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Practical and intellectual dairy experiment of

At the moment I nurse the firstborn almost two years. Objective problems at us with the son was a little, but experiences at me was enough - generally from - for a lack of experience and information.

Ya was afraid of dehydration as at first the son slept all the time, and I could not manage to wake up it. I had absolutely soft a breast in day of an extract from maternity hospital, and I decided that milk was gone. I was horrified when after feeding from 2 - x breasts scales showed that 0 grams are eaten. I cried together with the son when he refused a breast for several months. I was ready to rush with fists on the husband when he forbade to give mix (and it seemed to me that the child starves, and there is no milk)...

But as it was pleasant to see for the first time how the sonny babbles and smiles to

with a nipple in a mouth! And me not to forget that moment when, having densely eaten, the son let out a breast, opened eyes and accurately told “ma!“ (he was 3 months old and next time “ma“ I heard only in half a year). I do not want to tell at all that I such moments - GV merit (on WILLOWS there would be slightly others, but moments, so bright for me) - just do not want that you thought that our life with the son was gloomy and consisted of one experiences.

During this time under the influence of the experience, experience of girlfriends - mothers and the Internet (where without it!) my ideas of GV strongly changed. The most important, I realized that any general recommendation (as much as correct and stated by an authoritative source) can be inapplicable to my specific child.

For example, its allergy to oranges and chocolate can quite not appear, but to be - on rice and buckwheat. My son, eating 600 - 700 of milk a day, added 1 - 2 kg a month, and the neighbour`s girl, drinking mix more than a liter - for 300 - 400, at the same time children developed approximately equally. And if we with the neigbour followed the general recommendation to give to the child of 1/5 - 1/6 weight, then my fat son, probably, would be one and a half times more fat, and the thin neighbour`s girl is still twice thinner... On the other hand, often nevertheless it is better to adhere to recommendations of experts, but not to invent the bicycle, it is only necessary to pick up the experts suitable personally you (hi - hi).

Oh these recommendations!“ Feed at night! Be surely decanted! Drink hot tea with milk! Provide contact skin - to - skin! Feed from one breast! Feed, alternating breasts as much as possible time for feeding! Feed as often as possible! Be decanted surely, and that milk will be gone!“ And why quite so? Where logic?

So far I did not understand physiology of production of milk, I could not distinguish pieces of good advice from bad and suitable to my situation from improper. Therefore I chose as the purpose of this clumsy opus a statement of some especially to me the pleasant facts and councils connected with GV, with explanations of the reasons of emergence of such councils.

