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Risky pregnancy of

So it turned out that I learned about the pregnancy, having returned from holiday. And I usually spend holidays approximately so: a backpack on shoulders - and forward, on foot over the country. That is not absolutely, of course, on foot, part by trains, part a self-locking device, but nevertheless.

Everything was so good that I by inexperience and on carelessness did not pay attention to changes in an organism at all. The increased appetite I attributed to fresh air and physical activities, lack of monthly - to change of the climatic region, dragging 20 - a kilogram backpack and a heat (there was it once, years in 17), frequent desires in a toilet - to the fact that hot, it is necessary to drink much. In a word, I had a good time as I could and as wanted - the wood, the small river, the route, friends, wine and summer. And only on the way back, in the train “Voronezh - Novosibirsk“ began to coordinate persistent absence monthly and incessant nausea. Having arrived home, the next day went to consultation.

Should be told

, we with the husband wanted the child and waited. And “worked in this direction“ already whole year. Nevertheless, this message became for me shock. In consultation, having learned about a backpack and holiday, told: “The girl, it is necessary to think the head“, and sent for preservation. And here - term six weeks, you put out the light, merge water.

The next day I had to come to work, and my chief, having learned about hospital, only told: “So I also thought that you yes will throw out something...“

purely medical horror stories of which on three quarters all my history consisted begin

A further. I also wanted to tell about them well and it will hardly turn out.

In the anamnesis I had by then, in - the first, severe short-sightedness (and therefore perfectly knew that Caesarian to me not to avoid), and in - the second, vegetososudisty dystonia complete with very not clear diagnosis:“ episindry questionable without existence of the centers of paroksizmalny activity“. In translation into normal language this picture looked so: years seven as were available for me the attacks a little similar to epilepsy, but without loss of consciousness, foam from a mouth and other delights. Inspections persistently denied epilepsy, but spasms all - were available, and therefore doctors made a helpless gesture and sent me who where. Years through five, having tried a heap of drugs, having put memory and having reached Yekaterinburg, I sent all of them to the known address and just began to live. Now - it became clear that problems will not manage to be avoided.

the Most important my problem consisted in the following by then. All know that future mummies - people strange. One tomato juice guzzles in liters, another smells gasoline, the third eats chalk, the fourth still something. And I had the hang-up - I could not communicate with people. In general. With anybody, except mother and the husband. If in the room with me there was still someone, I in half an hour (even not talk, but just joint stay) began to drop out - semi-unconscious weakness, dizziness, a nervous trembling and feeling of an uplyvaniye in a far distance. And it significantly complicated my stay in hospital because what is our hospitals, all know - six in chamber, nights do not sleep because rzhach on all office nearly till the morning, constantly switched on tape recorder with a pop-music, and so on. Well, for other day me parents put in paid chamber, there I also lay, and it was the best time, it - to God.

But then somehow very unexpectedly for all there came September. And with it - cold weather. And in the Urals are usually not ready to cold weather from year to year. Therefore in our paid chamber there was no glass, and in another the hole between glass and a frame shone. In a word, I caught a cold, sprinkled lips with fever, and I decided that it is necessary to fade from there. As I lay by then month, and improvements it was not visible, I bothered doctors too, and I was written out.

In Russia as it became clear, sick-lists do not give

if you are treated on an outpatient basis. Or be in hospital, or work. I could not work - the stomach hurt so that on the house - that moved only on a wall, and about public transport I am silent at all. I could not be in hospital too - because of the bad roof which is not nailed up. Well, vicious circle. However, I had only two weeks to an exit to session (I studied on the 2nd course in absentia), but they should be stretched somehow.

protection and communications Were necessary to look for

. And I made a mistake. It was necessary to take me these two weeks at work at own expense and not to take for a ride. And I asked the mother`s acquaintance - the midwife in that maternity hospital where I belonged at the place of residence - to arrange me on preservation that it was possible to leave for the night home. It was more - less acceptable option, and... I was taken there.

would not be taken Better. Doctors of maternity hospital were more careful, than doctors of gynecology. Yes, forgot to tell - at me in the course of inspection found in gynecology also heart troubles (though them never happened). Well, and of course, my not clear diagnosis. And herpes on lips from - for colds. And the candidiasis found in the same gynecology. And I began to be persuaded on abortion.

stuck to

Ya. I spoke: “No“. I was shown to the chief obstetrician - the gynecologist of the city which shouted at me and said that I am a silly woman. In response to my question: “And if I more absolutely have no children? To me 25, and first abortion...“ she answered: “Well and that, from children`s home you will take!“ . Now it is ridiculous to me to remember this picture: such sparrow before two eagles, eagles sits (the manager. office and this chief gynecologist) from height of the years and medical experience I am convinced, and I one: no.

them I understand

Ya. They were afraid of responsibility, difficulties and everything that usually in such cases happens. I do not blame them at all. But this answer “You will take from children`s home“ me killed.

