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How not to fall the victim of a time trouble of a stressovich?

Unfortunately, a time trouble with a stress the same phenomenon, usual at work, as change of day and night, and not only at miners, militiamen, pilots, journalists, actors, but also at representatives of specialties silent at first sight, like the librarian and the druggist. Even if you are an honorary member of society of “laid-back persons“, all the same unexpectedly - the Time trouble Stressovich unexpectedly can visit you... Therefore in our power only to soften its blow or to spread straws. And as to make it, we will understand.

Judging from the fact that you opened our magazine, we will dare to assume: you want to change urgently work as are not satisfied with the current situation. Quite perhaps, on the present place you are insufficiently appreciated and respected, a little paid and in general … In what you are engaged day by day, to you is uninteresting and it is not necessary. The most opposite that you catastrophically lack time for really important occupations. At work constantly you want to sleep, and you do not know at night, as if to lull itself, - all of what that you think, you think. To unburden the heart there is nobody, all have problems therefore the tsunami of a stress covers not only you, but also your family. Debts which could not be given soon grow. Temporarily smoking and alcohol and here trouble “help out“ - it does not solve a problem. You come back to the broken trough which costs on the same place, and a lovely Time trouble Stressovich here. There is a discontent not only work - you begin to test a dissatisfaction from life in general. whether


such picture Is familiar to you? And you are sure that you through any time on the new place will not feel the same? I assure you, will repeat so until you do not understand that it is not work, and in you - in that, what do you think of loadings, to difficulties of the interpersonal relations and as you are able to relax. Especially people obligatory, disciplined, responsible and honest - men of his word are subject to influence of the Time trouble of Stressovich. So, in an office of the CEO of one foreign company called the staff of the best department, properly abused them for prevention and ordered to solve a complex problem until the end of the working day. Depended on it, you see destiny of all company. There were twenty two minutes. The department lifted all as speak, on ears. Brainstorming was stronger transfers “That? Where? When?“ . And exactly at 18:06 with the official report about the solution of a task the department in full strength arrived to the CEO`s office. And that quietly left at 18:00 home, knowing that employees will be turned inside out, and will cope with a problem. So that`s that.

Least of all the Time trouble Stressovich influences, strangely enough, the people able to forgive offenses. Not for nothing in Christianity there is a day when all each other apologize. The process revitalizing, one may say. What sense to be angry and remember offenses of the former chief if you work at other place for a long time? These negative emotions destroy you, but not your offender. That, maybe, and forgot to think of you or remembers with tenderness, as the power outlet. Forgive him and … release! Difficult? Then while you once again are going to remember the “kind“ word the unforgettable chief, begin with words:“ I forgive you (a surname, a name, a middle name) for all those offenses (you can list), which it is free or involuntarily you, the road (F. I. O), put to me during my work (there and there). Also I release you wherever one wishes!“ It did not turn out for the first time, tell five, ten, hundred, do not forgive on the present yet. If you very vindictive person, write the diary. Peculiar psychological unloading. There will pass time, and it will be interesting to you to esteem, and even to laugh at the fact that thought earlier how felt.

For example, in the 19th century when did not construct still TVs and other modern entertainments, diaries were an everyday occurrence. By the way, the diary helped one my colleague to reveal those moments in her work which most of all irritate her, prevent to work at full capacity. Having understood them, she changed what was in its forces, and took the rest for granted and simply - naprosto … calmed down. As in a prayer of the German theologian Oettinger:“ My God, let`s me tranquility accept what I cannot change, let`s me courage change what I can change. Also let`s me wisdom distinguish one from another“. The plate with these words hung over a desktop in an office of the U.S. President John Kennedy, and absolutely not incidentally they were used by society of anonymous alcoholics. The stress most often alcohol that is also removed. Though a glass of beer in day (notice - no more!) really influences an organism soothingly: after work many, and not only men, but also women, like to come “to pass on a draft“.

the Austrian physicians found

in one such dose of beer (!) day norm of vitamins, minerals and mineral substances. Let this opening will remain on their conscience. Whatever one may do, tseytnotno a stressful state - a consequence first of all a lack of magnesium of an organism. It is possible to fill it not only the medicines containing this element but also fresh dairy and meat products, and also vegetables and fruit, especially peaches, apricots and a cauliflower. By the way, strong tea and black coffee remove this an element, necessary for fight against a stress! So not only emotions, but also the lack of magnesium can affect your health. And then the Time trouble Stressovich in your organism will manage for a while properly: will reduce a thymus which regulates immune system, will put a spleen, will change the volume of lymphatic glands etc. Generally, will not seem to you a little, how in that joke when the patient where will point a finger, feels an acute pain everywhere (it turned out that at it just the finger is broken).

