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Crimea. As I found ``place in the sun`` of

May, September -

I Will begin October, 2005 with

with background. 2 years all of us plied summer between the dacha and the house. All were going to take yes to go children (Masha is 10 years old and Grisha is 3 years old) at the sea, but as I and my pediatrician we consider that if to go, then not less than to one and a half - two months, such trip was too expensive for us.

Needed only to envy the acquaintance Nastya who bought in 2000 the apartment in Simeiz at the ridiculous price of 3000 c.u. So after long thoughts and calculations was decided to take Grisha and to move off to the Crimea in searches of “place in the sun“. Having read detailed instructions that it is necessary to take with itself in the road, we got on the train Moscow - Sevastopol and went. Took SV, one adult and one children`s - 2800 rub

In Sevastopol we lodged at friends in Balaklava. I started collection of information about real estate of the Crimea (the newspaper, visit of agencies, conversations with locals). Already next day it was clear - the prices grew much more, than I thought. Nevertheless, I decided to look for suitable option, if arrived. Air temperature was 25 - 28 degrees, everything blossoms, beauty unusual. Grisha very much liked the sea, yachts standing in a bay.

First of all I looked with

at all options in Balaklava. Decided that this place is not suitable for rest with children from - for lack of the good beach in a bay, and to go on the jolly boat of 30 minutes with the child to me it seemed unreasonably. (Though found very good apartment, old fund, $25 000). Next day I together with the agent from Yalta saw 4 options of two-room flats: Foros - $60 000, Partenit - $70 000, Zhukovka - $40 000 (to the sea kilometer, the sanatorsky beach, around not a soul), Simeiz - $40 000 - one room without conveniences. The mood was impaired a little, but it was necessary to look through the planned options nevertheless. In Yalta the cheapest apartment in the old house (tram) over the beach Massandrovskim cost $45 000.

Though in Yalta to us most of all it was pleasant to p, decided to go to Alupka still. Two decided to live in Alupka weeks. Removed a pure two-room flat with a separate entrance and a tremendous view of the sea and mountains in the center for $10 a day. The apartment very much was pleasant to me, I began to persuade the hostess to sell me it. She did not agree, but acquainted me with locals who sold the apartments.

In Alupka we for days on end walked in wonderful park where I enjoyed blossoming of roses, and Grisha ran to feed the new friends - swans Gosha and Jascha. We ate in Karumba cafe - fine kitchen, good service - high prices, but it is worth it ($10-15 for a lunch, are a children`s stool).

Big surprise for me was total absence in shops of meat, good sausages, production of “Danon“. Thank God that we do not need any more pampers and baby food which are absent at all. I saw 4 approximately identical apartments (30 $000-40 000), in all houses there were cracks in a facade. After consultation with the architect I found out that all Alupka “creeps“ down, and decided not to push luck. Examined Alushta - the same prices, not that is only much better with infrastructure, but all the same.

So, we investigated all YuBK, but did not find anything suitable. Having returned to Moscow, I told about our travel to mummies at a playground. Several times I was asked - whether there were we in Yevpatoria? I for some reason had some bad opinion on Yevpatoria, but here I became thoughtful, maybe, to go to look?

* * *

In September decided to go to Yevpatoria. On the road I considered all that information which managed to be collected about this city. My feelings were very inconsistent: on the one hand there are no favourite mountains, on the other hand is a children`s resort, and all started for children. And at last we arrived to Yevpatoria! Went out of the train on the pure platform in the morning and at once felt how smells of the sea. When you come to Simferopol, it is absent. The building of the station, the station square - everything was beautiful and pure.

Ya decided to ask taxi drivers for the help in moving and was not mistaken, in 5 minutes us delivered in small 2 - the room apartment with conveniences to Russkoy St., 8. For journey paid 10 hryvnias ($2). Agreed on the price of $10 a day for three days. I did not want to pay for the month ahead at once, I will not look round in the city yet. Thought to lay Grisha to have a rest, but he, having heard from the taxi driver that nearby the zoo, demanded to descend immediately there that we also made.

After Alupka existence of the children`s amusement park moreover with pass - a zoo, strongly pleased me. Grisha on age (3 years) suited a roundabout, an engine, small chains, driving in the cart harnessed by a burro Yasha - all at the price of 3 hryvnias. In a zoo Grisha very much liked rabbits and birds.