Every day to me the manager came to chamber. office also convinced - “motherly“ and “properly“. Said that I will die in childbed. That I will remain the disabled person. That the husband will throw me, I will be necessary to nobody. That she feels sorry for me. I every time after its leaving sobbed a beluga, but refused to do abortion.

At last, they adduced the last argument (and I am surprised why they did not begin with it). Dug out - in an epikriza from gynecology the infection found at me and told that the kid can be born the freak. Herpes besides very much, appears, is dangerous on early term, and it can affect the child. Here I began to hesitate. Already almost agreed though roared three days. But this mother`s familiar midwife quietly advised me: to descend in the diagnostic center, there is a good and skilled doctor if she sees on ultrasonography of a deviation, means - everything, destiny. If is not present - everything can manage.

Besides through acquaintances we agreed about ultrasonography on the same day because terms already drew in, there were nearly 12 weeks. I went there already without emotions, dreaming only of one: quicker everything would end, it is unimportant than, but ended.

This woman the doctor, Nadezhda Vladimirovna, at first frowned, reading my map. And then long - long drove on me the sensor and told:

- Well... hands two. Legs two. Head one. Bottom, apparently, too one. Eyes and a nose are. In internals I so far any do not see pathology. Risk to give birth.

Here - that I also began to roar. I sobbed in a voice, muttered it “Thanks...“, and she smiled and showed me on the screen: here, look, the handle here... and the truth - the handle over the head, and it it pulls. Then I jumped out for a door and, breaking into tears, hung on a neck at the brother: “Everything is good, it live, it is normal...“. It was not happier than me the person all over the world. And I promised: here the kid will be born, I will come to Nadezhda Vladimirovna with a bouquet, and I will pray for her every day.

Yes, still. I broke through on reception to the chief neuropathologist of the city (which made the diagnosis to me seven years ago), and she, reading results of my EEG, asked:“ Who told it to you about epilepsy? You have an ordinary neurosis“. I did not begin it to say that it was it, only asked: please, write me a piece of paper that I can give birth, let they will lag behind me...

is shorter than

, I sent all to hell. Left this maternity hospital, wrote at work the application for holiday at own expense to the decree (thank God, the administration appeared good - released, did not order to clean up wherever one wishes) and sat down at home. Slowly handed over autumn session and began to get used to thought that I will be a mother. I, of course, still was pulled - called mother and the husband on conversation, long frightened, but, seeing our unshakable “no“, gave up.

Cannot tell

that everything was good. By fourth month the stomach ceased to hurt, but the mood was nasty. The steady depression of the first three months irritated. Then, however, all somehow more - settled into shape less, about six months I felt rather not bad. Handed over ahead of schedule spring session (term at me just got on it), issued and handed over practice. Several times me tried to put on preservation, but I refused. Already waiting list for testing was torture - I could not last out more than 20 minutes, and in hospital - that... My psychosis continued to torment me though former attacks since the beginning of pregnancy were not. I stayed at home, read books, walked little by little... understood that it, probably, my last free time.

By seventh month the stomach ached again, I began to choke and again lay down at home. Exit term in the decree came nearer. I several times went to courses of pregnant women, understanding: Caesarian Caesarian, but you never know... it is necessary to learn to give birth most. But the bag at me stood collected, on call, and every night I knew that I can not hold on till the morning and go to maternity hospital. Anything unusual: I was born in 6,5 months, deeply premature, but on that there were other reasons. Meanwhile in consultation slowly said that I should be sent to Chelyabinsk in maternity hospital cardiological (for some reason). This invention of enthusiasm did not cause in me because from us from Chelyabinsk - 320 km on not really smooth road.

In 30 weeks me was caused on the commission. Also presented with a fait accompli:“ We will not give birth to you“. Go supposedly mummy, to Chelyabinsk, and we for you do not wish to bear responsibility. Having thought, we decided that so it is even better - the specialized maternity hospital is differently better usual, you never know... Here only how there to go if in the train I do not sustain night, and by bus or a minibus I cannot go - I will give rise on the road... But, having found the car, all of us - demanded to give us in escort of the doctor (as practice showed, would not demand better).

