Put on a big dish various fruit and vegetables, such as bananas, oranges, tangerines, pineapple, apples, pears, a lemon, carrot, cabbage, beet. Vegetables and fruit have to be simple. And now you ask in turn each child to show you fruit or vegetable which you call. For example: “Nikita, where banana?“ . Since fruit is known to the child, it will take it or will show a finger. And if someone does not know what is “banana“, then, having seen shown by other child, it will acquire the name of this fruit too.

of Game for children of 2 - 4 years

  1. Up - down, to the left - to the right

    At first read to the kid a rhyme and accompany words with actions - the kid repeats after you.

    the Rhyme No. 1
    Early in the morning on a clearing
    monkeys So frolic:
    Right leg top, top!
    Left leg top, top!
    of the Hand up, up, up! Who will lift
    above all?

    (we get up on socks and we last up)

    the Rhyme No. 2
    Up to the sky,
    Down to a grass.
    Up to the sky,
    Down to a grass.
    A turned round and round
    I down now were tumbled down.

  2. the Rearrangement

    to Clip small pieces from foam rubber and instead of a spoon to give to the child tweezers. It is not simple to grasp tweezers and to shift easy porolonovy balls, but it is very interesting! Pieces of foam rubber can be replaced also with other small objects: covers from bottles, the designer`s details and so on... This exercise develops coordination of movements, spatial imagination and tactile feelings.

    Game for distinction of color

    Are cut out by

  3. on a contour of candy of different forms. It is possible to use a color cardboard, and it is possible and just to paint over white. For a start use primary colors, and then and their shades. Prepare cardboard plates the same flowers and shades. And now arrange a holiday for dolls. Put multi-colored plates before each toy and together with children display “food“ - candies put colors on plates of that.

  4. to
  5. Cheerful felt-tip pens by

    to you needs a set of felt-tip pens with caps and the same color, as a felt-tip pen. Felt-tip pens it is better to buy thick.

    At first we open felt-tip pens and we try on paper as they draw (do not forget to call to the child of color), and then it is necessary to close felt-tip pens (and that will dry up and will not draw). Caps need to be put on a felt-tip pen of the corresponding color. “It is what felt-tip pen? Blue. And where we have a Blue cap? Let`s apply a cap to a felt-tip pen - the same color, blue?“

  6. Whose it is a voice?

    In this game children get acquainted with animals and their cubs. Learn to imitate their voices and develop memory. Toys or pictures - a mouse and a little mouse, a duck and a duckling, a frog and a young frog, a cow and a calf, a cat and a kitten, a doggie and a puppy, a chicken and chicken will be necessary for this game.

    At first we will consider all animals, not all at once, of course. Let`s tell who as “talks“. Let`s surely specify that adult mother - the cat mews loudly, and a kitten a thin voice. That is we will explain to the kid that voices of the adult and a cub differ.

    - Meow - meow. Who mews it? And a thin voice who mews? Mother - has cats a cub. He mews as? (Meow - meow.) How it is called?

    - Mu - at - at - who so lows? And who at it a cub? By what voice he lows? (Thin.)

    - KVA - the kVA - whose is a rough voice? And who croaks tonenko? (Young frog.) The frog big also croaks by a rough voice, and her cub croaks tonenko. Who a cub at a frog?


    Also beat also other toys.

  1. the Exhibition of drawings

    Some days before the beginning of a holiday tell

    of Game for children of 4 - 6 years to parents that on a celebration there will take place the competition of drawings, and their children need to draw drawing on a free subject. To winners, of course, there will be a remuneration - a prize. So, all drawings are collected and hanged out in a place of honor. Children will be judges. Each child will choose drawing which was pleasant to it more, excepting the drawing. And the drawings of children which received the maximum quantity of sympathies win prizes. Can be prizes: paints, a set of pencils, color paper, i.e. all for the young creator and the artist.

  2. Cut off a prize

    On a thread 3 m long various prizes on threads between which distance of 30 - 40 cm are suspended. Quantity of prizes are suspended by the number of the present children during the holiday. So, it can be: the handle, the machine, a chewing gum, felt-tip pens, a chupa - chups, the kinder, stickers etc. When pull a thread with prizes, children have to be blindfold. In a hand the child is given children`s scissors and the child goes blindly and at random cuts off a thread on which there is a certain prize. Then untie a bandage and watch that for a prize got. So happens also to the following child. Children are very happy with prizes, and most of all expectation of what will get to them for a prize.

  3. Water soccer

    This game children especially love

  4. on holidays. We need a tray, a bottle with usual water, a plastic cover from under a plastic bottle of sweet sparkling water also the dry towel is desirable a rectangular shape. The tray is put on a table, in it water is poured and the turned plastic cover is put by a bottom down (that she could swim in water). From one and other party of a tray there are children and on command begin to blow on a cover that it crossed on the party of opponents and got to gate (touched gate - the extreme party of a tray). It is very amusing game. The truth after it remains a lot of water which can be wiped with a dry towel in time.

If you a little try, at your kid the real holiday will turn out. He will receive the sea of pleasure from pleasant surprises and cheerful games with children. And you will see that after this cheerful action you will be happy because that yours is happy the baby.