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The ticket for the island of the childhood of

of the House grows up little Zhenya Plushenko, future Masha Tsigal dreams of haute couture or tomorrow`s Kostik Khabensky dreams a scene. The child already prompted to you to what he tests draft. But, to develop creative tendencies, it is necessary to understand in what direction to move!

Today to us really is what to choose from: centers of children`s creativity, numerous circles and sections. Here meet friends and adherents, here headlong run, trying to be quit with lessons as soon as possible. Here the small children`s Universe where the real “island of the childhood“ prospers is concentrated. And in many respects depends on parents, how comfortably and your child in the atmosphere of children`s club, section or the house of creativity will pertinently feel. Therefore, making the decision, try to consider all possible pros and cons. the question Price

But for a start we will decide

by p on the budget. Whether you are ready to pay additional education of your young hero? If yes, what sum you monthly manage to allocate that for this entertainment? That hobby which was chosen by the child is how expensive? If it is need every month new dancing or scenic suits, paints and brushes, it will demand one investments; and if it is possible to manage once purchase of a chessboard or foot - a sick ball - absolutely others. Ask these questions, discuss them on a family council without involvement of the child. Having come to some decision, invite to discussion and it. Try to find out as far as the kid is interested in the hobby. You know the child better: if it is that he will glance in studio two - three times and will return to the computer, you should not acquire semi-annual or even monthly subscription at once. However, even if the child greedily shares with you dreams of how will do favorite thing, whenever possible visit together with him an open lesson or pay two - three occupations. After the first visits surely ask the child to share impressions. Whatever comments you received, tell what can expect the child in the future. You give striking and clear examples, you speak not only about the one whom it will be able to become in the future, developing new skill, but also about possible failures. Let in a little head the new food for reflections will get and the child will independently solve whether there is candles a game chosen by him. After these conversations and trial occupations you will be able to make a final decision. Perhaps, it is quite enough to stop at inexpensive or free studio near the house?

Free of charge does not mean badly

we Will assume, you stopped the choice on free additional education of the child - or because your budget is not able to sustain such loading or because you are not up to the end sure that the hobby of the younger family member deserves big expenditure. Begin searches with school where the child, neighboring schools, the regional creative centers and studios goes. As a rule, the standard “gentlemen`s set“ enters a range of hobbies which such institutions manage to capture: chorus, dances, drawing, macrame or embroidery, circles of physics, mathematics or chemistry, sports sections, foreign languages. Regional music or sports schools at which training is most often also free accept not everyone but only those who show promises. Often for receipt it is necessary to pass a certain competition, and not to injure the kid possible failures, try to prepare it for any possible outcome. Occupations in the municipal city center or the center of other area, however, in regional houses of creativity quite often can become free establish a symbolical payment for “strangers“. Sometimes classes in municipal authorities are given free of charge for school students, but parents of preschool children should fork up. You will be able to specify all these conditions at administration of an institution. The large city centers of creativity have the wide list of children`s occupations. Here, for example, it is possible to master an ikebana or fast reading, aviamodelling or radio engineering. The most part of occupations are free, the payment is raised only for very popular courses (English, tennis, computer literacy).

the Rate on scale

city nurseries and youthful programs help to Save

on occupations after school. Participation in them is free, everyone is accepted, at the same time the creative or sports potential of younger generation can be realized fully. In each city place emphasis on certain types of hobbies: someone supports young musicians or artists, it is more important to someone to develop spiritual and religious life of children, someone stimulates sports potential. Events such are quite often held by regional representative offices of various political parties, church figures or the authorities and authoritative people of the city. Information on them always is at the disposal of a municipal government for children and youth and on the official site of the city. Propagandists of the program look in schools, inviting children to participation in their projects, but in a formation parents have to check this especially carefully, if necessary having connected the class teacher and administration of school. Unfortunately, charlatanism cases also invited in this sector of city life not a rarity. Perhaps, programs most famous and popular today are “Leave to the yard - we will play!“ and also Golden Puck and Leather Ball clubs. All of them belong to the category of sports entertainments. Within the first program streetball competitions of domestic teams, rollerkeyu, to female soccer, cherliders are arranged. In the residential districts which adjoined an action and registered the teams sections by these types of street sport open, platforms for tournaments and trainings are equipped. Competitions to delivery of challenge cups are annually held. And having given - but the known clubs “Golden Puck“ and “Leather Ball“ arrange the All-Russian tournaments only on one sport, respectively, to hockey or soccer, with strong support of the beginning teams both from sponsors, and from mass media and the city authorities.

