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As to the man to look stylishly

of the Man worry about the appearance too, but they hesitate to ask questions - possibly, for this reason they address for consultations less often. Dark tone, harmonious colors and monotone of a suit - here the council useful to any man. Vertical and diagonal lines, not volume fabrics, proportionality of a suit are the principles, fair for representatives of any floor. But there are some moments of which men have to think. So let`s pass to them and we will begin with suits.


the Choice of breed of a suit always depends on personal taste. But not too tight and not too shapeless suit will be suitable for most of men - except for courageous avant-gardists and the European dandies-. Look for something average between shapeless American and tight European suits. Your suit has to combine convenience of the American style and elegance of the European. Therefore, the ideal suit has to be slightly fitted, with the underlined line of shoulders and possess moderately high, but convenient armholes.

we Will pass

to details.

Breed Bad breed of a suit does to


the man thick and disproportionate as well as the woman. Though in good shops the men`s suit will be adjusted to a figure, completely will not be able to alter a suit to you there. Naturally, they prefer to be limited to the most minimum alterations. In other words, you cannot count that in shop will solve all your problems. You should know highlights.


the Most problem areas of a jacket are shoulders, armholes, a breast and length. If the three first an element do not fit well when the man for the first time tries on a jacket, it already forever. As a rule, it is impossible to correct these defects. Length of a jacket can be changed to 2 - 5 cm. If you truncate a jacket more, then will break proportionality of a suit in general. Here is how the good jacket has to sit. Shoulders have to be rather wide


of the Shirt, collars and a shape of a face

As the collar of a shirt is continuation of a man`s face, the form of a collar can not only visually change a shape of a face, but also make essential impact on a general view of the person. Means, the shirt should be selected correctly. How to make it?

the Form of a collar happens following:

As a rule, the form of a collar is selected depending on a shape of a face and length of a neck. A golden rule in this question - contrasts are attracted. The Kruglolitsy man will suit collars with sharp corners, the long person will better look if a collar wider. Length of a neck influences a collar form differently. For a short neck short collars, for a long neck - higher are necessary. You have to remember the following always:

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