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Behind health of

Having been tired of infinite cold winter, there is a strong wish where - nibud to leave - there where warmly and comfortably, beautifully and carefree. For the last half a year the improbable fatigue collected, and till summer it is still so far...

of Week - end

to Leave for a week or at least for couple of days from ordinary vanity, from duties and efforts and to devote this time to itself - fortunately, in this desire there is nothing impracticable today. Even if at you only days off are free, you can choose the suitable two-day program:“ Anti-stress“, “Active recreation“, “We lose weight“, “Antitabak“ or “Facing health“, - all of them are developed on the basis of sanatoria and boarding houses of the improving JSC Russian Railways system. You are waited by an accurate daily routine, dietary food, improving procedures, walks in the fresh air and a dream at the same time. Houses you will be able to organize the life so? Plus to everything - pleasant society, friendly personnel and a beautiful view from the window.

we will disseminate possible delusions At once that for so short time plainly you will not have a rest.

In - the first , the fact of change of the place adjusts on rest and treatment especially as it is about the glorified network of improving institutions of JSC RZhD. Our many compatriots prefer rest in boarding houses and sanatoria of this system and derive pleasure not less, than in foreign resorts. With only that difference that around - all the, taking the hint (because rest in Russia is often called “rest of the house“) and to restore health in the Russian health resorts much more favourably, than in overseas five-stars hotels. It is the second argument . To tell the truth, these prices are still simply not comparable, and lechebno - diagnostic base, the advanced medical technologies and the latest medical equipment which equipped health resorts of the Russian Railway, do not concede to foreign.

B - the third , programs are planned so that you manage to get advice of experts, to make the express - inspection and magnificent procedures. For example, the Antistress program includes an aromafitoterapiya, an electrodream, a shower of Vichy, a bathtub (from hvoyno - oxygen and pearl to iodine-bromine and carbonic), a hydromassage and a miracle relaxation capsule. Perhaps, for health reasons will recommend you also some other procedures.

Separately wants to tell about the program “Antitabak“. It is two-day (at will it is possible to prolong), specially developed plan of parting with an addiction. Actions are planned so that to help you not only to refrain from smoking, but also to clear an organism of tobacco intoxication. Join a healthy lifestyle!

Nearby, but for a long time

Without registration of visas and long flights you get to magnificent boarding houses and sanatoria of the Russian Railway improving system. With majestic architecture, beautiful views and the thought-over infrastructure - they are available to all now. As well as unique lechebno - diagnostic base (in all sanatoria and Russian Railway boarding houses the latest medical equipment is installed, the advanced medical technologies are used), which allows to conduct full and careful examination and treatment in one place, without additional expenses. Present, what is the time, nerves and means you save in sanatorium, having besides an opportunity to have a rest from working and economic affairs, to enjoy communication with the nature, to stay alone with yourself or to find new friends. It is worth it to gather and go...

will be required to carry out diagnostics of the blood circulatory system, to check From 7 to 21 days

existence of diseases of heart or vessels, complications and associated diseases. If those come to light, physicians offer the special sparing or medical programs and make recommendations on sanatorno - to resort or out-patient treatment, select the optimum scheme of medicinal therapy. Has for those who faced diseases of joints and time (from 14 to 21 days), the program of diagnosis of diseases kostno - muscular system and connecting fabric is calculated. To find good experts in this area extremely difficult - even today the few doctors know how successfully to treat such diseases. The medical personnel of health resorts of the Russian Railway passed extremely exacting selection, their professionalism is confirmed not only certificates, but also results of treatment. Here for only two - three weeks you will pass full diagnostics and will be able to take medical and preventive measures.


- the diagnostic range of the Russian Railway improving system is very wide. It can be diagnostics and treatment of diseases of respiratory organs (after long winter bronchitis, rhinitis and pneumonia it is a high time to normalize itself), allergic diseases of the top airways; digestive organs (the program allows to specify the diagnosis on a gastroenterologichesky profile). It is also possible to pass diagnosis of diseases of endocrine system, disorders of food and metabolic disorders; to you will help to distinguish disease of a thyroid gland, diabetes and will pick up suitable treatment.

At the European level

in recent years sanatorno - resort treatment in the Russian health resorts experiences a rebirth. Today everyone can estimate quality of family and individual rest in the health resorts of the Russian Railway which came on quality of services to the European level.

For persons interested to have a rest with full comfort and to restore health, all conditions are. It is possible to choose, for example, the apartments of sanatorium “Black Sea Coast“ (Sochi) equipped with satellite television, the home theater, a jacuzzi and a shower cabin, the conditioner, the hair dryer and the refrigerator (besides a standard set of services). The same, really “five-stars“ level of accommodation offers sanatorium “October“ (Sochi). At your choice: apartments or separate country house.

If wants a privacy, lodge in single apartments of “The valley of narzan“ (Kislovodsk), and nobody will disturb you. Here know how to address with the VIP - clients. If you want to arrive all family, without restraining none of family members in habitual comfort, reserve 3 - x room apartments (for example, in the same sanatorium). Exclusive placement is offered also by “Green Guy“ (Tuapse): the studio - apartments also contains in itself all necessary for a cosiness and comfort. Reserve places in advance!

the country

Is wide

Besides medical treatment, the large role in improvement of an organism is always played by the nature and ecology. Resorts of JSC RZhD are in the environmentally friendly, most beautiful places having not only the Russian, but also world status. 15 sanatoria and boarding houses carry out recovery treatment, active improvement and prevention of various diseases on the Black Sea coast, in Caucasus Mineralnye Vody region, in the Midland of Russia and in South Ural. And each place has the features.

Sochi and Gelendzhik, Nalchik and Kislovodsk, Anapa, Yessentuki and Tuapse - recognized, favourite domestic resorts with early bright spring, a genial sunshine, soft climate, mineral sources and therapeutic muds. The woods rich with phytoncides, mountain air, a sea surf transfer us to other world filled with some juicy fragrant aromas, and you understand that vanity remained somewhere far, and here - spring, here - the real life. In Moscow area there are neither high mountains, nor the sea, but, walking on twisting paths, you find out how fancifully and unexpectedly the landscape on the right, at the left changes. In Moscow area there are a lot of most interesting historical places which will want to be visited.

Go to a trip behind health, beauty and new impressions to sanatoria of the Russian Railway where there are all conditions for effective and pleasant treatment and rest where are always glad to you.