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Hi, spring! So, it is time to begin fight against the extra kilos and centimeters gathered in cold weather. What procedures are considered as the most effective for correction of a figure today?

is Told by the specialist of the Moscow clinic of correction of a figure “Tsellyulo - Honey“ Anna Lebedeva.

the Vast majority of ladies gather a quantity of absolutely undesirable kilograms in the winter. Approach of spring - an excellent occasion in order that “to begin new life“ and to be engaged in improvement of the body. Especially as summer and time of a beach fashion show not far off.

April - traditionally the most “sell-out“ month not only in fitness - clubs and nutritional offices, but also in clinics of beauty. A course of saloon correction of a figure - the simplest and at the same time the fastest way to put a body in order.

Even if you will seriously be engaged in fitness and will monitor food, nobody guarantees that you will correct a figure in the necessary zones. And precisely trainings and diets will not relieve you of cellulitis.

At the same time saloon procedures will provide with

to you stable and predictable result. A lot of things depend on experience and qualification of the master here, and also on efficiency of the techniques applied by it. So, what procedures will provide you triumphal emergence on the beach?

Current for cellulitis we Will begin


with the most radical therapeutic methods. Ladies with the “started“ cellulitis need to normalize, first of all, exchange processes in cages. The course of a tsellyulolipoliz will be suitable for this purpose. The essence is that in a problem zone the electromagnetic field is created. It directly influences a cellular metabolism.

the Field forces cages to work with

actively. As a result the fat locked in “small knots“ of connecting fabric as if melts. Gradually he is brought from an organism.

as a result skin is leveled by

, and the area of influence considerably decreases in volume. At the same time loss of weight can be insignificant. During a course you lose fatty tissue which is much lighter muscular.

In practice procedure looks so. Enter thin needles into a problem zone - electrodes. They are connected to the device which it is dosed passes through them low-frequency current. The client at the same time practically does not feel unpleasant feelings. After procedure on a body there can be small bruises, but they, as a rule, quickly resolve.

One session lasts about an hour. The course consists on average of 10 - 12 procedures which do with an interval of week. The result will be much better if to accompany tsellyulolipoliz with a lymphatic drainage course. Any options of this procedure will approach: manual, vacuum, pressoterapiya, LPG. The lymphatic drainage will help to strengthen removal from fabrics of products of an exchange. Besides, it will allow to get rid of puffiness which always accompanies cellulitis quickly.

the Effect of this program remains about one and a half - two years. It is only necessary to consider that similar influence is contraindicated at problems with vessels and the increased arterial pressure.

Tsellyulolipoliz is quite serious procedure. And it is shown to ladies with noticeable problems. If during the winter the body lost a tone only a little, it is possible to manage more sparing techniques.

Three in one

of One of the most popular in Europe correcting procedures is the hardware Biogenie program today. It includes three phases of influence at once: detoxication, ionoforez and vacuum massage.

the First stage is a clarification of intercellular liquids in problem zones. Such effect thanks to a combination of cellular currents and properties of the used preparation is reached. At this stage the cellular metabolism is corrected. Fabrics actively get rid of toxins, hypostases disappear.

the Second phase - ionoforez. In hypodermically - fatty cellulose of a problem zone special means is entered. In its basis - plant extracts and essential oils. This preparation blocks the mechanisms which are responsible for formation of cellulitis and accelerates removal of fats. Means which strengthens a lymph flow and venous blood circulation is in parallel entered.

At last, the third stage - vacuum massage. It is a closing stage of procedure. Here too the special preparation is used. It facilitates a rassasyvaniye of fatty cages. At the same time quality of skin improves, it becomes smooth and silky.

Such integrated approach gives to

very fast effect. After the first procedure volumes of a stomach and buttocks decrease. And the course from 10 - 15 procedures will help to get rid of consequences of a winter hypodynamia and dietary violations completely.

This procedure assumes individual forming of parameters of the device under the specific patient. Therefore this program is not contraindicated at easy forms of a varicosity.

of the Wrapping against appetite

are Still not given in by mesotherapeutic methods of correction of a figure. Constantly there are new, more and more effective remedies. Today most often use not “pure“ preparations, but difficult cocktails. They can include animal and plant extracts, medicines, vitamins, enzymes.

Even more often for correction of a figure use also an aromatherapy. The easiest way available and in house conditions, - bathtubs with addition of essential oils. At cellulitis citrus oils, for example orange or grapefruit are considered as the most effective. Also oils of a muscat and cinnamon will approach. And marjoram oil is suitable for loss of appetite. Several drops of oil need to be mixed with any basic oil - olive or almond and to pour out in hot water.

One more effective aromaprotsedura - damp wrappings. It is multicomponent procedure. It influences both skin, and fatty tissue, and even health. Aromatic wrappings harmonize work of nervous system and level exchange processes.

Here is how the wrapping occurs. At first apply special aromaterapevtichesky lotion on skin. He gets into fatty cages and prepares them for the subsequent influence. Then the problem zone “is bandaged“ by means of the bandages impregnated with a special aromasostav. It is necessary for creation of necessary intensity of blood circulation.

Active agents from a bandage without hindrances reach fatty cages. Within the next 50 minutes they stimulate splitting of fats and their removal from fabrics. Manual lymphatic drainage massage with special cream finishes procedure. This stage prolongs action of procedure for 8 - 12 hours.

Damp wrappings provide to

interesting result. Besides gradual reduction of expressiveness of cellulitis and decrease in volumes, there is a good diuretic and antiedematous effect. Besides, thanks to action aromamaset considerably appetite decreases, the self-assessment raises.

For achievement of good effect are done by 10 - 12 wrappings with a break in 5 - 7 days.