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The cushy job for a soulmate of

Is considered to be that modern Russia - nearly most corrupted country in the world where everything is solved by a bribe and notorious protection. Therefore our many homebrew Westerners, probably, will sincerely be surprised if they learn that in civilized Europe and America there are many companies, including very large and respectable where to our measures experienced nepotism prospers.

Evil or natural law of life?

In our social world two main positions concerning protection exist. The first is reduced to unconditional condemnation of this public ulcer. However, in all honesty, which of us will refuse an interesting highly paid position if we get it from an office entrance - on a patronage of the uncle or fellow student? According to sociologists the vast majority of our citizens consider lucky who were lucky to promote and make a fortune by means of communications or favorable relationship as the luckies and people able to live. According to the recent questioning on the subject “Protection and Nepotism“ which is carried out among undergraduates of capital higher education institutions almost none of children consider the similar phenomenon as the social evil. Moreover, nearly 70% of the interrogated respondents agreed in opinion that today successfully it is possible to find a job only on acquaintance therefore they are going to involve all the corresponding opportunities. Thus, even if the public morals are the phenomenon amicably condemn, then at the individual human level our people consider such way of job search natural and even optimum (here only, unfortunately, not everyone is lucky to have the banker`s father). However, most of the interrogated young people found it difficult to designate accurately that specifically they understand as the concept “employment on protection“: on relationship, on whose? that a telephone patronage, according to the letter of recommendation from the former place of work or with use of the relations established during study.

of the Kind of protection


Personnel of successful firms can be completed on different signs of accessory: to a family or to educational institution, to a soccer team or to one company. Or, for example, happens that the new staff of the company is selected only for an association sign. For example, the Armenian can simply not get to the “Georgian“ firm. And happen such miracle, to the stranger there all the same not to promote. There are also elite forms of protection. What is costed, for example, by one very successful Russian company whose board of directors consists only only of graduates of MSU of one year and faculty. Such Russian option of the Harvard brotherhood! In the criminal chosen by fate it is possible to get, having become, for example, the favourite of successful recruiting agency. Proteges of similar suppliers of white collars for the best capital firms wander from one top position on another and, without being stars in a profession, have reputation of superpopular masters.

of Costs of nepotism

Probably, absolutely not without reason in Soviet period the rigid ban to part a semeyshchina on service existed. Was considered that presence at work of numerous relatives does a situation in collective unhealthy. An exception made unless labor dynasties at plants and in army.

However with disappearance of trade-union committees and Communist Party committees have became nobody to observe crystal purity of labor ranks. Then began to correct personnel policy notorious protection. And how to the newly appeared president of successful commercial structure not to hire the guy with whom together began to trade in the Chinese junk in the market? If in the bank he is God-almighty, then can take at discretion people pleasing to and to sign with easy wave of a feather a sentence on dismissal of disgraced employees.

But business of subjects also differs from the pleasant company of friends that for successful business characters and persons not just lovely to you, and highly professional experts are necessary. Family relations between employees very often negatively influence efficiency of work. Psychologists know long ago that often relatives subconsciously continue to settle family problems at office. For this reason corporate rules of civilized business order that husbands and brothers if they gathered under a roof of one company, have to work in different departments or as equals positions that they had nothing to divide and be measured by the power.

Other problem. Very often young man or the girl taken on a call initially position themselves in collective as stolbovy aristocrats among raznochinny Luda. Also behave according to this idea of themselves: neglect official duties; spend quite often the whole day behind computer preference; with colleagues and sometimes even the direct administration behave scornfully and it is even haughty: “Yes you though understand who suited me here?!“ To dismiss such person happens extremely difficult. Personally the example when to a position of the accounting assistant took the daughter of very important rank from the tax inspection of that small town situated near Moscow where there were events in one successful travel company is known to me. At the same time the management of firm believed that, taking the useless employee in the state, they actually employ her omnipotent daddy. But soon it became clear that everything is just the opposite. The tax specialist by means of the daughter, to regularly supplying parent a compromising evidence on the employers, obtained a convenient and constant feeding trough for himself and the family. In business there is such rule:“ There is no enemy more angrily, than the yesterday`s friend“. Therefore, accepting to a strategic position of the sonny of the business partner, keep in mind that if between you the black cat in the future runs, you easily can feel trembling handles of the sonny of your former friend on own neck.


