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Illness of the turned Baby mode

, shouting at night... Sleepless nights as symbol of heroic motherhood... The rumpled and not slept father going to work... How to avoid all this? What to do if it was not succeeded to avoid?

And night as day...

the Situation about which we will carry on conversation is surprisingly standard

and meets very often. The child of the first year of life during the day - a subject of pride and adoration of relatives - silent, peace, cheerful, well sleeps and is not capricious. But all these advantages instantly disappear while adult family members decide that, after works just, well and to have a sleep. The sleepy spirit of mother and father obviously contradicts intentions the child who opens a mouth and begins to show irrepressible activity at once after a settlement in a bed.

as a result night turns in unclear that... Singing, swing, feeding, festivities, water drink, sitting on a pot, anything, only not a dream. Incidentally children`s eyes all - are closed, but a dream not deep and not long, constantly there are occasions to awakening, generally, parents should not miss at night.

we Will emphasize

: we do not consider a situation at which the child peeps and requires attention constantly - both in the afternoon, and needs presence of adults at night, that it was carried on hands, etc. Then it is already obviously necessary to look for either diseases, or serious pedagogical problems.

our case, is absolutely concrete diagnosis. Usually it is established by grandmothers, and it sounds so:“ the child mixed day with a night“. And it is valid: if did not shine the sun in the afternoon and the father it was not necessary to go to work, then everything would look quite decently - both we sleep, and we do not shout, and in general the angel.

What influences a dream?

the Described state of affairs not really is reflected by

in a state of health the child, but does not arrange mother and the father at all. As the child everything is is very interested in having cheerful, vigorous and healthy parents, the problem should be solved.

Practical realization of the complex of actions directed to normalization of a way of life demands a certain theoretical knowledge.

them we will also begin


the child cannot but sleep. But duration and depth of a dream depend on many factors, but only on one of them - age of the child - we cannot exert any practical impact. All the rest gives in to both control and correction. Here already everything in our power.

Personal experience of each adult testifies: the desire to sleep in a concrete timepoint depends on three key parameters:

All this

it is fair also for the adult, but in relation to the child of the first year of life, these factors are even more significant.

Can be remembered also that the state of health because pain, temperature increase of a body, cough, nausea and other “delights“ obviously do not improve a dream exerts impact on a dream. But the problem of the turned life has no communication with concrete diseases as it is difficult to imagine a certain children`s illness, every time arising while parents are going to sleep.

A here that influences really, so is air in a bedroom . It is clear that if air fresh (i.e. cool and damp), then it is easy to sleep and if except the child at the room there are mother, the father, a cat Murzik, three carpets and two heaters, then there can to be also problems.

And all - an illness?

In most cases, the child acquired and who had much enough communication with parents calms down to hours by 6 - 7 in the morning. Also there is nothing surprising that not only the quiet morning sleep, but also all subsequent episodes of a dream in the afternoon, are used by mother for own rest. It, by the way, often leads to the fact that the situation is stabilized and ceases to be perceived as special trouble - the woman learns to get enough sleep during the day and already more - reacts for sleepless nights less quietly.


At the same time, to good day rest is very much disturbed by a heap of household chores - washing, an ironing, cleaning, preparation of a lunch, shopping. But if not eternally sleepy, crumpled and angry father, in general it would be possible to reconcile to it.

the Turned day regimen and nights does not arise just like that, unexpectedly. And, taking into account the provided information, it is easy to explain the reasons leading to similar succession of events: it is enough not to sleep to the child one night as the need for a dream will be compensated by a quiet and deep sleep during the day, as a result night - will become time of festivities and communication.

the Turned mode is an illness. But not corporal suffering concrete child, and social illness of a concrete family. Numerous ways of peaceful co-existence with this illness depend on material welfare of a family and provide, for example, allocation to the father of the certain room that he could get enough sleep at night, or use of work of the housemaid that mother could get enough sleep in the afternoon. At the same time, the illness which do not treat is fraught with complications, and they have often an effect. It is clear what can occur when at spouses the place and time of a dream … do not coincide

the Paradoxicality and a pechalnost of a situation is aggravated also with the fact that doctors have in the arsenal no ways of the help, i.e. such remarkable tablet which will return into place the turned mode does not exist. To be fair it is necessary to notice: various calming preparations (bromine, a pustyrnik, a valerian, etc.) all - are appointed, but an original essence of such treatment - psychotherapy for parents (“It is necessary to do something!“ ), but not the real help to the child.

the Main conclusion - the help to wait for

there is nobody. It is necessary to deal with a problem independently especially as, unlike the majority of other illnesses, at an illness of the turned mode effectively only self-treatment.

of the Rule of self-treatment

  1. to Try to analyse the reasons. What could prevent dityu to sleep? If these reasons are related to a state of health (intestinal gripes, temperature increase of a body, ear pain, etc.) - by means of the pediatrician to decide how to work in the afternoon that unpleasant feelings did not disturb the kid at night. To remember that the most frequent (!) the reason of violations of a night dream - air in a bedroom (dry and warm).
  2. As if personally you did not want to sleep, very much to suffer and try to make so that the child did not sleep during the day. At the child of the first year of life during the day, i.e. in the rage from 6. 00 to 22. 00, there are from 2 to 4 episodes of a dream. Ideally, one of these episodes should be excluded, but not due to lengthening of others. I.e. if the child slept 3 times for 2 hours, and you “achieved“ that began to sleep 2 times, but for 3 hours, it will change nothing. If the child shows desire to sleep, - actively to entertain (to sing, play, talk, etc.) as much as possible delaying that time when he strong falls asleep. And to awake in 2 hours. It is clear, that for the normal woman and the loving mother, consciously to wake serenely sleeping baby - a difficult task, but more peace ways do not exist.
  3. During the day as much as possible to increase the child`s energy consumption. Walks, active games, gymnastics will help with it. Not to forget that the child spends a lot of energy for maintenance of body temperature: at all not to overheat (not to abuse clothes and heaters), to make so that during walk the kid could move hands, legs and the head.
  4. to put a bedroom in order In advance, i.e. it is good to air, vacuum, wash the floor. Remember that ideal conditions for a dream - temperature is 18 - 20 degrees With, humidity - 60 - 70%.
  5. to Adjust the feeding mode. To make so that the food was present at an interval 23. 00 - 24. 00. If the feeding up is entered, in the last feeding to give what is the most nourishing, i.e. dairy - krupyany porridge. If we nurse or mix, then to try not to finish feeding slightly the kid in the range of 18. 00 - 20. 00 that it is better and with big appetite ate before going to bed.
  6. Evening bathing (before the last food) to carry out
  7. in a big bathtub, in cool water with massage and gymnastics is an excellent opportunity and energy to spend, and to work up appetite, and with parents before going to bed to have enough communication.


the Main complexity of treatment of an illness of the turned mode consists that parents, but are more often everything - mothers and grandmothers, are forced to make during certain time actions which in a root contradict the standard ideas of how it is necessary to love children. Yes as it is possible that the native child not to finish feeding, not to lay, wake?! Yes we are ready not to sleep 2 more years at the nights!

is ready not to sleep? To support by months a problem which solution demands at most 2 - 3 days? It is already other illness. Masochism, is called. Pediatricians it do not treat...