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Gift for the daughter of

long before the daughter`s birth, even during pregnancy, I decided to begin to prepare a gift to the daughter which I will present it when she grows up. And it consists here in what. I got the separate folder in which I collect all that is connected in some way with it.

At the moment in it is...

  1. Drawings. I drew them paints, being a pregnant woman. It is necessary to tell that before last time I drew at school at a drawing lesson. On the subject “The World in Which There Will Live My Child“, I drew one of drawings on the term of 27 weeks.
  2. the Cover of one of magazines which I hung up in “a childhood zone“ (on the fan - Shui), in hope to become pregnant, with the image of the smiling girl. Except this picture images of happy parents with children hung on a wall. Boys were too. But that is why - that I very much wanted that the daughter was similar to this girl, she seemed to me such beautiful! After the daughter`s birth, we long could not understand whose nose at it. And when time to remove pictures (the daughter was 3 months old) came, I saw that the nose - at her is similar to a nose of that girl from the picture. And there is more to come: the daughter was strongly similar to her. Already later I read two similar stories in the magazine that children were similar to children from the picture.
  3. “My letters to future kid“ . I wrote them when I was in the family way.
  4. the Caricature - a congratulation since March 8 from the husband. It gave me her to hospital when I lay on preservation. In a congratulation he wrote that he waits for me with the daughter home that misses, drew ridiculous pictures. It was very pleasant!
  5. the Test for pregnancy definition , with treasured two strips.
  6. of the Label from the handle the daughter on whom are specified: my full names, date and time of the birth, weight, grew, a circle of the head and thorax.
  7. of the Data on maternity hospital in which the daughter was born.
  8. of the Celebrity , given rise under its zodiac sign.
  9. Value of her name.
  10. Day regimen. It is made selectively. It is possible to see how the mode changed, with the daughter`s growing (duration of a dream and wakefulness).
  11. Progress since the birth and about one year . Here she can learn when she for the first time smiled when she began to creep when she began to eat with a spoon, to learn about the first pronounced words. Also can learn when began to help mother to hang up linen when - to comb hair and put a cube on a cube.
  12. All about introduction of a feeding up: as when. These data can help me if we decide to fill up ours with seven one more kids. Over time this knowledge will be forgotten, and records will remain and will remind.
  13. the Story about childbirth , how it was born that I felt at the same time. Having matured and having read it, I think, it will help it to give birth to the children also happily.
  14. the Story about breastfeeding. As I fought for milk what problems I faced while nursed it. To it it will help to avoid the same mistakes.
  15. of the Card happy birthday which were presented by relatives and friends at an extract. Here cards which to it will be presented in the future will be added.
  16. Table of emergence of teeth . These data will be useful to the doctor.
  17. a leg Print in 2,5 and in 11 months.
  18. Results of ultrasonography in 12, 23 and 32 weeks . It is a pity that without photo. As I asked it to make to me, even for a payment - did not agree supposedly there is no such service!
  19. Family tree. From these data can learn everything about relatives with that and on the other hand.
  20. First photos.
  21. the Big poster with congratulations and drawings on the occasion of an extract which was drawn by newly made aunts of the daughter.
Also I plan to fill up with

the folder...

  1. Statements of the daughter when she begins to speak.
  2. daughter`s Drawings, even her first scribble.
  3. I Want to find
  4. the newspaper which appeared in day of childbirth. Now it is just unnecessary pieces of paper, and in many years they will be a rarity. Also to buy the newspaper which will appear when to the daughter year is executed. In several years it will be possible to re-read and remember what occurred this day.
  5. daughter`s Ringlets.

was Also kept by me:

  1. the First clothes of the baby - a cap and socks which dressed right after the birth;
  2. Video from an extract.

It is possible, all this will seem to someone silly, unnecessary. And someone can will support me and will prompt the ideas. I will wait!