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Children and mobile phone: the instruction to application of

When you are tired to look out in windows and to ring round friends of the child who was gone somewhere, to grab heart and to run on a quarter with a question: “Did not see such girl with a braid?“ - there is a question of purchase of the mobile phone.

the Mobile phone - a thing useful. We perfectly understand it, we know how to use it, and we do not even think that our children think out for this hi-tech feature at all not those directions of use of which we think. We for some reason believe that children know of phone all that, as to ourselves. We think that it is necessary to our children to hold with us communication. And they think - it to take from it a pleasure maximum. From a disagreement of these purposes the conflicts and semi-unconscious states which could be avoided if in time to think of something grow.

the Expensive toy

the Girlfriend complains: already several days the son - the first grader attacks questions:“ And it is possible you for me buy phone? And at us in a class at all is. And for ninety rubles it is possible to buy phone? And for three hundred? Well though some? And for how many it is possible?“

So far for it it is a toy which friends have, and at it is not present. He also appreciates phone as a set of games: a tetris, a snake, bowling, races - here the most important in this feature! And if still the built-in camera, then it is absolutely good. As the means of communication phone is not of any interest to it though he also assures the mother: yes it is necessary to me! That I could learn lessons when you hang on phone!

to the Child should explain to
everything: on what buttons to press, where to look for addresses and how many it is possible to talk.

Once the eight-year-old neighbor was to us in tears: left at home a key. Especially for such cases the child was supplied with the mobile phone, but it turned out that he cannot call mother: he did not know where in memory of phone mother`s number is written down as there to find it and even on what buttons to reap when phone calls to answer! The only thing that it could do with telefo - number - to play on it games. You what, I ask, did not teach them to use? Learned, speaks, but I forgot. In several days he called us home - and only in twenty minutes of discussion of a task in mathematics bragged to my son: and I from mobile call!

phone is Not enough to buy

to the child. It is necessary to explain still everything, since elements - what buttons to press to answer and finish conversation, where to look for addresses when to charge the accumulator what calls are more expensive what are cheaper how many it is possible to talk.

it is surprising by

how many money and nerves such team as “blocking of the keyboard“ can save to each family. At the wrong time the pressed button can present any not most pleasant surprise. At the familiar girl is, for example, phone squeezed in a hip-pocket of jeans when the hostess sat down called her mother. That for the first time to death got a fright: the child incessantly calls and is silent in a tube - stole?

is shorter than

, read the management together with the child.

such function Is!

the Child is more senior than

, presented with phone, jumps with happiness the first five minutes. And then it turns out that it counts on expensive feature with the color display, polyphony, a camera, a dictophone, Internet connection and other gadgets. And at all not delighted with the unpretentious tube allowing to call and write only messages. “All class normal mobile phones, and at me has this sediment!“ - the child complains.

meanwhile very often with “normal mobile phones“ in a class two go - three fashion-makers, and at the others parents remember the main destination of phone and consider that they at school are lost and stolen.

However, the modern school student appreciates not so much unearthly beauty and high cost of the mobile phone, how many a set of functions. It by all means needs a chamber, WAP and GPRS even if he does not know what is it; from it there is enough knowledge that most - that everything to download this. The most popular occupation of the school student armed with the mobile phone - to wander about services which in such abundance are advertized by providers of communication: jokes, acquaintances, horoscopes, melodies, pictures, games and so on. Include some TV channel well-loved by children, musical or entertaining - entirely advertizing a ring - tones, prompts, mobile flirtation and mobile sex.

Providers constantly send to

notices:“ Send the message to number such - learn-!“ radio stations suit the SMS - votes: who will send messages, to that a prize most. We, adults, already learned to ignore it. But our children - are not present.

the School student appreciates not so much beauty and high cost of the mobile phone, how many a set of functions.

At lessons, on changes, houses - instead of a lunch and lessons, in the evening under a blanket - instead of a dream - our children press buttons, sending the SMS - ki, and with a sinking heart expect the answer. Eventually the child receives a long-awaited bearded joke (a fresh example from repertoire of one mobile company: “And - and, space homosexuals pursue me!“ ) or “to - mi, mi - to“ from “Bumer“ and without restraint rejoices under a blanket. Even not to a joke or a melody, and what “earned“.

to Carry the pleasure to one becomes intolerably soon. You will not share with parents so the secret exchange begins: “And me now anigdot sent“.“ And I got acquainted with the guy estimate to him 23 years call Egor“.

of Feet! Here already absolutely unpleasant begins. The majority of these services is dangerous mainly to our pocket, but acquaintances is already absolutely other song. Of course, both telephone flirtation, and collective games are developed for target audience of 16 years. But modern children from ten realize years themselves abrupt solvent youth and are willingly caught on simple baits of providers.