Further we got out to st. of Frunze - it is a local Broadway. In a supermarket I found drinking “Aktiviya“ Danon with cereals, cottage cheeses, Nordik porridges. Not such choice, as in Moscow, but nevertheless quite decent. On the contrary building “Ukrtelecom“, Internet, communication. Further we went down the street, visited 2 children`s shops with a wide choice of a good kidswear, toys, food, carriages - everything that is necessary. Even found our favourite juice “Fruto - the Nurse“.

Yes, ancient trams which Grisha called “tramvayka“, journey of 50 kopeks down the street walk. On crossing from st. Lenina is Petrokommerts bank with the ATM, Kodak shop, the pump room with free min. water which was very salty on taste. About the pump room from a window sell the most tasty fresh pies from 1 to 3 hryvnias. The resort area began, further transport does not go, and along the road everything is filled with tents with souvenirs, clothes, little tables with excursions.

Behind the pump room the sanatorium “Oren - the Crimea“ the Russian gas company, in it very well-groomed territory is located. We came to learn how many it will be necessary to receive medical treatment a little. I was spent to the chief physician who, having examined and having listened to Grisha, told that he is healthy and it is better to go to breathe more with him to the sea. And me in view of absence of diseases recommended most to choose to himself procedures from all-strengthening.


Ya 10 times a hydromassage the general (there their 4 look on 20 hryvnias), massage of 10 times on 50 gr., a gidrokolonoterapiya - 50 gr. 3 times. So far decided not to try dirt.

Very friendly personnel, it is possible to come at any time to 2 o`clock in the afternoon. The room of a clinic modern, purely, good equipment.

Further down Frunze on crossing from Pushkin St. is the arboretum and park of rest. Small by the size, but very well-groomed blossoming park in which for Grisha were an engine, swans inflatable in the pool, a roundabout - all on 5 gr. Still there is roller coaster, the mad bus, a bowling alley, big swans, chains, karting, a shooting gallery - but not for our age.

Even below near sanatorium “Dnieper“ 2 huge trampolines, the pool with balls on 5 gr stood. in 10 min. Grisha was simply happy, and I thought that we will not reach the sea today, and was almost right. At the end of the street on the small square with beautiful fountains, a graceful colonnade, at an entrance on the beach we were waited by electric cars. Left only after the third arrival (5 gr.) .

can be curtailed Further on the seaside boulevard extending along beaches. On the building of weather station show the air temperature, waters, sand, pressure, wind speed. Behind it the mooring (sea walk 1 hour - 15gr.). On the contrary there is a balneary with a dolphinarium (50 gr.) and aquarium (8 gr.) . Generally, we came back home with only one thought - why I did not arrive here at once?

Next day we went to the beach which is for city, sand quite pure, trash bins, for a payment in 2 gr everywhere at once. give a plank bed. The sea is warm, on the beach there are a lot of children, Grisha found to himself companions at once. On the advice of our new acquaintances we went to have dinner in Korean Court Yard cafe where became frequenters (the average account for two - 30 hryvnias, there are no children`s stools).


Still liked “Literary cafe“ at the corner of Lenin - stylishly, European cuisine + the most tasty desserts and the good choice of coffee play grand piano. The White Acacia cafe to Frunze - is tasty, quickly, cheap; conveniently with a carriage, little tables on the street. Grisha liked pizza in “Celentano“ quite decent fast - foot. And here I do not recommend to Metro cafe opposite to the station, tastelessly, small portions. And in general the cafe and restaurants quite good, are good French, Italian restaurants.

the Architecture and historical monuments deserve the separate story. Very much everything was pleasant me what the area of 3 cathedrals on which the Christian temple, a synagogue and the mosque are located is necessary.


So, I will sum up the results.

From minuses: the broken roads, lack of lighting away from the center, the found garbage small groups.

From pluses: existence of sandy beaches, the superficial warm sea, fine medical base (sanatoria, Moynaki`s mud baths, a balneary), existence of a wide choice of baby food, accessories, a big modern supermarket, the markets, existence of numerous entertainments for small children, are provided congresses for carriages, there are aviacash desks (Pobedy Avenue).

the Apartment I bought

in a week. A full-fledged three in the center - $32 000. So now I wait - I will not wait for summer!