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Military registration and enlistment office for pregnant

When I waited for the emergence synut on light, I was constantly visited by pupils. Once to me especially noisy company was filled up, and boys in eager rivalry began to tell horrors about a military registration and enlistment office which they the other day happened to visit. I listened to them, listened, and here dawned on me: somewhere I already met it. Precisely, in a maternity welfare unit! Same obligatory “appearances“, a vyzvanivaniye by phone, the inconsiderate relation to the patient`s body (not to mention soul), threats... To my son year will be executed soon, but I still with horror remember this MILITARY REGISTRATION AND ENLISTMENT OFFICE FOR PREGNANT WOMEN.

Pregnant women as show my supervision, are divided into three main types:“ Pink elephant “, “ did not happen in anything“ and “Bundle of nerves“.

women who waiting for the kid become very quiet and balanced treat the first type. Terrifying stories and small troubles do not frighten them - they are firmly sure that everything will be good.

the Second type is future mothers in whose mental condition pregnancy almost is not reflected in any way. They continue to work and lead active lifestyle. It is lucky these lucky women!

Ya as it appeared, I belong to the third type - “Bundle of nerves“.

Such women are very disturbing and vulnerable

. They often take offense and cry. Elementary tram rudeness can seem them the present tragedy. It is especially heavy to these women to pay planned visits to a maternity welfare unit which employees not always show respect and keenness, and sometimes are even cruel.

Therefore if future mother belongs to disturbing type, it should avoid the stress connected with visit of the gynecologist. To avoid because the woman - “bundle of nerves“ just cannot reasonably behave.

Me it is not necessary to

you are observed at the qualified doctor in private clinic and can pass all necessary inspections there and make tests? Then on a visit in consultation it is possible not to hurry. But, unfortunately, not each paid doctor will be able to write out to you the sick-list on to - and postnatal holiday. Besides it has no right to make out the prenatal record which is necessary for receipt in maternity hospital. What to do?

First of all find out

whether your doctor has powers to fill in the prenatal record. If yes, you receive a form in consultation, and results of all necessary inspections in it will be brought by specialists of paid clinic. (As a rule, such way practices in the diagnostic centers at maternity hospitals). In this case your task to come to the regional gynecologist on the 28th week of pregnancy to receive the prenatal record and the sick-list.

the doctor is obliged to Hand out these documents even if you did not make any test. If you are threatened by premature birth, then physicians have to issue the card before usual term. In order that you were not disturbed phone calls by workers of consultation (they bear responsibility for patients), refuse their services by the written statement addressed to the manager.

to me have no place to go more

Unfortunately, many are not able to afford paid medical services. If you plan to be observed in regional consultation, be fully equipped!

Conduct market research

That is learn that your regional doctor represents. Perhaps, your neigbours or girlfriends living on the same site from it delighted. Then you were lucky and it is possible not to worry.

But if you heard a set of unflattering responses or got negative experience at personal contact, then, perhaps, the doctor should be replaced. You have the right to make it without any explanations, having just written the application addressed to the manager of consultation. Certainly, previously it is necessary to be convinced that the doctor to whom you are translated really good expert.

Learn almost foreign language

If you were not at the gynecologist earlier, then you with the doctor can have the most real language barrier. I, for example, on a question: “When you lived with the husband?“ shy murmured:“ We still together live“. Me shout asked not to scoff. And I and the truth did not understand that it is about sexual intercourse. So, before visit to the doctor learn dictionary words:
to live - to lead sex life. Try not to laugh when you hear recommendations: “do not live 2 weeks“, “begin to live in several days“, “You what, were going to live? I strictly forbid!“ .
the husband is healthy? - whether is not present at the husband of chronic diseases which are descended. Answers like “At it are an astigmatism“ will be apprehended as mockery.
of the complaint is? - if you do not die, do not spend time for chatter.
an appearance - date of the following consultation. If an appearance go away, you will be called home and to swear. Sometimes can arrive home without the prevention.
date of the last periods - number on which pregnancy term depends. National sign: that who designated date correctly put term two weeks less than a present. Respectively write out holiday and the prenatal record later. at last, the awful word to interrupt

be not frightened by

offers of abortion

U during pregnancy six times asked me whether I (that is to do abortion) as though it was a self-evident exit from my “situation“ am going to interrupt. I very much took offense and even cried, being afraid that doctors suspect some pathology at the kid. And only the husband could explain to me in what here business:“ You understand, you look as the little girl: jeans, player, hokhmochka. They are afraid that you will change the mind and will attack them when is already late“.

It is possible, my spouse is right, but, in my opinion, no doubts of this sort grant to doctors the right to offer abortion. Personally I it did not think of anything, and there are doubting women whom the “kind“ doctor can push on this terrible step.

Having talked to girlfriends, I understood that there is a certain group of women to whom doctors suggest to interrupt pregnancy. These are young, brisk little girls; the women who are not consisting in official marriage and those who have two or more children. So, be not frightened if you are asked about abortion - just doctors have stereotypes.

my friend who already has both a son and the daughter became pregnant for the third time and refused abortion. “And whom you still want?“ - the doctor was surprised.

Create support group

If visits to a maternity welfare unit nevertheless upset you and on next “appearance“ you go as for penal servitude, do not abuse yourself for cowardice! For many women in “situation“ absolutely naturally so emotionally to react even to insignificant manifestations of hostility of world around.


with yourself on reception of the loved one with steady mentality. In - the first, to you with it will be quieter. And in - the second, in case of the conflict he will be able to advocate your interests. Ideal “support group“ - the husband. As shows experience, doctors in the presence of the spouse behave more correctly. However if at you suddenly hand over nerves, then communication with doctors mother or the girlfriend quite successfully can undertake yours.

Get acquainted with the good doctor

“Only small children after dental care are afraid of all people in white dressing gowns!“ If it was the truth! Unfortunately, if the woman who during pregnancy becomes disturbing was offended or humiliated by the gynecologist, it quite often has a fear if not before all doctors, before female - precisely.

it is not so harmless

A as it seems. The doctor of this profile will deliver at you, and to it it is necessary to test trust. Try to find the good doctor. If you plan to give birth under the contract or to agree with the obstetrician - the gynecologist through acquaintances, get acquainted with the doctor in advance. For certain will recommend you the good expert who will correctly behave and will dispel your fears of childbirth.

the Great luck - good courses for pregnant women where occupations are conducted by professional obstetricians or gynecologists. In - the first, you will see the qualified physicians who properly treat future mothers. In - the second, obtain a lot of useful information about pregnancy and childbirth. As a result favourite psychological reception of unfair doctors - intimidation - will cease to act on you.

- Why “kurantit“ you do not drink? You want that at the child blood supply was broken?
- It lowers pressure, and at me and so 80õ60?
- You what it is cleverer than the doctor of consider?

generally, the knowledge calms. But on reception at the gynecologist as in advertizing, it is better to chew, than to speak.

Why it occurs?

the word “purku“ designates

In French and why and why. I am not a professional psychologist, and so - the observer on life. Here what ideas at me concerning this medical “purku“.

Probably, it concerns not to all doctors. Once I heard about the great gynecologist from a maternity welfare unit of Moscow area... Once!