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As I chose maternity hospital of

Came true, pregnancy was confirmed, and my pleasure was not a limit. I right there began to look for the maternity hospital suitable me. Only seven weeks, in principle, maternity hospital to look for pregnancy rather early. But, as we know, all pregnant women a little bit mentally ill people, here and I was from their number.

pregnancy wanted to conduct

Ya and to give birth in the same maternity hospital. Having read the mountain of magazines, having reconsidered mad quantity of the websites, I stopped on maternity hospital at the 17th hospital. There offered childbirth with the husband moreover and accommodation in maternity hospital after the delivery together with the husband. In principle, comments on him were quite good, and we decided to go there.

On arrival to the appointed place, the representative of insurance company suggested us to pay 350 rubles for consultation of the doctor and some brochures. And, if everything is normal, then then 14500 rubles for conducting pregnancy, 46000 rubles for childbirth and stay in maternity hospital.


As well as it is necessary to all representatives, it was courtesy, so far everything was pleasant to me. But, having seen the doctor, my opinion sharply exchanged. The doctor silently approached us and also silently led us “to advise“. It was clear that it all a pofiga, and in general, it has enough problems also for it not to us.

One more blow was when I saw their office and the equipment on which they do ultrasonography. It was the prehistoric round monitor - “pyatnashka“, and buzzing as the helicopter preparing for take-off, the system unit. And finally I was finished that they give the sick-list only after the delivery at once for 140 days though it is necessary 70 before childbirth and 70 later.

I as a result did not begin to consult at them, was developed and went to the insurer for my 350 rubles. It gave me them reluctantly, but at the same time brochures had to be returned. Well it is fine.

the Following maternity hospital on which we with the husband stopped was 16 that on the Falcon. Recommended me one doctor there. But there childbirth with the husband and visit therefore he disappeared at once though the doctor was pleasant to me was not assumed.

as a result, after long, painful wanderings in search of suitable maternity hospital, we decided to go to the city of Dolgoprudny that on Dmitrovskoye Highway. Having read a huge number of comments on him on the Internet, pereslushav all my acquaintances who gave birth there, all of us - stopped on it. Though there was no equipment which monitors fights and heartbeat of a fruit, did not do epiduralny anesthesia, but there it was pleasant to us. Small, pure two-storeyed maternity hospital with plastic windows in a quiet place. With friendly doctors and midwifes.

the Maternity hospital was still closed by

on a sink and had to open every other day, but we were accepted there, examined, gave a home telephone number of the doctor, told that if that, then come. There so it was pleasant to us that next day we gave rise there. We do not regret at all that chose this maternity hospital. Just super!!! But about it in other history.