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Mother with the child in search of the apartment

the Grandmother told: “Remember, you still will cry at ease. There is nothing worse, than to live with foreign people“. Mother right there supported her: “What with us is not to you and you will not find anything! Who needs the woman with the baby on hands!.“

But I since the childhood badly obeyed parents and was for some reason sure that the truth on my party and me will carry.

Actually on hands I had not a baby, but the four-year-old little girl who besides went to kindergarten. What I first of all also informed on meticulous grannies whose phones found in the newspaper of free announcements. It was the first, the heaviest, but to the maximum a probable way to find housing. Every day I ran in office of the newspaper, bought, looked through and threw in a box a talonchik with the order. In 99% of cases those to whom I called were the firms which are engaged in delivery and sjemy apartments. It, of course, is healthy, but... There were the “but“.

As initially I looked not for the apartment, but the room, intermediaries asked 100% of transaction cost. 50% are very little, some 30 - 40 dollars. However, these assistants all - strained then, looked for options and went to viewing together with the customer. It, by the way, too is very good for the lonely woman. The same who suggested to pay only 300 - 600 rubles, as a rule, assured at once that they already have what I look for moreover a heap of similar options, only come, pay and take spisochek. Spisochek they also really gave, but some strange: by one phones nobody answered, on others said that for a long time all handed over, and on the third nothing to hand over, at least in the next five-years period, did not gather.

Who calls

according to the announcement?

As for my kvitochok which are regularly sent to a box, they yielded absolutely unexpected result.

In spite of the fact that in announcements the place where I want to live was accurately specified, to me were offered absolutely by other areas.

to me were called by men and by voice of the Caucasian suggested to get over to them, providing separate in my order (!) room. One kindest soul the citizen, having heard that I have a child, for some reason extremely was delighted. Straight off declared that directly near the house there is a kindergarten and - I did not believe the ears! - it is ready to drive my baby there every morning. The offer shaking, of course, but too everything is sweet, and the telephone boyfriend still even in eyes did not see me!

lovely old women did not lag behind it also. All as on selection had unmarried and very good sons, nephews and so forth. However, many also just volunteered to sit with the little little girl.


the Last, of course, very favorable option, but there was no wish to leave the child on the little-known, besides elderly person for some reason. At the same time grannies flatly refused to share the territory with the nurse which had to come to my child.

Room or apartment?

the room I all - removed

In the end result, but for a while. At first everything was good. Two old neighbors, he and she, not relatives, live in different rooms. Then she receives a living space, and it vanishes all summer at the dacha. I live alone in a three-room mansion, with the child the nurse which at arrival of the neighbor I call the aunt sits. And here in the fall the old man comes back finally and begins to drink. Several weeks in succession. To it unclear characters start walking. A last straw was the fact that somehow for the night my neighbor forgot to close an entrance door. Not just forgot, and left it wide open, having forced me to wake up from draft.

generally, I moved down and began to look for the apartment. It is more expensive, but there I am own master, I call whom and when I want. And from the point of view of personal hygiene it is more reliable. At least, it is possible to scratch off a bathtub and to lie in it what you will not make in the conditions of a communal flat where there lives the grandfather with gout.

To put it briefly, generalizing all aforesaid, I drew some conclusions which I want to share with you.


If the woman one with the child wants to remove housing, then it is necessary to make effort and give preference to the certain apartment because:


, the dream that sometime you will manage to buy these apartments can be the only plus of accommodation in a communal flat. If it does not include in your plans, then spend time and a little bit more money, but find to yourself and the child the decent one-room apartment.