it is beautiful to p to live you will not forbid

If you consider that the beloved child costs any expenses, glance in the paid children`s center of creativity or studio. Scope of names of local circles blows even the most intricate mind. And if earlier you did not represent that the five-years period - the preschool child can be trained in elements of yogichesky asanas, the seven-year-old kid - to computer design and to attach the impulsive and vigorous daughter in club of young desantnitsa, then now all these tales became a reality. However, on training of children it is necessary to fork up. As a rule, the level of expenses grows in proportion to a rarity and uniqueness of a circle. Or that too not the rarity, depends on popularity of the teacher or collective in which you will attach the child. What more often the ensemble of your child will leave on a tour, team or certain athletes on tournaments, and works of studio to be exposed at exhibitions, under laws of logic financial injections of you will be required for those more regularly. If you do not dream the fastest appearance of the kid on screens or sale of his masterpieces on the Sotheby`s, invest money in development of rare abilities. Let it will teach to model difficult clothes, to write verses or to ride a mountain bike. In a word, at you will always be that to choose.

the Private teacher

the Most expensive, but at the same time the most productive way to occupy the child after school - to find the private teacher. As a rule, resort to it if you want to develop bright skill in the young genius. In an individual order it is good to practise a vocal, music, the fine arts, rhetoric or languages, sometimes employ the swimming or tennis coach. More rare - private tutors on a class of choreography or scenic skill, historically it developed that these disciplines study in group, in the company of adherents. The choice of out-of-school occupations is huge. The decision - for you!

On the all-Russian statistics, circles usually are paid:

most often treat free circles:


of the Tendency: remain the Most popular in the megalopolis for the last 3 years the versatile centers of children`s creativity (such as the House of Creativity on Vorobyovy Gory, “Start“, “Leader“). Foreign languages are recognized as the leading directions of children`s leisure, the second place the centers of computer literacy hold both choreographic and drama schools; on the third - technical circles. Sports sections and sport schools faded into the background under the pressure of actively developing domestic sport.

Unusual hobbies: Club of Researchers of the Nature “Trampeador“. The nature, tourism, forest inhabitants and other living creatures, fishing and entertaining ecology - the short list of interests of his pupils. Nonprofessional school of the Irish dances IRIDAN where everyone is trained in both traditional choreography of Ireland, and the original dances which are thought up by teachers and pupils of the school.

St. Petersburg

of the Tendency: the Northern capital is faithful to graceful traditions - fine art studio, schools of ceramics, a sculpture, here is the most popular than weaving and embroidery. Do not lag behind them and music schools, and also historical and voyenno - the patriotic organizations. The sports sector is developed a little more weakly.

Unusual hobbies: the Children`s film studio “Pockets“ - an opportunity to get to big cinema from younger preschool age. Train in acting skills and a vocal, camerawork and art of the make-up artist, show how to script. Detsko - junior club “Gold Ember`s Award“. Lectures on the theory of art and history of the Middle Ages, workshops of the knightly weapon and armor, school of historical dances.


of the Tendency: the Younger generation is anxious with problems of virtual reality and computer technologies. Abundance of computer clubs and circles blows the mind. Along with habitual fine art studio, music schools and dancing circles young Billa Geytsa already closely master computer literacy.

Unusual hobbies: Club of young seamen - real cabins - the company in the big city. Along with astronomy, hydrometeorology, sea navigation or physical training of the seaman children learn here what it in practice - together with the companion to eat pood of sea salt or to lend it a right shoulder at a difficult moment.


of the Tendency: In Novosibirsk everything is quiet: as in old kind times, children grow under the influence of ideals of a healthy lifestyle and courage. The number of sports schools, circles and sections per capita grows regularly, occupations in sections of single combats, artistic and rhythmic gymnastics, command sports are most popular.

Unusual hobbies: the Children`s club of an amateur song of “Ladas“ existing since 1996 accepts in the ranks fans of the author`s song and a marching cosiness around a fire. Clubmen participate in festivals detsko - a youthful author`s song, regularly give concerts on a scene of Novosibirsk dramatic theater. Their repertoire includes not only songs of the Russian bards famous to all tourists, but also compositions of own composition.

It is unusual

studios Unique in own way is in each megalopolis and even the small town. Your child has to have an opportunity to choose not only among classical hobbies, but also to learn about rare hobbies. For example, in studio of doll masters it is possible to develop skills of drawing, a sculpture, sewing, actor`s abilities. In voyenno - patriotic circles emphasis is placed on defensive skills, art of conducting fight, a survival in severe conditions, the fighting spirit, internal force is cultivated. Absolutely the different view on cultural wealth is preached in circles of theology, divinity, an iconography.