By the way, laughter - magnificent stress medicine. You feel fatigue, weakness, memory impairment, irritability - switch. Read, for example, jokes on the Internet. Tell the joke which was pleasant to you to the fun-loving colleague, you look, and business will be on the mend. In general, occupation change - a great thing! Even the favourite of public ingenious Sara Bernhardt showered in the flowers and diamonds periodically suffered from a depression. At these moments all its activity (and besides a scene it was a great sculptor, the artist and the writer) seemed to it senseless. She went to the Breton shkher to friends to breathe fresh sea air and to drink apple cider.

How quickly to remove weight of intense day of work? Of course, a contrast shower (if at home many cases still are necessary to you) or we heat (if you are going to go to bed at once). You do not hurry to sit down to a table even if since morning you in a mouth had no poppy dewdrop: you still stay in a nervous state therefore meal, especially plentiful, will only aggravate it. There will be a drowsiness and apathy.

By the way, leg pain can strongly spoil mood. Even if at your footwear a convenient block and at work you generally sit, a foot all the same by the evening are tired. Specialized electrotechnical shops sell massage trays for legs. Very useful thing, it is necessary to tell: instantly takes off fatigue. There are still special massage slippers - too quite good option. Excellent means and just hot foot bathtub better flavored by various grass infusions. Calms even slow combing of hair a brush from natural materials. Remember how our great-grandmothers looked after the long ringlets in front of the mirror at bedtime. It was the whole ritual!

Many employees constantly wear a uniform which is made not of the best fabrics at work, is badly driven, inconvenient. Happens, as own clothes of the person are far from an ideal, but he carries it for work because it goes, emphasizes a figure, etc. Be not surprised that by the end of day hurts you or aches, and even scratches (!) all body. Why to create additional loadings? Decide that for you the main thing - comfort or bad mood. Of course, nobody urges to go to service in a dressing gown and house-shoes. There is a mass of other options, more stylish and convenient.

Should consider also that even at modern office the clothes absorb dust, various unpleasant smells. It, certainly, also does not promote good health. In my office practice there was a case when because of too narrow underwear one very young employee nearly fainted directly in a reception of the chief. Of the thought-over trifles there is also our life.

one more a stressful question important tseytnotno Is. If we started talking about the house, it is worth thinking over one more moment. Present: your spouse, the brother, the matchmaker came from work gloomy, upset and is silent. What house in that case begin to do? Correctly, to get, allegedly with a noble purpose - to help, to improve mood. Especially wives are famous for it. Seeing that the husband obviously ill at ease, begin it to exasperate with inquiries. If from the first did not share negative information with you, close a subject better. Feed, keep silent. Ask a question: and all of you tell that to the blessed? It is unlikely you shared with the spouse that because of your idle talk in office very important client could not phone or that because of continuous delay to you lowered by twenty percent a salary last month... At all the production, we will call them so softly, secrets. Perhaps the situation into which your spouse got is not absolutely pleasant to it, and it is powerless it to change. And to you to understand darling, it should work at his enterprise not one year. In this case your good should not be with fists. If the second half considers it necessary, she will devote you in the reasons of the bad mood.

Psychologists consider that the unpleasant situation needs to be worried: that is you are living, and the negative in soul already died. So let`s it worry to your strong husband, and then already ask him. Present, it is how difficult to depict a situation when it “is still live“ - all the same what to test it once again. It is considered that especially busily wears out the spouse`s man which does not work and lives only his interests. And does not come to its mind that the person is simply hungry and it is banal was tired. Behind everything to it passions of day TV series seem. There is a wish to advise such women: do not narrow a circle of the interests and do not slight the second half. The Time trouble Stressovich can appear suddenly to you home without the special invitation on that as distant rodstvennichek.

needs to Find

the business to everyone. And, as it is banal sounds, the woman has to be able to provide herself, the nobility, than she can earn a living how her husband was strong in a material question. The institute of marriage does not grant the right to the woman finally to forget about the one who is she by profession. Recently my student`s friend who carefree lived two decades behind the back of the blessed was taken away in hospital with a nervous breakdown. Typical history: the spouse decided to leave it for the sake of the young passion met by him at work. You do not lead up a situation excessively, soften possible blow. You remember: it is impossible to hide from life. “If you do not live, then to you and not to die“, - sang in the well-known movie “Twist of Fate, or With Light Steam“. And in this plan the Time trouble Stressovich - our constant satellite which it is possible and it is necessary to tame.