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How to estimate the apartment

the Answer to a question whom to address for an apartment assessment upon purchase and sale, it seems obvious - of course to the appraiser! But in real life people in this situation practically never address professional appraisers. They or carry out something like research of the market, or rely on opinion of the realtor. Whether it is justified?

Technically it is simple to i to carry out a professional assessment of the apartment - it takes one day, costs only 3000 rubles and demands the same documents which will be necessary at the transaction. Why people do not go on it, the competent assessment will help to expose correctly the price of the apartment or the nobility to what limit to bargain, trying to buy others. That and another is capable to pay back repeatedly some hundred with small dollars.

Than the realtor is better than the appraiser

Is unconditional, in listening to the realtor, but not to the appraiser, there is a sense: realtors constantly have the finger on the pulse of the market that is very important in the conditions of a constant increase in prices when the square meter rises in price already for 1,5% a week. Other reason - that unlike appraisers realtors are informed on the actual prices of transactions on similar apartments (according to characteristics, an arrangement, legal readiness for sale and so forth)

Appraisers can judge

only on advertizing as they extremely seldom specify the actual prices in contracts to avoid taxes. Besides, even these distorted data are inaccessible for the generalized statistics. As for advertizing, on it it is possible to judge the prices only very much approximately: here two multidirectional factors work. On the one hand, the bargaining is almost always though its results strongly depend on growth rates of the prices (the quicker the prices grow, the sellers are more uncompromising).

on the other hand, in the conditions of a consumer agiotage the price can repeatedly be adjusted until when the apartment is really sold. Usually it grows, but if it is illiquid object, it can fall, or the seller can just hold the fixed price until the market grows into it. Of course, the realtor feels all these subtleties better and will be able to give a practical advice. He is interested in it, its task - as soon as possible to realize your application (whether it be sale, purchase or that and another at once) to receive the commission charges.


First try, then trust

And still completely it is not necessary to rely on the realtor too, the last word has to be for you. Let`s present a standard situation: you signed the contract with agency which has to receive, say, 6% for the fact that it will sell your apartment and will buy you another. It is asked, 6% of what? Usually in the contract it is written down that commission charges are a percent from the cost of the most expensive apartment. If you decided to leave part of money for the needs, then sale of your apartment will be the most expensive transaction. And it is good: the agent will try to sell it more expensively. And what if the new apartment is more expensive, that is surcharge takes place?

At this stage the agent is interested that you bought the apartment more expensively. And here options are possible. The normal option if the apartment is worth it, but the agent can choose the line of least resistance and just try to convince you to pay so much how many the first seller wants - just that quicker and more expensively to close the transaction. This danger is especially actual now when sellers sometimes manage to change the price even after receiving pledge (they risk nothing, pledge - that at them).

to itself the appraiser

Thus, it is necessary to belong carefully if your own agent began to show suspicious enthusiasm concerning the apartment which price seems to you overestimated. It is useful to have own idea of market condition always. But whether here it is worth in general most determining the price of sale and purchase? It depends on as far as you studied the market. If you daily trace history of offers on the concrete area within several months, then it is possible to begin to understand that to what. The truth and here you deal only with advertisements, that is with inflated prices of the offer.

Actually most productive approach - not to try to guess the price, and gradually to probe it. Especially if it is about pure sale. You expose the apartment at a little inflated price and you look at reaction. If to you two weeks nobody goes, - lower by one percent. Again did not go - to one percent. It is not necessary to do sharp movements - it always looks suspiciously. Keep in mind that professional participants of the market trace history of offers, sharp fluctuations can demonstrate that the apartment has legal defects or that it is in general fictitious option.

When clients will go, it is possible to record the price. For certain buyers will bargain. Instead of agreeing, better to wait until the market catches up with your price. If it seemed to you that buyers went jambs and show big enthusiasm, is a sure sign that you sold too cheap. Do not hesitate to think up a pretext to refuse to the client, it is the simplest to tell what already to someone was promised to be waited one day. Raise a bar and continue in the same spirit, yet you will not feel what cannot be sold more expensively.

Who was not in time, that did not buy

the Assessment upon purchase, alas, does not leave so great opportunities for maneuver. Here it is necessary to solve accurately to what maximum sum you are ready to go. As soon as the necessary option turned up, it is necessary to leave pledge. Naturally, it is always necessary to bargain, usually the seller concedes 1 - 2 thousand dollars for the bargaining. But if you understood that the bargaining is finished, it is necessary to leave pledge at once. Indecision leads to additional losses. In few weeks if this apartment does not leave yet, it can be even more expensive. If leaves - everything should be begun anew.

Especially quickly should work with

if you already received money for the apartment, and picked up nothing yet. Of course, in one day such things do not become - in a temper it is possible to buy absolutely not that wanted, but in one month quite really to pick up option. Work should be postponed - often it is necessary to go to viewing according to the first requirement of your agent. Here it is necessary to proceed from the existing reality: now market of the seller, but not buyer. Having appeared as the last, it is necessary to work very actively.

Can give one more practical advice: if the apartment is pleasant, take even if the price is a little higher, than average on the market. Behind minimum prices always turn and where turn, the seller leaves on the following price step. It is also the market. It is not necessary to pursue the horizon. Minimum price is only the imagined line. Pay slightly more, be ahead of competitors, and let them be whipping then the cat when in a month all prices grow by 5 percent.

Back to the realtor

But how to solve whether this concrete apartment costs the declared money. To solve it it is difficult: now on the market many fantastic options with obviously inflated prices are exposed. And overestimated sometimes by 20 - 30 percent. Owners hope that on the quiet general psychosis someone, maybe, will buy their apartment at this price. And here we fall back into place - that is to your realtor. It can track history of this offer and estimate the level of the bargains concluded on such apartments. Especially just to make it to large agency which own database gives sufficient selection for statistical reliability.

If to you has to carry out by

the alternative transaction, that is at the same time to sell the and to buy other apartment moreover your wishes demand inclusion of your option in a long chain of transactions, and your apartment is legally not free, then to the forefront there is opportunity not just to estimate the apartment, and to really carry out the transaction on your parameters. Here it is already necessary to estimate soberly below what price at sale of the apartment you are not ready “to fall“, and for the rest to rely on the help of professionals.

Council to the seller:

you do not hurry, price dynamics - your ally. It is better not to try to guess the price, and gradually to probe it.

Council to the buyer:

Minimum price is only the imagined line. Pay slightly more, be ahead of competitors, and let them be whipping then the cat when in a month all prices grow by 5 percent.