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Not always so will be!

U me there is a girlfriend who is called Victoria. It has surprisingly interesting story. As - nibud I will tell about how Vika could not have children from - for infertility. And now to her child 3 years. It is real history. I only changed names since my friend did not want that all knew that it she.

everything would Seem to eat: excellent work, the loving and careful husband, the apartment, friends … In a word, better also you will not think up. But all this does not please … Speak to it: “What is not enough for you for entire happiness yet? You have too big inquiries“. But the soul is torn to parts when Vika passes by a playground.“ The tenth year I wait for a miracle“ - desperate words which will not hear only trees broke from lips, sadly swinging branches.

Victoria married in 25 years the beautiful young man who very much fell in love with the very young teacher of elementary grades Vikulya. It was unusual couple. Even passersby in their eyes could see passionate self-sacrificing love which flared bright fire and lit hearts of people. Soon they got married. There was everything: smart wedding, unforgettable honeymoon. And here time to think of future generation …


there Passed month, two, half a year … The made efforts begin to disappoint. Vika and Slavik begin to worry and decide to pass inspection. At Slavik everything is all right, and in Victoria found infertility. All dreams failed. It seemed that happiness was so close, but it is actually so far. When still Vika met Slavik, she dreamed of the child all the time, represented herself beautiful mother of the of the baby. Her dream broke as if a crystal vase which splinters can hardly be collected and stuck together.


the chagrin developed into a depression as she received medical treatment infertility, consulted with many qualified doctors and professors, but no results existed. Vika became reserved and fell into the hardest depression. It was painful to her to watch at how the passing young mummies play with the kids as they with delight watch the strange sleeping babies. All this nastolno brought Vick pain that sometimes there was even no wish to live.

Then Slavik suggested to adopt the child. But as … as Vika can give up a thought that it will never carry the baby in the tummy and to watch how it grows, moves and born. As if she wanted to nurse the kid, to feel the most unforgettable feelings which are felt by the woman who gives life to the little defenseless man. She dreamed to glance for the first time to the baby in eyes and to call the favourite little mouse. Nevertheless deeply in soul the hope spark, very small, almost noticeable still burned. But it it is proud was seen from a distance.

Once Vika sat in the evening on a bench and cried with powerlessness and helplessness, and the woman of old age approached it. She took an interest why the nice girl cries, and heard a sad story of Vikusiny misfortune. The woman told:“ Listen to me attentively, the child. I will tell you very instructive story, only you promise me it to listen and learn attentively a lesson from it“. Vika agreed.

“Once upon a time there was a poor young man. It had very old lodge similar to the collapsed dugout. He lived in poverty. It was very frequent to it there is nothing even to buy a piece of bread. Nobody wanted to hire it since the guy was uneducated. The young man was very unfortunate and, eventually, decided to commit suicide. He went to break and already wanted, was, will rush down as he saw passing by the old man and started talking to it. The old man attentively listened to a confession of the young man and told: “Take a plate and write on it the words “Not Always So Will Be!“ Hang up this plate on your entrance door and constantly read an inscription“.

the Young man could not understand

why it is necessary. He considered it as utter nonsense, nonsense and nonsense. But as other exit was not, it decided to make as the old man ordered to it. On an old plate the young man wrote this strange inscription and hung up on the rotted-through door. There passed time, the young man managed to settle in a garden to one rich mister the assistant to the gardener. Since the sir was very rich, the salary was paid good.

Then he went to study

as the shoemaker. It was very heavy to combine study with work, but the guy, constantly reading this “strange“ inscription on a door, strengthened the belief that once he will achieve success in the life. Having finished study, the fellow went to work to a shoe workshop, and, having achieved progress there, soon opened the workshop, and in a year six more. He moved to the solid house, was well dressed, ate qualitative expensive food. But the plate all hung on a door of already new smart house.

Once in the wood he met by

the same old man and told it: “Can to me already it is worth removing this plate from a door, I already achieved all what I dreamed of and what aspired to. Now I am rich, I have everything“. “Is not necessary, - the old man answered. - Because not always so will be“.

This history shook Victoria to the bottom of the heart. She made to herself the same plate with the inscription “Not Always So Will Be!“ she addressed again experts who advised it to pass an infertility repeated course of treatment. Vika turned “to work again“. Except treatment she worked on itself, fought against disbelief in a miracle, adjusted herself on a positive: “Not always so will be! At me everything will turn out! At me it will be obligatory the child!“ . She prayed to God and asked that He made a miracle in her life, presented to it the kid.

it is Soon unexpected for all and especially for themselves “red days“ were late for one, and then for two days. “Probably, overtired at work, - Vika thought. - But there could not be so quickly everything“. But a week later, at last, reached it. “Holy Christ, cannot be, I do not trust“ - Vikulya exclaimed, without trusting in this tremendous miracle. She threw everything and ran in a drugstore. Its voice shivered, legs did not obey, heart refused to trust.“ And suddenly this coincidence“, - the thought in Wicky`s consciousness quietly crept.

Having come running in a drugstore, the shivering hands it took the test for pregnancy from hands of the druggist of a drugstore and not one, but three to be precisely confident in correctness. Together with the husband she watched a test result. One strip on the test seemed. Heart strenuously fought in expectation of the second strip. And here it … long-awaited “saving“ strip. The test was repeated by two more times in case one test is mistaken. And still the result was also positive.

of the Tear poured down a hail both at Wicky and at Slavik. It was improbable. With happiness at Vicki the head began to spin, and she could not tell the uniform word. The thought of the child woke up such strong feelings at Victoria that tears poured down with immeasurable happiness even stronger. It was a miracle in life of couple loving each other.

Having got registered in policlinic, Vika passed inspection. With future baby and mother there was everything in a full order. To worry there was nothing.

to the Baby of 18 weeks. Vika as usual after work sat and read the interesting novel and here, something bulknut in a stomach. “It it“ - Vikulya shouted.“ He moved“ - with delight the pregnant woman exclaimed. From kitchen Slavik came running and laid a hand to a stomach. But in reply there was one silence. Future daddy was even upset a little that cannot feel the first pushes of the kid. Vika experienced immeasurable amount of positive emotions which flashed in her dreams of the kid. Arose thousands of questions in her head: Whether everything will be normal with the kid? Boy or girl? To whom it will be similar? And so on.

At last day when at Victoria the beautiful healthy sonny was born came. It was very similar to the father. Also could not present such huge happiness of Vick to itself. These tiny handles and legs, the small wrinkled face with tiny eyes as if beads, all the movements said about how they need love and care. The baby was called Kirill.

Now at Vicki and Slavik a full-fledged family. All of them are very happy. Lovers also could not assume what happiness and sense will be brought by the child in their life. They thank God for what he presented to them the son whom they can love now and for whom can care.

If you have the same problem, and you with despair lowered hands, your soul faded as a flower... If you used the best efforts to have the child, but nothing left. Do not despair! Cheer up, not always so will be. This peculiar slogan helped Victoria and Slavik to overcome fears and pains from disappointment. They achieved the objectives by very not a lung. There is not always a wish to trust in a miracle when you really see that it is impossible. Not always you can tell yourself “I I can do everything! At me everything will turn out!“, when the facts tell the return. Well and that that everything is bad. Be not tired to speak to yourself:“ Not always so will be“. Make to yourself the plate with these words, hang up it in a visible place. Know that your beloved spouse always nearby also will help any minute. All of you will pass together and will achieve the dream!