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Let`s make it on - fast

In life is always the place to a feat, especially in the spring. Thousands of washed-up windows, kilometers of the plowed beds, transition to the fat-free yogurts and separate food... However regular visit fitness - clubs, perhaps, the most noticeable sign of spring updating.

the Spring aggravation fitness - activities - a commonplace. According to managers of clubs, attendance increases for 50% at this time, and among beginners - men and women in an equal proportion. All of them wish to make toilet by a season of summer holidays. The majority wants to lose the excess weight which never happens a little. Some come to club to pump up muscles or to study several dancing movements and surely to shine on dance pavilions of resort hotels.

However “snowdrops“ as call these clients, have two troubles - laziness (to be exact, lack of a habit to occupations) and limited time for achievement of result. Therefore with them it is necessary specialists of clubs hardly. It is necessary to find balance between efficiency of exercises and programs, safety (beginners, as a rule, do not differ in readiness) and appeal of process of training.

Modern fitness - clubs have the mass of offers - independent trainings in a gym, personal occupations with the instructor, visit of group programs, a combination of different types of occupations. Any of these options can be both effective, and useless. So, one occupation a week with the trainer hardly radically will improve your form in a short time, and daily independent trainings can be dangerous at all.

Doctors and experts in the field of fitness warn: sudden physical activity is perceived by an organism as a severe stress therefore the body needs to be prepared for big loadings gradually. Alexander Mitin, the coordinator of a gym of club of the Planet Fitness network in Bolshoy Kislovsky Lane, considers that “the period of adaptation to training loads makes one and a half - two months if to train two - three times a week. During this time the organism gets used to the changed way of life, muscles and sheaves adapt to the increased physical activities, and mentality - to new feelings and a situation“. Otherwise not to avoid troubles is and microinjuries svyazochno - the muscular device, and the nervous tension caused by excessive loadings and violation of exchange processes at intensive weight loss.

Ideal option - to pass inspection at the doctor who will define a physical state will reveal problems with health, will exclude one exercises and will recommend others. However most of clients ignore a reason voice therefore to beginners not to the liyena will know what exercises for what tasks intend.

Often at independent trainings clients carry out only those exercises which know, being guided by the simple rule - “take more, throw further“. They are dripping with sweat on a racetrack, do exercises with the biggest scales. But hardly the kilometers wound on the exercise bike will significantly affect a relief of muscles of a stomach, and presses of a heavy bar will help to lose excess weight. Maria Kuznetsova, Reebok system manager of group programs of sports club on Varshavka, gives advice how to distinguish exercises for weight reduction and for growth of muscle bulk:“ If you want to grow thin, do many repetitions with a body weight or with small burdening. If you already passed a preparatory stage and want to build up muscle bulk - gradually increase weight and do eight - ten repetitions, surely you watch technology of performance of exercises“.

As for the first results - terms are individual here. If the case which is not really started, then through three - four months of regular trainings under control of the trainer at observance of the correct diet it is possible to go in shop to try on a new bathing suit, without being afraid to spoil to itself mood.

Individual training

Experts in the field of fitness agree in opinion that individual training allows to achieve goals in the shortest possible time. By the way, regular customers fitness - clubs already realized it and the number of fans of personal trainings steadily increases - in some clubs for the last year demand for this service grew more than twice, and the number of the clients who are engaged with the trainer reached 30% of total number of clubmen.

For beginners of “personal computer“ - the real find. According to Alexander Mitin, “individual training gives the chance to use various methods which selection is made taking into account personal features of the person. These are techniques training and cardiohalls, and also group programs“. At such approach clients should not miss, they are relieved of need to repeat the same linking of exercises each occupation. The trainer makes recommendations about food, supports motivation of the client.

Besides, personal trainings - ideal option for the people having problems with health: violations it is warm - vascular system, a problem with respiratory system, restriction oporno - the motive device, diabetes, and also the injuries and diseases which are rehabilitated later. For such clients of fitness class under supervision of the qualified specialist - “what the doctor registered“. Not without reason in such clubs as Reebok, Dr. Loder, Petrovka Sports and “the Planet Fitness“, one of the most popular and productive directions are the individual occupations of Pilates directed to rehabilitation and prevention of diseases of a back.

As for the number of trainings, three times a week - ideal option. It is clear, that pleasure it not from cheap. Therefore it is quite possible to combine work with the instructor and independent trainings. On personal occupations the trainer will train in the correct technology of performance of exercises, will create the purpose of occupations, will make recommendations about independent training, will make the approximate program of trainings. Then it is possible to try to train, from time to time forking up on “personal computers“ for correction of a course.

Group programs

More economical option of reduction of own body in the necessary state - group trainings (they are included in the cost of a club card). In extensive fitness - the menu for certain will be the necessary program.

