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the First daughter I gave rise to my different childbirth.

the First daughter I gave rise to my different childbirth. To me there were 25. Then still was very sports. Galloped all pregnancy as a mountain nanny-goat. A month before childbirth ran on business meetings, in 3 weeks we moved to other apartment. I weighed then 57 kg with a height of 165 cm, the stomach was small.

was registered somewhere in 27 weeks, and it was the first and penultimate visit to a maternity welfare unit. It is necessary to tell that mother at me the head of the laboratory in policlinic. Therefore also I made tests, and did ultrasonography at it in time. While my card was sent from consultation to consultation to the new address, to me term already came to give birth. Therefore the second and last time I came to consultation behind the prenatal record.

Pregnancy proceeded well. Any reasons for concern were not. For some reason I was sure that I will give rise on January 10. So it also turned out. The ninth in the evening I felt the first fights and some vague concern. Waters began to leak slightly. We called maternity hospital with which there was already an arrangement and reported that we will arrive soon.

Ya began to pack hastily necessary things, and the husband went to start the car. On the street there was a frost under 40 °. And we rode then terribly harmful “Muscovite“. Several watch he did not want to be wound in any way. You know a saying that the pregnant woman is as “Muscovite“ on a frost. And so, with me it was much simpler :).

Somewhere at half past twelve nights I shouted to the husband in a window leaf that it is necessary to call an Ambulance, and that to give birth I am at home. And he ran to ring from a call-box (to the apartment phone was not managed to be carried out yet, and cellular then at us was not). There arrived a strange woman - the doctor. Forty meter in height with small, the small suitcase is more, than she. Did not want to carry me to “my“ maternity hospital. Told that is far and that I can give rise on the road. I promised to suffer and not to give birth in the car, and we departed.

is Said that there is nothing worse, than to give birth on protection. Especially at the time of free medicine. The more try, the worse everything leaves. Good intentions covered the road know where... The maternity hospital made to me an enema, put a dropper for stimulation of patrimonial activity, punctured a fetal bubble and left in prenatal, having turned off the light, likely, that I could have a sleep.

Something went not so. Fights went in a couple of minutes somehow sharply. Pain was just infernal. It seemed to me that it does not stop for a second. I was all wet, was terribly cold to me, And I raved. Called to the aid mother, the husband. Sometimes it seemed to me that they near me. Periodically I fainted. Then recovered again to return to all this.

Where? Several times the midwife came and checked opening of a neck. On my requests to make something she answered what should be suffered. And I suffered. Sometimes being silent, being sometimes broken in some animal howl... It then I learned that I have an allergy to chloride calcium when after childbirth gave on it anaphylactic shock. And still learned that there was a threat of a rupture of a uterus.

the midwife who Came once again shouted at me: “That you are silent, you give birth! Run in patrimonial!!!“ About what silence she spoke? And from where to me was to know that it is already time? Anyway, having hardly got on a table, I was going to make the most important thing for all my life.

childbirth took place

safely and quickly enough. I made an effort in total about 15 minutes. At each attempt, making a low guttural sound, putting in it all itself. From where there were forces after just endured nightmare?

After the next attempt suddenly somehow it became empty inside. Something occurred... “You have a daughter! Watch what pretty!“ My daughter! Feeling of incredible unearthly happiness... Pleasure top... Also there is in this world nobody and anything. Only I and my Milanochka... Then to me put it on a breast. Well why so for a while? Processing, weighing... They took away from me part me.

was Terribly thirsty

. The nurse brought tea. You represent my disappointment, it was luscious as syrup. Having felt thirsty even more. In two hours I was told that it is possible to go to chamber.

was Overslept by me about an hour. Brought a note and transfer from the husband. And I on the quiet “spread“ on the first floor, being twisted from pain after an epiziotomiya and trying to hold somehow a diaper between legs. I all - managed to embrace and kiss the husband. Though our appointment was quickly stopped, telling what I irresponsible as strongly I do not protect myself that I have no conscience absolutely etc.

my Baby brought

to feed next day. And there was an amusing story. The nurse carried children on two. Brings children to my neigbours. And here one complains that the child does not take a breast from it, turns away. Having felt some concern, I jumped, ran up. I look, and same my Lanuska. Took away, put to a breast. She looked at me with the blue glazishcha and let`s suck. As it is possible not to recognize the child!? The child and that recognizes mother.

About chambers “mother and child“ then was not heard yet. Children were brought only to feed. But as the nurse was one, and there is a lot of children, took away only them hour through one and a half. We ate, and then fell asleep, having nestled to each other. Never earlier I so well slept! Never before the dream was such pleasure!

In a week we were allowed to go home, at last. And nobody could separate us any more. It is necessary to tell, I did not see other such remarkable child. We did not know what is sleepless nights. The last food of hours in twelve, the first - hours in 8 - 9. Let`s eat, we will have a sleep, we will play. Could not understand in any way why other mothers always such tortured... So far in 6 months the first tooth did not begin to be cut, so all also proceeded. Grandmothers - grandfathers especially did not indulge us. We coped with everything.

there Passed several years. The husband and the daughter persuaded me to give birth to the second child, dreaming of the son and the brother. For some reason I long did not decide. That is all the time postponed. It is necessary to graduate from the second HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION, it is necessary to work, it is necessary... And here in 2004 in the spring I “resolutely“ removed a spiral and began to become pregnant. For some reason it turned out not at once. I became pregnant at the end of October, having safely gone two times during the summer to Egypt. I am a diver. And the Red Sea for me it both the fairy tale, and native elements at the same time.

