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Syndrome of chronic fatigue - sad acquisition of the 20th century

doctors call the Illness of a civilization a syndrome of chronic fatigue. The main symptoms are the fatigue, fast fatigue, memory impairment, decrease in attention, constant irritability, bad mood, a depression. As a rule, the person already wakes up tired: opens eyes and understands that is not able to rise. The fatigue which is observed at this illness differs from daily physical or intellectual exhaustion radically. The usual exhaustion passes after rest or change of a kind of activity, the fatigue not only does not pass in the same case, but constantly increases. The breakdown usually is followed by subfebrilny temperature (37,1 - 37,3 about ), headaches, increase in lymph nodes.

The reasons of emergence of a syndrome of chronic fatigue are rather not studied. And here the factors promoting emergence of an illness are well-known - stresses, long diseases, intensive intellectual loadings, endocrine diseases.

The group of domestic experts at Institute of immunology of the Russian Ministry of Health developed approaches to treatment of this disease. The academician of the Russian academy of natural sciences, the doctor of medical sciences, the head of group of researchers on studying of a syndrome of chronic fatigue Nellie Georgiyevna Artsimovich tells about them.

- After the diagnosis is already made how now treat this disease?
- new methods of treatment of a syndrome of chronic fatigue appeared Today. The group of domestic researchers at Institute of immunology of the Russian Ministry of Health and Institute of pharmacology of the Russian Academy of Medical Science developed drugs which were very effective at this illness.
Long time these drugs, for example bromantane, were secret as they considerably increase physical and intellectual working capacity, and were at first used by athletes as stimulators.
Was proved that these preparations influence first of all immunity. They strengthen counteraction to viruses and bacteria, help to fight more successfully against tumor cells, provide protection of an organism against a stress and harmful ecological effects.
Exists several preparations with similar properties which were very effective at treatment of a syndrome of chronic fatigue. However even they are not panacea. Usually treatment is carried out not by one medicine, and in a complex with other means - a reflex - and acupuncture, autogenic training, hypnosis.
the Patients who received medical treatment feel inflow of forces, increase of self-confidence, nervousness reduction. At the same time the general condition of an organism improves: the feverish state and the increased temperature disappears, there pass depressions, the dream is adjusted.

- On the last Russian national congress “The person and medicine“ you reported on new methods which were offered for treatment of patients with a syndrome of chronic fatigue quite recently. Tell about them.
- We quite successfully applied electrostimulation of a brain. Experts from sankt - the St. Petersburg Institute of a brain of the person offered this method. They are engaged in electrostimulation of a brain at various neurologic violations for a long time. The special device with electrodes which attach to the head is for this purpose developed. Electrodes send in the necessary mode weak currents to certain sites of a brain. At the same time in a brain the anesthetizing substances which improve regulation of nervous system, its interaction with bodies and fabrics are produced.
However at first we had doubts: at our patients and so “all on nerves“ how still to stimulate them with electrodes? Then the doctor of policlinic of the Russian Academy of Sciences Tatyana Sergeyevna Zayashnikova who is closely cooperating with us decided to try electrostimulation on herself. It had a change, the hand strongly hurt. The electrostimulation course considerably reduced pain, and then it passed at all. After that we decided to apply a new method on patients.

- Women are ill a syndrome of chronic fatigue twice more often than men. What can they undertake not to fall a victim of this disease?
- the women who are engaged in active brainwork and differing in the thin sincere organization have to be Especially attentive to themselves. Today we with confidence can tell
that the illness chooses them. It is possible even to draw the generalized psychological portrait of the patient. These are vigorous young women with the increased vulnerability and sensitivity and the expressed call of duty.
not to ache, they should learn to count the loadings. As it strange sounds - not to try always and in everything to be on the ball, to execute everything that demand from them, and it is even more of that. To be able to switch from one activity to another, not to put before itself most important tasks. Otherwise at the next stress their nervous system can give serious failure.
A if trouble already happened, it is necessary to remember that today they can be helped. It is quite real.

- So today a key to this disease at you in hands?
- it is unconditional. We know why it develops as proceeds what approaches to treatment exist. A great number of patients recovered and forgot about this illness and about us. And thank God. Though we remember all of them and we love.