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Sanatorium for the child. Spring - the Crimea - Yevpatoria: Background of


is hard to decide on a distant long trip with the kid. There is a set of the problems connected with weather, acclimatization, arrangement, food and a huge number of other things. Nevertheless, last spring, together with the two-year-old child we ventured for two months to leave on treatment to the Crimea. About our impressions the speech in this article will also go.

All our childhood is continuous and not really successful fight against atopic dermatitis. Many acquaintances advised to take out the child on the South from the very beginning, but attending physicians always were against such trip. We were actively frightened by acclimatization. Said that it is necessary to continue treatment, and it is one summer safer to prefer Moscow area. However, neither consultations in the best clinics of Moscow, nor various analyses, nor constant drug intake according to various schemes, nor two summers spent at the dacha - facilitated our life. Therefore, in full hopelessness, I decided that we have nothing to lose. Worse already just could not be therefore, in the most hard case, only it would not become easier for us.

A to avoid the problems connected with acclimatization we decided to go in the spring and to the longest term. Especially as in the spring treatment will cost considerably cheaper. As the place for a trip we chose Yevpatoria. In - the first, it is the children`s resort. In - the second, is cheaper there, than, for example, in more popular Yalta, but is not worse from the point of view of usefulness of climate at all. Of course, it would be possible to go not to the Crimea, and abroad where, certainly, much more comfortably, but hardly we would pull two - three months abroad. And it seemed to me that from the point of view of health of the child, two months in the Crimea, than two weeks even in the best foreign resort are much better. In Yevpatoria - good climate, sandy beaches, the small sea, the highest iodine level on the coast in air, the rich content of other mineral substances both curative Moynaksky and Saksky dirt.

After long preliminary searches from Moscow on the Internet, virtual consultations with all who had at least some idea of sanatoria in Yevpatoria we stopped on sanatorium “Friendship“.

Should notice

that in process of reading of article, you will meet many references. I specially give various references to one and too a resort institution that you gained the most complete idea and of the children`s resort of Yevpatoria, and of those places which I describe. You will find even more references through any search engine. However, by my experience, information on the Internet in the majority outdated also demands recheck. Especially it concerns particulars. For example, if in advertizing the list of diseases in which the sanatorium specializes is listed, then it is not necessary to perceive this information literally.

All sanatoria of Yevpatoria are engaged in approximately identical circle of problems. It is, as a rule, prevention of catarrhal diseases and the all-strengthening procedures.

is hardly worth Counting

on decent consultation of the expert. In Moscow it is simpler to get such advice and it will be kvalifitsirovanny. Medical base for 70 - 90 percent at all sanatoria approximately identical. Something is better, something is worse. However in Yevpatoria the climate and the sea treats. And therefore, in most cases, to the forefront there is even not a medical base of concrete spa facility, and climate and living conditions. Here and nobody it seems specializes in skin allergic problems especially, but, nevertheless, we received decent result.

Children`s sanatoria of Yevpatoria

Only two sanatoria have own serious medical base, the clinics in which scientific researches are conducted and even operations are performed. It is Children`s Clinical Sanatorium of MO of Ukraine and “Sanatorium of N. K. Krupskaya“. First of all, they specialize in diseases of nervous system, oporno - the motive device and cerebral spastic infantile paralysis. It is possible to look at information on specialization of other resort institutions of Yevpatoria here.

At last, many sanatoria specify that they do not accept parents with children to 3 or even till 5 years. Do not worry, as a rule, all the same accept. In “Friendship“ I saw the child year and seven months. Mother of the baby told that they here already the second time and when her girl was 7 months old, last year, was even simpler. Some sanatoria are mentioned in the Internet as exclusively children`s. Actually, almost in all in the past children`s sanatoria built up cases for adults and parents with children long ago.

Nurseries year-round sanatorno - resort camp for rest of school students without parents precisely are in sanatoria of the first line:“ Friendship“, “Solar“, “Prometheus“, “Brigantine“. Two last accept, generally the Moscow children. It is possible even to try to receive the free permit for the child of school age in one of these sanatoria, having addressed to prefecture of the district. At least, attendants assured me of “Prometheus“ that brought only children from the large families and children who are especially needing in sanatorno - resort treatment in which selection regional prefectures are engaged. Arrivals will be organized all the year round, each 24 days. Try, perhaps, at you it will turn out to receive the preferential permit.

So, I called “Friendship“ and found out that the price for accommodation in April makes about $9 from the person in days, including taxes, for number a junior suite and $10 for luxury. Mai, respectively, $10 and $11, June - $12 and $14. It is necessary to notice, as Moscow, and even the Crimean agencies to me called on the same sanatorium twice high prices. And, by the way, persons interested can compare these prices to those that are specified on the Internet. Anything similar. It is one more example of the fact that it is not necessary to perceive information obtained on the Internet as final, especially, if it is information from the intermediary. It is better to call directly sanatorium. It is possible to look at the most complete list of spa facilities of Yevpatoria with addresses and phones here.

to me was promised that with food the child of 2,5 years of problems will not be. Medical base fine. The laboratory. There is a pool. Told that it is possible to pay the permit directly in accounts department for arrival and spring of the place will be surely, it is possible not to worry. Strangely enough, all and appeared.