Spinning (in some clubs this program is called Cycle) will help to Lose weight in the shortest possible time. It is the group training on exercise bikes imitating cycle race. She trains aerobic endurance and as much as possible burns fat. Besides, during occupation such problem places as buttocks and hips “are well studied“, about 700-1000 calories are spent. On occupation it is necessary to sweat, but a wet undershirt at the end of training - an award for fighters against excess weight. Special classes for occupations by a spinning are in such clubs as World Gym, “the Planet Fitness“, Reebok, WorldClass, etc.

is present At the schedule of Reebok clubs one more program helping to fight against excess weight - Slide. This training on a slippery board is suitable both for beginners, and for the advanced athletes. The lateral movement ruthlessly fights against excess deposits on an external and internal surface of hips, trains deep muscles of a lower body. Using a slide, it is also possible to carry out functional exercises for all body that gives the fine chance to strengthen corset area and to tighten a belt.

Experts fitness - clubs recommend to

also the lesson Super Sculpt. It is a power class with use of the special equipment (bars, shock-absorbers) intended for training of all groups of muscles. The maximum result is achieved by control of a condition of the client by means of cardiomonitors. Even beginners can attend these classes, without being afraid to increase mountains of muscles. During trainings there is a real magic: the qualitative players of a body are changed and instead of a fatty layer the graceful muscular relief is formed. By the way, a muscle it is heavier than fat. Also happens that weight decreases slightly, but forms change.

Regular customers fitness - clubs already tried out effective programs with use of unstable surfaces - the Core or Ramp platforms, and also balancing pillows - Balanced Pad. These devices allow to work small and so-called deep muscles which are responsible for coordination. At most of people these muscles are, as a rule, developed poorly for this reason any careless movement in everyday life can lead to stretchings, a rupture of sheaves and even changes.

the Effective Gravity Training program - one of novelties of Planet Fitness club. During occupations the special block GTS device allowing to move in the different planes is used. Exercises are carried out on freely sliding panel having nine levels. The changing tilt angles allow to diversify load of body muscles, and the platform helps to hold the correct situation. As a result besides finding of a desired relief and burning of calories to you the feeling of confidence and cheerfulness comes back.

is it is necessary Less!

But one sports activities everything is a little. For achievement and fixing of result the diet is necessary. Maria Kuznetsova:“ When you begin to train regularly, can notice that appetite increased. And it is normal - so the organism resupplies nutrients which it actively spends at trainings. The metabolism accelerated by trainings allows to burn more calories and improves comprehensibility of food. But if not to monitor food and to be fond of evening and night meals, then it is possible not to grow thin at all, and to recover“.

of the Diet, as we know, happen different, but all of them are based on restriction of the consumed products. There are diets fashionable - a successful public relations, a mystery veil, spirit of a selectness and high price. The latest capital hobby - diets on blood test (according to Volkov, “Gemokod“ and pr). All of them are based on studying of reaction of blood to extracts of various products. However recommendations look suspiciously similar. In their basis - separate food and refusal from “fat, salty, smoked, peppered and fried“. To the beginning athletes these councils quite will fit. And still, which - that: it is necessary to eat it is balanced, four - five times a day, in the first half of day to lean on complex carbohydrates - grain, grain, small loafs, after a lunch to pass to proteinaceous food with vegetables without fat sauces and sauces. The lunch from three dishes should sharing with the friend, having kept one. To replace butter on vegetable, to refuse gradually farinaceous food and sweet. The following step (already for devoted) - toffees and chocolates we replace with dried fruits. But the rest we do not refuse to ourselves anything! We eat fruit (except for high-calorie - bananas and grapes, we do not buy them at all) in breaks between meals. Probably, it is possible to pass also to carrot, but this my personal opinion!

Excess weight

what spring (however, as well as summer, fall and winter) - an excellent occasion to take care of the own life, to go on a diet or to go to fitness - club, is confirmed by statistics. Stout persons become more and more, and excess weight threatens health. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), more than 45% of residents of the developed countries of Europe live with an excess weight. In the USA it is even more fat men - to 70%, and not pyshechek and “moderately well-fad men“, but rather sick people with the medical diagnosis “obesity“ which is made to people whose weight exceeds norm more than for 15%. In the USA such 15 million - every twentieth resident of the country. In Russia the problem is particularly acute not less. It is considered that excess weight burdens more than 50% of our fellow citizens, that is every second. The expressed symptoms of obesity are observed at 25%. It is possible to learn the ideal mass of the body by means of Brock`s formula: it is equal growth minus 100 with a growth to 165 cm (with a growth 166-175 - minus 105, with a growth more than 175 - minus 110). Depending on a constitution it is allowed 10 - a percentage error in the smaller party at asthenic (thin) type and in big - at hyper sthenic (strong).