I Remember

to what degree the colleague was struck, having incidentally found at the 13 - summer Katya the list of mobile acquaintances to phones in which some students, athletes, Moscow region security guards appeared - and the advanced child and her girlfriend already managed to give up friendship some of them.

Specification of the account of the child, as a rule, shows that it spends most of all money for melodies, pictures, jokes and so forth and the SMS - correspondence. Then there are calls to friends, and already insignificant part is spent for for the sake of what phone and was bought - communication with parents.

When the child is lost by

in a pampas - his phone, as a rule, appears in an otklyuchka. The first, and main, advice to mother in these cases - not to go crazy and not to call in militia and morgues: three most probable options - phone was discharged, is lost or money came to an end, hour through two the child will remember a family and will be.

do not forget to switch off phone

In last year my daughter - the teenager with all class went to theater. After a performance the teacher showed discontent with behavior of the children who were continuously sending each other messages, and children were indignant with claims of annoying adults which for some reason force to switch off phone: “Well it is unreal to the person in 14 years three hours to live without phone!“ - indignantly the girl from a class - exactly like the minister of the Ministry of Emergency Situations declared.

Some parents for some reason think that their children are already born with knowledge of simple rules of ethics. Even does not come to their mind to explain such elementary, from their point of view, a thing to the offsprings. And these offsprings as unexpectedly it becomes clear, see in the requirement to switch off phone petty tyranny of adults and violation of the rights. They manage to stir by phone at a lesson, to send on control each other hints by the SMS: “At you che in the 8th number?“ - “x square“. And does not come to their mind that the switched-on phone at a lesson, lectures or in theater - it is indecent and inadmissible.

In the world fight against this misfortune very rigidly: in New - York few years ago phones forbade to bring in school buildings and to store even in the switched-off look in wardrobe lockers. Otherwise phone is just withdrawn, despite of fair indignation of families.

Why me all kontrlirut


If the school does not fight against a misfortune, houses all - it is worth trying to drive elements in reasonable nruslo. To read SMS archive - messages of the child everything is is not necessary: certainly, in it there are interesting strokes to a portrait of your child, but the secret of correspondence is secret of correspondence. Any child loses respect for the parent who climbs in his diaries or letters.

A here it is absolutely useful to order specification of the account: eventually, it is your money. But it would be silly to study the account independently and then to make repressions - the child will be inflated and will try to be ciphered better, that`s all. Look at the account together with the child, and it will be for certain sincerely shocked by what sums for what nonsenses it spends.

the Colleague from the above-stated example brought to

home the detailed accounts - and the, and daughters. In the first month it became clear that Katya spends for phone approximately three times more, than mother, and the lion`s share of expenses is the share of the entertainments described above and excesses.

First Katya revolted. Changed the password of access to the account, cancelled its prisylka, shouted with tears: “Why all control me?!“ Besides, the account showed rough telephone activity after midnight and during lessons. Mother forced the daughter to withdraw the questionnaire from the section “Acquaintances“. Several months in a row each two weeks took the detailed account and sat down to study it together with Katya, finding economy reserves. Stipulated the sum which can be talked and lost in a week - and some time further expenses were covered from Katin of pocket money. Approximately in half a year the girl began to use phone absolutely reasonably, expenses were cut down, the need in a constant control disappeared.

Specification of the account explains
to the child, on as in what quantity it spends money.

Specification of the account should not be the instrument of repression entered as in this case, after an outstanding event. It is the normal instrument of planning allowing to explain very clearly to the child on as in what quantity it spends money. First of all, naturally, it is necessary to agree that is acceptable and that is not present. Agree as it is often possible to order or download melodies or pictures what services can use and with what is not necessary better.

Excesses are inevitable

at the beginning: the child armed with phone all the same will stick the nose everywhere where he will reach even if it is strictly told it was “impossible“. It is worth punishing not for the first, and for repeated or systematic violation of arrangements. Let the child learn to plan the expenses. The best policy - a full disclosure and cooperation with the child, a compromise between its and your interests.


I at last, look why it so pulls your child to communicate with anyone and to change ten melodies a day. If he spends hours behind mailing of the SMS - ok, so to him boringly and lonely, and any “villages the book would read“ this problem will not solve. So, it should find new impressions, field of activity and a circle of contacts out of school. If he is such specialist in a nazhimaniye of buttons - look for computer courses or a circle. Look for drama school, section, the pool, trainings on communication, a good language course, urgently reflect, than to occupy the child on the next vacation from where it will receive impressions with whom to communicate if Home Alone, and you at work sits.

Useless expensive toy on which money and time in vain leave can quite be turned into an ordinary means of communication, and so - education of the will and training in planning. It is only necessary to be engaged in it.