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There are such children of

of the Cover of colourful magazines show beautiful mothers and charming children, with charming smiles and the burning eyes. And being a pregnant woman, each woman dreams of the kid and the same happy motherhood. And how to be if everything occurred not as it usually happens at others?

I want to tell

Ya about mothers whose stories do not publish in magazines, the purpose at all editions is a positive spirit on successful pregnancy, safe childbirth and the healthy child. Though very many the warning materials meet, but somehow there is no wish to trust in them.

mothers who at will of destiny became the qualified nurses of children Are. Day, and sometimes and days are painted on hours. What these hours, is asked by you, except feedings, swaddlings, festivities, bathings? And it is infinite series of drugs, mixtures, drops, injections, inhalations, air uvlazhneniye, washing of various devices that the child could breathe, eat, some mothers just can never depart or leave the child, they have no days off and nobody can replace them because a lot of things it is necessary to be able.

I got acquainted With such mothers itself, being in hospital of Filatov in office of surgery. If it is honest, then it is very heavy to remember everything and, especially, to write about it. Awfully when children have a genetic failure, and it is not less terrible when takes place to be a medical error or accident. What do I mean?

Mother Nina from Balashikha gave birth to the wonderful ryzhenky girl Vlada, the long-awaited, beloved daughter, the copy the father with scintillating eyes … but without gullet. And it is reanimation, operation, again reanimation, nursing in office of surgery of newborns, a long-awaited extract. Mother kept milk, long enough fed through a special tubule. After five months repeated operation, doctors - wizards made to the child a gullet, but the arisen trouble breathing forced them to deliver to the child a tube (tracheostoma) that she could breathe. And when all these problems will end, nobody knows.

A to mother for her optimism, fighting spirit, for patience and unclear from where the undertaking forces just honor and praise. And it does not lower a hand, she is friendly with all and is kind, she did not become embittered on life, and on the contrary believes in happiness, dreams of the second child, and God grant to it all the best.

Mother Katya from Moscow, a young family, the desired child, the handsome boy Egorka. The doctor from district clinic calmed young mother that at the child the third month the alfalfa butterfly will pass a pier, soon. And the child all yellow as though only from the Black Sea returned, even proteins with blue eyes became mutno yellow.

it was p - the impassability of bilious channels all the produced bile gets and spreads on all organism, operation urgently is required, and surgeons at the same time noticed that it is better to do such operation about two months! And doctors do not give guarantees, taking away the child on operation that everything will end safely. And somebody took an interest what in heart happens at mother? Gave the malyutochka, there is no exit of another, one belief in hands of doctors … Performed operation, with a malchonka, thank God, everything is normal, began to live anew.

Mother Larisa from Moscow area with the daughter Lerochkaya, at it occasions to be given, was much and more than once. The child at the age of about six months needed a liver transplantation, and in Russia small do not do such, too big risk. 80 thousand euros for a trip, accommodation, operation and recovery treatment in Belgium were necessary. And there is no money just, strangers absolutely the people who saw a plot in the Time broadcast rescued what parents did not hope for.

In two days gathered and departed, a miracle in which still it is not trusted. Now it is necessary to go periodically there on inspections, history long, but parents always together support each other, care for the daughter. Hope - their main motto. It is impossible to relax, it is necessary to be all the time on the alert, and, above all, to believe that everything will be good.

my daughter Irochka was born

with pathology too. The gullet and a trachea were accrete, everything that took a sip in labor of, got into lungs, at once a burn, predicted that the right lung will not be able to breathe at all. In 2 hours after the delivery took away in reanimation of the hospital which became, unfortunately, to the first for it the house. Then operation, 28 days under IVL, thank God, rescued a gullet, the stomach earned. The pneumonia which arose as a result of all incident was cured, but it too not all. The child endured so much, will be enough for two lives …

On New Year`s Eve the daughter choked with mashed potatoes, ceased to breathe, our valorous Ambulance went 30 minutes, the artificial respiration, the doctor when came was necessary most to do, with astonishment noticed: “And I look, you razdyshat the baby?“ And despite all this, I am happy mother, my daughter is living though the confidence in ours with it wellbeing sometimes abandons me. All the time is terrible, but it is necessary to live and show it all the finest that is in the world, we have to make her life happy, though our problems have an effect periodically.

can tell

about such mothers A lot. But I just want that people appreciated that they have, knowing and remembering that where - that is mothers who in it it is a high time fight together with doctors for life of the children. They meet New Year, the birthdays and children, on March 8 and others dates, important for them, in hospitals, in white dressing gowns, without elegant dresses and hairdresses, and so … And desires they as you understand, think same.

They reconciled to what in their life occurred. They got used to the feeling of pity which is not holding in heart to the sensation of fear sometimes arising for a number of reasons. They ceased to ask questions to themselves, parents, in church - for as why all this happened to them. They just go where they are directed by destiny, but they did not give up and can never afford it!

Ya I wish to all mothers without exception of patience, health, happiness, and, above all, to trust in a miracle, everything will be ho - ro - sho!