Happens that arrival to firm of the descendant of the successful founding father of business influences in the most salutary way a moral situation in collective. Modern history of business knows many examples of how the new symbol of the company the one emergence in a presidential chair brought her out of the most severe crisis. So was, for example, with the Ford company. Many decades Henry Ford`s descendants did not stand at a steering wheel of management of the well-known auto giant. But in October, 2001 the board of directors approved William Clay Ford - the great-grandson of the founder of the company - the CEO of the world famous automobile empire. The new director from the very first days of the management proved to subordinates that at it the grasp is a match for antiquated. The next years became triumphal for the company which was long time in crisis.

However, to be fair it is worth recognizing: quite often after the power passes to the second or third generation of owners, the company begins to fall.

If to continue conversation on positive sides of protectionism (in particular, domesticity) in practice of a set of key employees, then was noticed long ago that the employed relatives quickly enter a course of affairs, not only their working, but also family time works for it.

If only on whom family business you will not leave

“Nearly a half of the Russian companies can be considered safely family - Oleg Stepantsev, the manager with a long standing of the large capital hedkhantingovy company is sure. - Usually all top - management of these companies is made by relatives of the head and the founder of business. And though owners of the majority of the domestic companies are still rather young to think of a succession to the throne, nevertheless already arises of some successful businessmen in the head a stubborn question of continuity. To the stranger, even to the most professional, it is difficult to entrust lifework. For this reason founders of family business extremely seldom ask for the help headhunters. But also own children can not always equal the hopes laid on them (as it is known, the nature on descendants of the ingenious parent has quite often a rest)“.

Stepantsev gave a case from own practice As an example:“ This regional company on production of the medical equipment to us our partners in the Kaliningrad region married off. Its elderly owner looked for the candidate for replacement. It was preceded by quite indicative history with transfer of all cases 26 - to the summer son. The founder of business expected to leave affairs on the only offspring, and itself hoped on? to help it to drive fatherlike from a comfortable chair of the board member. However in one and a half years it became clear that the successor is interested in outer side of life of the president of the successful company more, than, actually, work. It is necessary to pay tribute, the father ousted the sonny in time until that managed to drive the company into a full bog yet and to dissipate its assets with young ladies at the best restaurants of the city. Further long search of the candidate for a presidential chair began. And to us set a condition that the required candidate suited both the father, and the son who from real levers of the power was moved to honourable, but absolutely decorative chair of the board member. And in general itself should train the successor long and carefully, gradually accustoming him to independent solutions and freight of responsibility, acquainting with him own a top - managers that those did not give a hostile reception father`s to the sonny“.

And how with it at them?

Most of all protection is developed by

in the east. For example, for receiving work in the Indian company of communication and sympathy are decisive factors. Domesticity is very characteristic of average Indian firm: first of all a job will be got by relatives and friends. And, of course, will not make for the person from the lowest castes in the decent company room above the cleaner of toilets. Dismissal of personnel for clearing of the place of the protege of the new wife of the boss is a norm.

all private sector of economy is divided by

In Italy between families long ago. To get a job on an important post on firm - all the same what to enter a mafia family - the way is open, and it is necessary to prove to strangers long and persistently own value and loyalty.

the Japanese, Chinese managers will never hire the any passer-by. What we call protection protectionism, there - a normal condition of successful business. Perhaps, it is also one of natural lines of the person - to seek to surround itself with soulmates and to be suspicious of strangers?

reserves for criminal Thin

in the private companies it is impossible to fight Against nepotism. The market squeezes out criminal untalented persons from the most responsible positions. It in political parties and other bureaucratic structures, conservative on spirit, it is possible just to sit in warm place and to receive a big salary for one surname. Where demand productivity from the expert, on relationship and acquaintances you will not leave. For example, whether it is possible to imagine the criminal financial analyst or the sales and purchasing manager? It is a nonsense! And in general, than more our business will submit to normal economic laws, that, probably, will be in the course of the practician of reception of employees by nonprofessional criteria less. That is, there is a hope that in our society not protection, but talent and diligence soon will begin to run the show.