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Toys on wheels of

according to market researches, in the Russian market of toys from plastic are in the greatest demand for consumers transport toys. 16% of all market fall to their share. Such popularity of transport toys is not casual, at the correct approach to the choice and use a toy on wheels it not only bright, but also very useful gift for your kid. What to choose from all variety of machines, trucks, engines, planes and tanks for the child?

of the Toy - a wheelchair

In this group should distinguish two “subspecies“. Those toys which the child sets in motion concern to the first, pushing before themselves, to the second - which need to be pulled for a string. Toys - tolkalka can be made of various materials (plastic, a tree) and usually represent some animals, butterflies, birdies, etc. which at reduction of a toy in action begin to wave wings or “to peck grain“. Toys which need to be pulled also happen plastic and wooden, can represent various animals or some vehicle - a ship, the machine, etc. It is necessary to be guided at the choice of a toy on wheels first of all by age of the child.“ The toy - a wheelchair“ perfectly will be suitable for the smallest (from 1,5 to 3 - x years). And, in the beginning, it is better to buy a so-called “forward wheelchair“ - a bright butterfly or a birdie which the kid will set in motion, pushing it before themselves. By means of this simple adaptation your kid will learn to connect the movements of objects by own activity. Except coordination improvement such toy promotes development visually - effective thinking of the child. Later, when the kid will well master space before himself, the “forward“ wheelchair can be replaced with “back“ - the machine or an animal with a string for which it should be pulled. This second kind of toys - wheelchairs helps the child to master the space which is behind his back. The kid learns to hold a wheelchair or the machine from falling on turns, to choose a way with the smallest quantity of obstacles. As an additional transport toy for kids of this age, it is possible to use various toys for a bathroom. And, it will be not so important it is a ship or the boat, the main thing that they well kept and were not filled up on water. Games with these inexpensive rubber or plastic toys do procedure of bathing more pleasant and easy for mother and her kid, and also serve development motorno - movement skills of the child, teach it to manipulations with objects not only “on the land“, but also in water.

Large transport toys

are included Into this group all toy vehicles which the child can use for transportation various, enough large objects (cubes, toys, etc.) . It can be passenger cars, carriages, trucks, engines, planes or ships. Such toys do of the most different materials, including of metal, the main thing that they were rather strong. Upon purchase of the machine or a carriage surely pay attention to the wheel size - they have to be big that “vehicle“ did not overturn on turns. Age range of use of these toys is rather wide - since 2,5 years and finishing with the advanced preschool age. Younger children with pleasure will use the big engine or the truck with the trailer for simple manipulative games - drivings on a floor, opening and closing of doors etc. For seniors the same toy transport will become necessary material for syuzhetno - role-playing games: in the driver if it is the truck, in the daughter - mother if it is a carriage, in the driver if it is the train. It is desirable that at least several details of a toy were mobile, however too big “technical equipment“ is not necessary - abundance of various levers, buttons and mobile parts can distract the child and by that to prevent it to pass from a simple manipulation to subject games. Here, we carry to “large transport toys“ also toy transport - the designer, i.e. machines, planes and steamships which your kid assembles itself from wooden cubes or the plastic or metal designer. It is several advantages at such combined toy transport. In - the first, such toy can serve both for simple designing, and for difficult role-playing games in the advanced preschool age. In - the second, thanks to the fact that the machine or an engine gathers from separate parts the child can itself, according to what game he plays, to change a look and purpose of the vehicle, adding or diminishing any details. The lack of the majority of such toys consists in their fragility - with truck from cubes will not go out for a walk to the yard, and at the fire truck from the designer, at its strengthened use, wheels continually fall off. The last does not concern the metal designer with bolted connection. Such designers allow to collect various equipment: the cranes, helicopters, tanks, etc. differing in special durability. However there are also features - assembly is carried out by means of special tools (the screw-driver, a wrench), i.e. can be carried out only at presence and by means of adults. To transport - to the designer we carry also combined toys which parts fasten on glue. They are on sale in the form of sets with a small amount of parts which easily move to pasting. At the same time near such “sorted“ option usually adjoins collected that you and your kid could choose for yourself more suitable option. Thus, buying by the kid the machine or the train, you at the same time will provide him with fine material for designing. At the same time, as it was already mentioned, it is worth paying attention not only to quality of the set, but also to degree of durability of the designs created from it. The most known option of such designer are “Lego“ sets.