So - the second of March, wonderful clear day, we start on the journey, in the car us four - mine the uncle, I, mother and the doctor. Before it I have already pins and needles week in maternity hospital (leaving for half a day home... or rather creeping away), and accurately I know - I will ask single chamber how many it costed. Otherwise I will die.

It not a tag. Leaving, I quite to myself allowed such thought - I can not return. Doctors with arrangements and threats made the business. No, I did not panic droplets, just counted options and understood that this chance takes place to be. To me it was not terrible, was not. Just by the time of departure I finished all left unfinished affairs, sorted all the papers. Also knew: if that, in Court will not be a shame to me. In 25 years I managed to make not much, but also it is a lot of, and good affairs, apparently, will be more on the account, than bad. In a word, I went with a light heart, understanding: what there was, and former life comes to an end and if I return, then I will return already absolutely another.


It is expensive from us to Chelyabinsk not really bad, but there is one site there - about 80 km, very similar to a washing board. Besides, from - for presence at the car of foreign person through an hour and a half again took away me. And this... um... the aunt - the doctor - at her not that first-aid kits, but even the tonometer with itself was not. It went with us, not differently, just for decoration. And even more than an hour we traveled about across Chelyabinsk, looking for this maternity hospital on ChMZ, even addresses did not give it to us though we demanded, and told what our accompanying everything knows. To put it briefly, by that moment as we drove up to maternity hospital, I already about half an hour lay on a seat blindly, waving in some viscous dregs and without reacting to anything.

A then.

the Come running nurse demanded from me to rise and go out of the car. And I and words in reply cannot tell. It to me:“ The girl, finish to feign“, and I in reply - to a gug. Then they measured to me pressure, clutched at the head - 150 on 90, and tried to pull out me. Pulled out, brought to an accident ward, and I ask: let`s descend in a toilet, and then do that you want. What there in a toilet! Go on the vessel. For those who do not know. - the vessel without practice cannot almost use, it is impossible.

generally, shakes me a large shiver, urine from me nearly flows, in an accident ward all to and fro run, I lie on a wheelchair with the legs divorced in the parties, try to get to me a catheter and cannot - so thrashes me, and here still some man was locked and looks at all this. To me - that it is all the same, and here the manager of office was, probably, not it is all the same, and the unfortunate man not guilty of anything suffered - shouted at it and expelled. In passing the was received by all: our accompanying which went without a thing - “And you here what for? Just for decoration? And if she at you in Steppe began to give birth?“ Magnitogorsk doctors - “And why they sent you? With such diagnosis it is possible to give birth also at you, and cases were“ nurses and doctors of an accident ward - “Here I will check how you are ready to reception of heavy patients“, and the man - “The man, leave! You see - at us heavy!!“.

Me was taken away in reanimation, days kept there, brought down pressure, a little bit in passing cleaned (and that hands were swelled, as rubber) and let out in chamber. In separate. And money was not taken:“ We see that for you it is big money. Let`s write the official report to the chief physician that a hard case that so it is necessary“.

My God! I am grateful to our physicians for one: for the fact that they sent me to Chelyabinsk., It seems, - only the regional center, and what difference in the relation. This maternity hospital on ChMZ - they there though beggars, even elicit bulbs in children`s office, but do such miracles, such kids pump out!

Every other day at me pressure rose again. Business was on March 5, to term I had month, but physicians, probably, decided not to risk. Prokesarili.

the Kid was born

the weight 2500, growth 51, premature on the term of 35 weeks. The first five days I do not remember at all therefore I even hardly remember when to me it was brought. I very hard transferred blood loss, finally recovered only in one and a half months. Departured, departured in a black hole without bottom, and only one anchor - a face of the son held me.

... Here, in general, and all. A lot of things was then, it is absolutely separate history. To my sonny now two years, and are the best boy on light. I already released from myself all this blackness. For Nadezhda Vladimirovna, the doctor - “Risk to give birth to the diagnostician which told me“, I put candles in church and I go to every holiday to it with candies.

Very much I want

the daughter. But as I remember again - and these turns two-hour in consultations, and it “We will not give birth to you“, both rudeness, and cynicism - it kills any hope. Though hope - that is... can, I indeed will go to Chelyabinsk for the daughter.