  1. Interesting fact: mammary glands are the modified sweat glands. Whether not from here council results to take hot drinks before feeding for a milk inflow call (from very hot drink, I, for example, sweat)? It is simply pleasant to much to drink plus hot tea - as a result, pleasure hormone oxytocin which in combination causes emission of milk from alveoluses where it is made, to dairy canals is emitted. Milk becomes available to exhaustion or decantation (well, there is an inflow).
    By the way, pleasure can be not physical, but moral (for example if mother drinks for increase in a lactation something very tasteless or just with a great effort and the moral satisfaction from overcoming of for the sake of the child has) - then too there is an inflow. These reasonings can explain the amusing fact that practically somebody in the world yes considers any food or drink laktogonny.
  2. have to be
  3. of the Pacifier not coarsened, and easily extensible! Elastic skin is less injured not coarsened, and. I understood that preparation for GV has to include not grinding of a breast a rigid towel, and obtaining information - for example, about the correct applying. By the way, the best article met by me on applying lies
    For me, inexperienced here, even the fact that when sucking the child not just involves in himself milk from a breast as the adult at drink from a tubule, and melts in the special way an areola became opening. Still I learned that for a pulling of flat nipples it is possible to use Hoffman`s equipment, a milk pump or special cockleshells - but not always it is necessary as, for example, skilled consultants for a lactation can put correctly to the child almost any breast (and even to teach this trick mother).
  4. Before childbirth it is good to check blood for existence of antibodies for the solution of a question of a possibility of GV in the first days as at a Rhesus factor - the conflict or AB0 - the conflict (on a blood type) early applying, according to some doctors, can worsen a situation with a hemolytic illness of the newborn. If you do not make it, then can refuse to you applying of the newborn during the first hours or days without everyone to that an occasion, just just in case (as was with me). At least it is worth recognizing opinion of your doctor by the matter.
  5. needs to Drink
  6. so much how many there is a wish - it, in particular, will be some prevention zastoyev. If it is enough milk, and the child is happy - it is possible to feed though on the mode though on demand, but if it is not enough milk, then feeding on demand can help to increase its quantity. Besides when feeding on demand usually there is no need for decantations, and less probability of stagnation. This, received experimentally, I gathered information from article about carrying out the corresponding researches in one of the Moscow maternity hospitals (the person interested I will send).
  7. When milk have not enough
  8. that it became more tomorrow and that the child received more milk already today, it is possible for the child and it is necessary to offer an “empty“ breast as often as possible (this is not about the weak child who is too tired by sucking - in this case it is necessary to be decanted, for example, as often as possible).
    Oh, as thought I over it, strange at first sight, council much. I have very small breast, and almost all the time (except the first days) in it milk is not felt at all. It is amusing that my grandmother does not believe that before half a year I nursed the son only.“ Yes that she feeds there, she and a breast - do not have that“, - she said to my mother. I will dare to stop on this question in detail.
    Focus is that the breast produces milk constantly, and the speed of development depends, in particular, on degree of fullness of a breast. If a breast it is constant almost empty, then, in - the first, on the same day the speed of production of milk will be greatest possible in these conditions, and in - the second, from - for big more hormone of Prolactinum will be emitted to stimulation of a breast in an organism, then tomorrow the maximum speed of production of milk will be more (average speed too).
    Is clear that the speed of production of milk will grow in this mode day by day, but not indefinitely, and to some maximum depending on genetics, health of mother, her food, rest and other factors. As far as I understood, for most of mothers this maximum speed of production of milk will be sufficient for a pro-forage of 2 - 3 children at the same time, but can not be enough for some mothers nevertheless and for one child, alas.
    One more moment: when the child sucks, say, 6 times a day, he drinks the bigger portion of milk than when sucks 15 times a day for time - and can seem to mother that milk at it becomes even less (and the breast is filled to the next applying much less or at all is not filled, and the child drinks for time less). The widespread mistake consists that many mothers consider amount of the drunk milk for feeding, but not per day. Typical arithmetics - for 6 times on 100 g of milk the child will drink 600 g of milk, and for 15 times on 50 g of milk - 750 g! That is, in spite of the fact that one portion decreased twice, the child in days got 150 additional grams of milk. information that the maximum of Prolactinum is developed in a dream, especially at daybreak (approximately between 3 and 8 o`clock in the morning) therefore frequent feedings during this period are most effective was
    Still useful to me. Still I learned that so far the child sucks from one breast, a little milk therefore at a lack of milk it makes sense to shift the child from one breast to another several times for feeding always comes to another though.
  9. it Turned out li (I about it did not know) that the amount of the produced milk depends on amount of hormone of Prolactinum at mother which, is in turn produced in response to stimulation of a breast (than more often and more intensively rather it is more correct, stimulation - the its is more). And the lactation in a breast is suppressed with excess of milk, and the organism response in the first weeks of a lactation is maximum - at this time the organism as if resolves an issue: “And how many children I should support? Whether the child died?“ I was struck with wisdom of the device of an organism of the woman when realized this fact.
    I then I understood that decantation - the emergency help at failures in an organism or at separation of the child from mother, but action, not necessary for all. (I tried to be decanted the first weeks 3, but as could not decant also 5 ml after sucking, threw this occupation, senseless for me, until it began to be decanted to the child on porridge after half a year).

  10. How to change a breast? There are no answers to this question on the Internet a set though the question does not make sense, yet specification - and in what, actually, situations? After reading of a lot of information I solved for myself so: if with feeding everything is normal, then it is not necessary to change anything (even if someone says that it is necessary to feed absolutely not so) - if everything suits mother and the child, then there is nothing to bother.
    If is not enough milk (that is the child does not gorge on two breasts), then it is necessary to give both breasts in one feeding several times. If to the child one breast suffices, but there are enough two, then it is better to allow to exhaust as much as possible the first breast, and then to finish feeding from the second, and in the following feeding to begin with the second. The maximum depletion of a breast is necessary in order that the kid got more back milk, differently it can not have enough lactase enzyme for splitting of lactose which especially richly forward milk. Besides back milk is richer with fats and sytny.
    In other cases a breast change each feeding, or change through the periods approximately equal to an average interval between feedings (that is if the child asked a breast unexpectedly quickly, then give the same breast and if there passed average time between feedings or more - change).
    in case of excess of milk try to change a breast less often that the crowded breast slowed down production of milk and that the child reached back milk. But such tactics is fraught zastoyam - in this case a little milk from the crowded breast can make sense to allow to take a sip to the child and to finish feeding from the second.

Oh, I guess that so long article cannot simply be read - and I and conceived did not tell a half... I will just advise: if you want to understand that to do in your concrete situation and to whose councils to listen - understand, whenever possible, in the course of development and release of milk, a structure of a breast and listen to yourself and to the child - then everything at you will turn out in the best way!