the Developing effect of a “large“ transport toy can be strengthened, thinking out together with the child all new and new plots for game. Thus, you not only show to the kid various ways to use his new machine, but also teach him to try on on yourself different roles, to derive pleasure from game interaction with the partner. The special love to fairy tales, animation of various objects including toys is peculiar to middle preschool age. For children of 4 - 5 years reading some children`s book in which this type of transport is anyway mentioned can become good addition to the toy.

Collection toy transport

this group includes generally automobile machines of the small size (from 6 to 15 cm), but also other means of transport sometimes meet. Feature of these toys, except their small size, is their accurate differentiation on brands and models thanks to what they are often used not so much for game, how many for creation of collections. Collection toy transport, usually with the opening forward doors, often happen very attractive to small children, especially for boys. However as the main transport toy for developed syuzhetno - role-playing games these “babies“ will approach badly, first of all from - for the size which considerably narrows possibilities of their use. In spite of the fact that kids, 3,5 - 4, with pleasure play with their help in races, put in them small figures, think out various stories with participation of one or several such machines, they cannot replace a good “large“ transport toy. The small dimensions which are not corresponding to the size of other toys of the child not only interferes with use of such machines for subject games, but also stirs them “animation“ - extremely important component of game of preschool children and often game turns into simple manipulation. But for boys of already younger school age the set of such machines can become a fine gift, in this period at children tendency to collecting and a collecting develops. Having received several such machines on birthday or New year, your child together with you with pleasure will be engaged in expansion, addition and systematization of the collection. The hobby for cars, distinction of their brands and models will become not only an informative and useful occupation for the general development of the child, but also in case it is the boy, will allow it to feel competent of especially “man`s“ questions, such as knowledge of various types of equipment, features of their structure and ways of use.

Toy transport systems

First of all here should carry the toy railroads, with long railroad tracks and train with a large number of cars. Also wooden sets for game to the railroad meet. In them, except the engine with cars consisting of demountable wooden parts also compound wooden paths, bridges etc. enter. Toy transport systems can be very different. Here it is possible to carry thematic sets of “collection machines“ or special sets of the designer:“ Fire brigade“, the “Militia“, “Ambulance“ and various children`s sets which are indirectly relating to children`s transport (for example, the Traffic regulations set where except the machine almost all road signs enter). Therefore an age framework for their use is rather wide. To kids, since 3 - 4 - x years, thematic sets will be interesting. At the same time, it is better to choose such which except toy equipment figures of people that your kid could use it and for syuzhetno - a role-playing game enter. “Traffic regulation“ sets will suit children is more senior. Since 5 - 6 years the child is already able to accept the rules of the game offered from the outside and to follow them rather precisely. Besides, at this age, along with game, in life of the child the informative motive begins to take the important place.

