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Urgent excommunication from a breast. Successful experience of

Subject of an excommunication from a breast me long time several scarecrow. It seemed to me that the close thread binding me with my child, will break. On the one hand, infinite nights with frequent prosypaniye, need to adhere to a diet tire, but with another, understanding that you give to the child the best, and, seeing how my baby needs me, feel as rather full-fledged mother.

At first I had an installation to feed, at least, about one year, and then when the age passed this mark - to feed until both of us do not feel what should be finished. And everything would be good if not a sentence of my attending physician: “Urgently separate the child from a breast!“ On all my prepiraniye and arguments in favor of breastfeeding the doctor had reciprocal arguments and to argue with them was useless. On a question and as it is better to make it, she to me recommended to leave from the child for about four days, to decant and tie up a breast.

tried to present to

Ya only how there will pass nights of my baby without mother, and threw me into a shiver. And where I will go? No, this option not for us. To try to go for a start for the night to other room and to leave them alone with the husband? To listen to the daughter`s hysterics from the neighboring room? I could stay idle minutes fifteen, well half an hour, but then I would not sustain and went to help out the husband and to calm the daughter. And to the husband since morning for work, will not sleep. Began to study thematic literature and to encounter generally councils that it is necessary to feed long until the child himself is ready to refuse a breast.

, and feedings at us happened generally in the evening before going to bed and several times at night. In the afternoon we were not fed any more. I decided to separate not sharply, and gradually. At night when she woke up and demanded a breast, I told her:“ Sisya bo - bo“. The daughter already knew what is it “bo - bo“ and in spite of the fact that there was a strong wish to suck, cried a little and calmed down. But she could not fall asleep without breast, and it was necessary to rock to sleep on hands. To steam of nights we so practised to miss feedings, but it did not bring any satisfaction as progress was not visible.

to me advised to smear a breast with mustard. I somewhere read that it is not really good way, and still decided to try. At home there was only the French mustard, with addition of any impurity, fragrances, acids, etc. and smelling of sour vinegar. It would be dangerous to feed the child with such product. But I had a plan. In the afternoon I began to point to the daughter to the breast, without undressing and to speak:“ Sisya bo - bo“. The child even began to feel sorry for me and to iron sympathetically the handle up to a breast. And in the evening before going to bed when feeding time has come, I smeared a breast with mustard, approached the daughter and again told already habitual phrase and added: “Smell!“ . Knowing fastidious and clean nature of the daughter, I hoped that on taste business will not reach test. And left. The daughter smelled and was twisted in a grimace. Then, having thought, smelled once again - and the same result.

at Night everything repeated. Of course, did not do without daughter`s crying for offense, but it was short. It became clear in the afternoon that the breast was strongly poured from unusual lack of depletion, and, having remembered councils, I was diligent decanted manually and strongly tightened a scarf, dragging away a breast. Probably, I went too far in it, or, being decanted for want of habit, strongly “crumpled“ a breast why in several hours of an utyazhka the breast unpleasantly ached. After removal of a scarf through a couple of hours the breast became “stone“ again, and I understood that it is necessary to be decanted, only it will not lead to anything good: tomorrow again everything will be the same as on a vicious circle. Moreover, frightened of stories about mastitis and laktostaza, me it became absolutely bad.

already even regretted

Ya that so sharply began to separate, thinking only of wellbeing of the child and on itself having waved a hand, and it was already ready to give a breast to the child as to the savior. But the husband came of me to the rescue. Being surprised that so easily it turned out to outwit the daughter, it, as well as I did not want that the first positive result came to nothing, and itself suggested to exhaust milk from my breast. What it was simplification! I did not begin to draw and decant milk any more, and next day already strong inflow was not, the truth the help of the husband was necessary again. And again before going to bed I was smeared with mustard and was going to smear even at night awakenings. But it turned out that this superfluous.

the Daughter did not begin to smell at night a breast any more, though woke up. A couple of days more the transition period proceeded, and then, at last, we received result of our efforts: at me milk ceased to be poured, the baby began to fall down all night long, without waking up. For us it was just the fantasy as since the birth with a night dream there was a big problem, likely there was not a no uniform night that we overslept “completely“. Generally, the excommunication passed very softly and without serious consequences, I and did not expect it!