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Sanatorium ``Seagull`` in Zaozyorny, Yevpatoria, the Crimea of

Several years in a row I with children, friends and friends of children go to Yevpatoria, to sanatorium “Seagull“. I will write a reality and the impressions.


“Seagull“ it is founded in 1913, medical cases remained since those times - white, with columns, cool. It is the first children`s sanatorium in Yevpatoria, at it one of the best medical bases in the region.

the Arrangement


is approximately in 10 km from Yevpatoria. The message - buses and minibuses to go about half an hour.“ The seagull“ is in the center of Zaozyorny, directly opposite to the market. Huge plus of an arrangement of “Seagull“ - proximity of the market with sweet cherry, apricots and other gifts of the Crimea, proximity of telegraph, a drugstore and the bus-stop.

It is very good

that “Seagull“ is in the suburbs - there are no infinite children`s temptations in the form of roundabouts, cotton candy and other vrednost, and at desire it is possible to reach to everything quickly enough.


Big, overgrown, places well-groomed, places wild. Plus is that the territory fenced, is few strangers there because it is necessary to nobody. Our children rush on the street since morning before dark absolutely without fear and problems there. Playgrounds are poor, but unusual - with the big ship and with the big globe on which different teams of shishkometatel constantly battle. There is a nature corner with a peacock and any hazel grouses.

the Beach

, sandy, the sea small, gets warm quickly. The beach even in comparison with the next sanatoria very free - the number of meters on the beach is much more number of places in the case. The beach is cleaned, clean seaweed. There are awnings from the sun. It is not enough plank beds, they should be taken from rescuers by the principle “who the first got up, that and slippers“.

Some are given a cover for the beach. Strangers are not let, dealers are sent. There is a tent with water and water guns.


the Main profile of sanatorium - orthopedics. The main arsenal - mineral bathtubs (the source in the territory), dirt, massage, LFK. There are physiotherapeutic procedures, there is a lot of them - D`Arsonval, foreza everyones and so forth. There are great experts - the orthopedist Alexander Frantsevich, the stomatologist Yury Ivanovich, the masseur Zina, LFK - a shnik Zaire. Treatment on the main disease is included in the price permits therefore it is important to track that in yours sanatorno - a resort map violation of a bearing was written down at least. Otherwise will prescribe inhalation some unpopular and all.

to all children would recommend to

Ya bathtubs - they have many useful effects. At the daughter my younger at last hair began grow. And I would advise mothers bathtubs, dirt and the most graceful - anti-cellulite massage. And LFK is pleasant to me too, both for children, and for adults.

All treatment which is not appointed by the doctor can appoint

to itself for money, and very small. It is better to agree directly on the place - with nurses, massage therapists, doctors.


All paid vacationers accommodate in one four-storeyed case by the sea. From the case to the beach - 50 m. There is no elevator in the case. Double rooms - small, triple - it is more, quite pleasant. Numbers are pure, are repaired in 2004, a tile - cranes - bathroom equipment new. Furniture too new, from a chipboard. In number of a bed, the refrigerator, bedside tables, a table with stools, a wall case, a basin for washing. Beds are equal, firm. In all numbers - a balcony. On floors there are an iron and the TV.


From last year at last began to feed with

well. There was a custom menu, and probably the cook was replaced. For children there are porridges, soups, it is possible to order the dietary menu - a nonmilk diet or gastritny. Besides the dining room, there are in Zaozyorny any cafes, but there generally shish kebabs - salads, not for children. Ice cream to children, aunties - wine. Very much invigorates.


People in sanatorium and in general in Yevpatoria very friendly and kind. Will always meet halfway not from - for service improvement reasons, and by kindness of soul.


Is library, a nursery with the teacher, works according to the schedule. It is possible to leave in it not the most small child for some time. They draw there, make a beads and so forth. There are also circles everyones - a soft toy, choreography. For mothers - aerobics. Still there are musical occupations - they prepare for performances there. Well and performances, of course.

On Sundays and in rainy days we go to Yevpatoria - on attractions, in a dolphinarium, in an aquarium, in a pizzeria (very tasty pizza!) . And just to take a walk - there Duvanovskaya St. very beautiful, the embankment and in general the city pure and cozy. Only noisy in comparison with our village.


in the territory of sanatorium located camp. From here pluses and minuses result. Pluses - we are involved in pioneer entertainments: circles, performances, discos. Minuses - some time of procedures is reserved for pioneers. Well they also rustle sometimes where without it.

Sanatorium orthopedic so there are a lot of children with cerebral spastic infantile paralysis of different severity.

Sanatorium children`s, the good purpose of all mothers - improvement of precious children. Therefore there it is few men, and rare fathers frankly miss.


do not forget to take

originals of documents on all vacationers. Sounds ridiculously, but my friend for some reason decided that on children there are enough photocopies of certificates. It costed to it on border of enough money and nerves. It is good that did not land.


So, on the adult needs the passport, Russian or foreign, on the child - the certificate. The power of attorney from the second parent is not necessary. To all it is necessary sanatorno - a resort map, to children still the certificate of inoculations and of contacts.

When to go

Watching what aim you pursue. If the main thing - treatment, then is the best of all May - June. In July on all procedures - the turn, on the beach to the people becomes more. If just rest (that, IMHO, is deprived of sense - to go to sanatorium and not to use its opportunity), then, perhaps, July - August. For me in July already too hot, therefore our month - June. Water cool at this time - 17 - 21 degree, but my children bathe in any water.

we Will meet in “Seagull“?