Pregnancy proceeded almost like the first, heartburn, however, tormented constantly. Escaped mineral water and Rutatsid. But foolishly was registered earlier - in 20 weeks. Got, speak, to the best doctor. What then the worst? Throughout our communication I heard one and too:“ Yes at you everything will be bad; yes you will have a high pressure, and gestoz will develop; physicians have always continuous problems; you do not reach, and in general there will be a miracle if you give rise“, etc. Analyses at the same time were good, I felt pretty well in spite of the fact that I from my physicality remained little and weight changed...

I we moved to the new apartment again. And before it we long chose it. And I with a stomach huge this time ran on new buildings, on the 12th floor, on 14 without elevator. And so several times a day for nearly a month. This, obviously, affected some image the subsequent events.

I was going to Give birth. The maternity hospital, now with paid chamber and the admission of the husband on childbirth, was chosen in advance. In total according to the plan. Here only a floor on ultrasonography did not manage to be considered in any way. Some days before term I was looked by the manager of maternity hospital. Told that everything is good. Also ordered to come every other day. We came “to give up“. But the paid chamber, despite the arrangement, was occupied. It was terribly offensive for me. Told that if here so treat people and own promises, this maternity hospital does not suit me. And, as it became clear, correctly made.

Having rung round maternity hospitals, we went to one of them. The manager, very vigorous and business person, studied the prenatal record and decided to look at me directly on a sofa in the office. “And you have a pelvic prelying.“

was Felt by me that something not so. Here so some days before childbirth the baby decided to turn over. My multystoried runnings affected. It was necessary to lay down in prenatal for supervision. 2 days examined me. And then absolutely “took aback“: on ultrasonography the fruit large, is more than 4 kg, natural childbirth is dangerous. It is better to do Caesarian.

In spite of the fact that I already understood it when I learned about pelvic prelying, I was not ready to hear it. There were tears, it was terrible. I was cried to the husband that I will not see our baby at once that I will not be able to control process that I will know nothing, I will not depart from an anesthesia yet...

on July 14 I was told:“ Tomorrow“. Feelings different there was much. On the one hand, pleasure that tomorrow - Birthday of our kid, with another - uncertainty. I did not manage to have a sleep this night almost, despite calming. Even shot at little girls and smoked one cigarette though did not smoke since the beginning of pregnancy. And in the morning - standard procedures: enema, shower, catheter... And strong desire to drink. And fear. And pleasure. In the operating room I joked with anesthesiologists. Nervously smiled. Then it was chopped off.

Woke up from pressure and belly-ache. I already in reanimation. I ask who at me was born, the weight, growth... And say to me that all the same I will fall asleep now and I will forget everything, and so will be several times. Here I will depart from an anesthesia... But I was persistent and was not going to be cut down.

it was p, I gave birth to the girl. Weight - 3640 g, height is 54 cm“ How girl? At me the boy more than 4 kg had to be born“... Laugh. I ask to bring me the child. Again laugh. Periodically I fail somewhere, but I insist on the.

is Brought in two hours. I try to apply it to a breast. It turns out hardly. I give to my baby several precious drops of colostrum. It is impossible to turn. Painfully. Carry away. I ask to bring still when wakes up, I do not want that finished feeding mixes. And about antibiotics, to Caesarian agreed with the doctor that will be done only at an urgent need. Need did not arise.

It is so terrible

, I almost feel nothing to the baby. There is no such comprehensive happiness, as with Milana. Why??? Also it is a shame, both it is offensive, and is unclear. I try to explain to myself that it is a consequence of an anesthesia and on understanding time is necessary.

the Nurse brings to

the vessel. Says that if it does not turn out to urinate most, will insert a catheter. For fear of execution I cope. I drink much.

in two hours is called by the husband, says that he approached and brought some gifts. I ask it to rise to an entrance to reanimation. I promise to leave. It does not believe that it will turn out. I do not trust too. To turn very painfully. To rise too. To go - nothing. It Dopletsya to a corridor, having told that I want in a toilet. While went to a toilet, from children`s office brought our Joy. I leave, and the husband on hands holds it. Poobnimatsya three together. The senior daughter in maternity hospital was not let.

We were a little fed with

again, and then once again. Next day I asked for chamber. Wanted to be together with the child. Said to me what will be very heavy, did not want to leave. But I did not give the daughter any more.


it was difficult very much. The pleasure constantly wanted to be on hands, both in the afternoon, and at night. She cried much, she was hurt by a tummy. It was difficult to wash and change diapers. And still strongly there was a wish to sleep. But what all this means when with you your baby? In children`s office children and wet can lie, and will feed up glucose and mix that did not cry. And will cry, nobody will regret. Never I will forget with what intertrigo to me Milanochka was written out. Better everything.

Other little girls after Caesarian asked children to bring

only on feeding for the 3rd days. It is not clear to me. Gradually understanding of motherhood and huge love to this small shouting lump came.

Wrote out us in 10 days. By this time I was similar to reduction. Very much wanted to sleep. Absolutely put pleasure with a night mixed. At night - on hands. And in the afternoon - rounds, procedures, weighings...


Ya that it will be easier at home. On the street there was a heat for 40 °. Therefore next day after an extract we went for the dacha and lived all summer there, occasionally making attacks on the city. At the nights all of us equally woke up several times, but though somehow it was possible to take a nap.

Seams began to live not bad. “Apron“ is so far, and excess weight in significant amounts. I hope to get rid.

Now to us 7,5 months. We have 4 teeth. We get up, we sit and we speak: “mother, father, uncle, woman“. Milasha is the remarkable assistant. Everything is good. Only already I begin to dream of the following child. It would be desirable to give birth still to the defender for my beautiful little girls. Health all!