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It is time to buy the baby a lodge of

to my little son Nikita 1 year was executed. He not only goes, but also runs. And here I noticed something very unusual: the baby began to look for “lodges“. It began to throw out from a case of a thing and to climb there.

Then interest passed

to a bedside table. Small hands of Nikitk removed all things and in some way placed the small little body there. But nevertheless it completely could not climb there in any way, one leg all the same hanged down on a floor. At the same time the baby it was immensely happy. Pottering about in a bedside table, he giggled and told something in the unclear infantile language. At it it was ridiculous to look: this show reminded the small box to which the doggie who already grew from this box could not be located in any way.

After this case continuation of addiction to “lodges“ began

. Nikita began to climb for a bed, a sofa, the refrigerator, under a table. And then I finally solved: it is time to buy the baby a lodge.

When the child starts walking, it has a keen interest in objects which surround it. The baby begins to look for the spaces proportional to its sizes, and, as a rule, cases, curbstones or the place under a table are them. It just is also suitable time to buy the kid “lodge“.

So, lodges for the baby:

  1. tent (they happen different quality, the sizes and a coloring, and also forms - in the form of animals or insects: a ladybug, a dog or geometrical figures - a square, a cone etc.
  2. an inflatable lodge
  3. a self-made lodge
    • a lodge from a cardboard box

      to make a lodge, it is necessary to fit a cardboard box matter or a thin blanket inside and outside. On the one hand boxes it is necessary to cut through the opening similar to a door that the kid could creep in a box.

    • a lodge from polyfoam

      For certain practically everyone had p big pieces of polyfoam from - under the TV, the washing machine or the refrigerator. Time to use it for creation of a cozy lodge for the baby came. Fasten big pieces of polyfoam that lodge walls were formed. It is possible to fasten polyfoam the next ways:

      • to sew edges of polyfoam (the needle will easily go, since polyfoam - very soft material);
      • to stick together
      • special glue.

It is unimportant whether you bought a lodge or made it with own hands, know that yours the baby will estimate all your efforts.

I here, the lodge is ready. It it is proud costs in the middle of the room and waits for the little, but bright owner. In the beginning show to the child and tell that it is his lodge, help it to get there. Do not mourn if the baby does not understand at once what is it, and will not understand as to use it. First it can throw a lodge and climb on it. But be not upset. Have patience, and everything will turn out.

I here, I went to shop and chose a suitable lodge for Nikituski. It was the children`s tent which can be used not only for game of the baby of the house, but also to take it on the nature or giving in the summer. When I brought home tent, Nikita, having seen a handbag with something bright, did not move a step from me, expecting to see a novelty. I did not manage to spread out children`s tent, Niki understood in what he business, and already sat inside and smiled. It did not leave “lodge“ of half a day. And when I took out it to feed, it began to cry. Here is how strongly it liked its new lodge. He so waited for him.

That to the child it was interesting to

of Game in a lodge by
  • , outline favourite toys in a lodge and show to the kid where they lie. Nikita played with pleasure in a lodge even those toys which usually does not play. To read books in a lodge - hobby of Niki. In a lodge he feels like the adult, by independent and can do anything there.
  • Hide-and-seek. When the child is in a lodge, look on it and you speak: “ku - ku“, and then hide for a lodge. The baby will look out and a look will look for you, and here from - for a corner you speak: “ku - ku“, and then you hide again. And when the kid will climb to himself, again look on him and hide. It will be very amusing. Nikitke this game so was pleasant that he began to hide from me, but not I from him and to peep that I looked for it. And when I pretended that I look for it, spoke: “Well, where Nikita?“, and then approached a lodge and spoke: “Probably, it in a lodge“. Here Nika was going to laugh loudly. And when I already looked with words:“ Ah, here you where, I will catch you, I will catch …“ and began to tickle him, he was killed into a corner and began to laugh loudly strongly so such laughter was followed by a half-hour hiccups. It was rather cheerful.
  • Put a lodge in that room where at the moment there are you. It will be for certain interesting to child to play where the father or mother.
  • If the child begins to break, destroy and overturn a lodge, do not abuse it. Let the kid have fun and does with a lodge that he wants. He has to feel that it is its lodge and it in it the owner. When Nikita played enough in the tent, he began to somersault, overturn in it tent and to lean on it from above. And from these pranks he felt the mass of pleasures. A lot of things it is not allowed to take, it is not allowed to be played by many things of adults, and the lodge is a property of the baby. Let him dispose of it as he wants.

If through some time you notice that the child ceased to show interest in a lodge, move away him for time (about 5 - 7 days), and then put it again. You will see with what interest the child will begin to play in a lodge.

If you see that the kid looks for shelter, achieve his dream, present the baby a cozy small lodge in which he will create the world and will feel like the adult, the owner of tiny “shelter“.