As for the toy train with rails, it is separate conversation. Such gift was and remains dream of many boys and girls, and it is not casual. Having received as a gift the railroad, the child as if becomes the owner of the whole toy world in which all submits to will of his imagination and the imagination. There were also whole transport systems where enter also the freight train, various trucks, pogruzochno - unloading terminals, gas stations, parkings and so forth. Such system works from the electric drive and does not assume any participation of the child. The good railroad, be it wooden, plastic or metal, has to be most “open“, i.e. has to provide at least several options of game. For this purpose in it, except an opportunity to differently spread out rails, surely there have to be open cars that the child could put or put in them other toys. It is also desirable that the place of the driver in the head car was not empty - someone surely has to conduct the train. The electric railroad is acceptable only if it assumes a possibility of mechanical movement of the train by the child and allows him to direct the movement. Otherwise, such train with rails from a toy turns into object of supervision, amusing, but absolutely useless mechanism. Now about age. Of course, the kid till 3,5 years should not give expensive metal railroad, he will suit the simplified wooden analog more. But for the child is more senior “real“, as close as possible to real, the toy railroad can become the most favourite and demanded toy for many years. For 4 - summer children existence of open cars and an opportunity to use the train for different subject games with peers is especially important.“ Reading some children`s book with participation of trains will help to animate“ the toy railroad which is just bought the kid (for example, Gianni Rodari`s story “A blue arrow), it will allow you to interest the child, and also will prompt it possible plots for games. The train with long railroad tracks, traffic lights, special switches on crossings of ways will be able to satisfy both game and informative needs of the child of five - seven years. Playing, your kid through management of the whole toy transport system, will learn to solve the complex problems demanding the accounting of many factors.

Combined models of different types of transport

the Following two groups of toy transport can hardly be carried to toys, it is a special type of the didactic (training) grants or material for an interesting hobby rather. Combined models of various vehicles - planes, helicopters, automobile and lorries etc. concern to them. Such models usually are on sale in the form of the sets for house designing comprising a large number of details (as a rule, plastic or metal) for creation of this or that model of the plane or a make of the car. Sets for creation of historical models of air and sea transport - warships of various eras, airplanes, etc. differ in special complexity. As we already spoke, such models are not toys, it is impossible to play them - they for this purpose too fragile. These designs usually fasten on glue and assume rather long process of assembly. Extensive knowledge of a structure of various vehicles, idea of the means of transport existing during this or that period of history - to all this your child will learn without efforts, doing favorite thing. Besides, such designing and modeling can become good means for communication and games with peers or parents. Occupations by modeling can be begun with the advanced preschool age. In 5 - 7 years there is a gradual increase of a role of informative motive in relation to game process.

Electric cars and pedal cars for children

This type of “children`s transport“ cannot be carried to toys in general, also as it is impossible to carry to them the bicycle. It is often possible to see the electric cars and “cycle mobiles“ made in the form of the engine or some animal, however and it does not do them by toys. The toy it, first of all, what it is possible to play with, that it is possible to call by the most different names and to use for various games. Electro - and cycle mobiles it is technical devices, a sports equipment, but not a toy. Despite various dimensions and degree of technical complexity, they provide only one way of action - it is only possible to ride them. The main function of a toy including transport - to develop the imagined, game plan of action at the child, to teach him “to animate“ a subject, using for this purpose own imagination. Electro - and cycle mobiles do not cope with this task, they for this purpose too realistic. It turns out that all those actions which the child has to carry out “for fun“, in the imagination (to take the wheel, to press pedals etc.) it carries out in reality. Thereby, the game effect is completely destroyed, and there is quite serious activity - management, let and to nurseries, but transport.

In our century of equipment, many parents try to acquaint the child with various achievements of progress as soon as possible. They nearly from the cradle set the kid for the computer, since early years teach it to handle difficult household appliances. The same tendency remains also at the choice of a transport toy. Most of parents prefer to the simple machine clockwork or on batteries. However, various technical complications of a transport toy - existence of batteries, electronic “stuffing“, the control panel etc. not only are not necessary, but also can make harmful effects on development of the child. The independent movement of a clockwork or electronic toy not only can be an obstacle for own physical activity of the kid (why to run if the machine already goes), but also can bring to ischeznto game oveniye, absence of imagination and creative approach to the solution of game tasks at the child.“ The toys self-moving“ teach only a set of stereotypic movements - to include, switch off, move the lever etc., as a result, imagined, game plan of action does not arise, and manipulations with a toy have formal character. It can seem paradoxical, but unlike real, the toy machine the more simply, the better.


It is chosen a transport toy

of Criteria of the choice of a transport toy a little: