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The wife of the genius of

the Wife of the genius is a profession, calling and hard work. Its duties with an exhaustive accuracy were described by Vera Pavlova: “The muse inspires when comes, the wife inspires when leaves, the mistress inspires when does not come. You want, I will do all this at the same time?“ Actually, the wife of the genius has to do nothing else. Matter in simultaneity. It is necessary to be able to be near constantly and at the same time not to bother.

Talk on wives of geniuses is difficult

just because the genius to the genius discord: mathematical - one, art - is perfect another, musical - the third. It is desirable for artistic natures that wives understood and shared their delights in own occasion, and also expelled doubts to which any genius is subject extremely. For the mathematician it is not obligatory at all that the wife penetrated into its thin constructions; moreover, it is almost always sure that it not her mind business. Physics is arranged at all not as mathematicians, and prefers to marry the graduate students or students - that the girl though thought a little, than the spouse is engaged. Because the mathematics is a game of mind, and the physicist - the whole outlook and the mathematician easily gets on with the ordinary person, and the physicist best of all feels with the physicist. Composers prefer to marry performers - musicians, singers, dancers - and such unions are most long-term because they are pragmatic. Something like the contract, though not unconscious. At last, geniuses of commerce and business, and also large politicians are forced to choose not so much the wife how many a show-window that not always means the harmonious union, however harmony in marriage for such people a minor matter. Their eternal expansion requires prompt and most often passing satisfaction of burdensome and constant sexual requirement: the stewardess on the plane, the waitress in the bar - here their ideal companion.

the Genius for the genius

the Main issue for any genius - whether to it should marry other genius? In other words, whether the wife has to be made even to the husband in the intellectual relation? Experience prompts that it does not follow at all as the genius is not only patience and work, but also psychopathology, both an egocentrism, and jealousy. To live with the genius very difficult: the woman is still capable of it, the man owing to the dominance - almost never.

It does not mean at all that the genius has to marry the silly woman. Ideally he has to marry the woman of the clever, thin, understanding, but absolutely deprived creative abilities. Ideal judge. Such marriages appear where as are durable: the poet Robert Rozhdestvensky all life lived with Alla Kireeva, Leonid Latynin - with Alla Latynina, the director Anatoly Efros - with the theatrical critic and the specialist in drama study Natalya Krymova. In general it is better for genius to marry the historian, the critic or the specialist in drama study. That is on the one who well understands all measure of its greatness, but does not apply for own. The case of long and happy marriage of two talented sculptors is known to me, however it was saddened by quite unpleasant incidents. For example, two of them are exposed in the Arena. The wife has some of very successful works. The husband goes and at night before an opening day re-sticks under them labels, appropriating the most successful things. That it was clear who in the house the owner and in couple the leader. I will remind, as August Rodin in every possible way suppressed Camille Claudel why she eventually went crazy - and a sculptor was remarkable, let not his level, but obviously the highest class!

, however, special cases Are: the wife is the technical assistant. These are Tolstoy and Dostoyevsky`s cases, partly - Salvador Dali. The wife is the stenographer (who is not deprived of art taste), the wife is an amanuensis (notorious seven times - the epic “War and peace“ had so many editions, and as much time Sofya Andreevna rewrote it from the beginning to the end), the wife is a model (Galina Dyakonova whom Dali wrote almost forty years). It is much more important, than the ideal housewife, the cook, the laundress etc.: the artist appreciates that who helps him with work. Same concerns also the physicist needing the help of the laboratorian, and writer who adores dictating. However, creativity - process intimate also you will allow there not everyone therefore the wife is a model and the wife - the stenographist - the ideal employee. By the way, the good model - at all not always the beauty. The one who correctly “sits“ is good (lies) and keeps up at the same time the conversation.“ Portrait of the wife of the artist“ - the most widespread genre in the world fine arts (there is still “A portrait of the mistress of the artist“, but the artist, as a rule, does not admit it).

Not life uniform

Some believe that the wife of the genius is obliged to create to the husband “comfort and dryness“. Alas, it is not enough. Boris Pasternak at first ran away from the thriftless and absent-minded first wife to the second, economic and thrifty, but then got away to a being even more careless and chaotic: judging by letters to Olga Ivinskaya, he only in life also loved her with all self-forgetfulness of mature passion. The adjusted life did not make anybody happy yet, though the bezbytnost is often disgusting: let`s not forget that the legend of indifference of geniuses to life is as groundless as also the version about their egocentric passion to convenience and rest. The genius on that and the genius that most it is excellent to be able to optimize creative process: Landau, whose wife was proud of the excellent apartment and a full order in her, claimed that for work he needs only a pencil (and, he added sometimes, a favourite pillow - he liked to calculate and dream reclining). The disorder irritates the genius - but it leaves to itself(himself) where always an order because on a desktop and in the room the serious master always has a minimum of things: he watches the workplace personally and to it tries not to admit anybody. Though you lick all kitchen though make roast from nightingale languages in sauce from a Bordeaux of 1975 - the genius will eat and will not feel that he ate it. Also will escape on an attic to the mistress where will reverentially eat the liverwurst sandwich which is carelessly made by it. The piece is that without love it is good to live only with mediocrity. Superprofessionals, creators, pioneers are so indifferent to people if those do not fall within the scope of their activity that no cookery - only love can hold them in the purest and pure look near other person. Genius incarnate injustice: the talent dawns on the head of the madman, idler idle while nearby the honest hard worker, the clear head, the cool expert slaves away. The genius is superfluous and unfair. As a spot which where wants, there and will swell up (this comparison belongs, apparently, to Faina Ranevskaya). And love: unless love for high sincere qualities? The love is even more unfair than talent: near you unloved suffers from the real illness or a deep depression, and you rush through all city to darling which the finger cut or fell into melancholy from a malevolent response. Where justice?! It is absent. Love as genius: whom wants, and dawns on that. That is why they so to each other last: the genius always fallen in love and will not even begin to sleep without love with anybody. At them, superpeople, the thin sincere organization and in a bed everything turns out only on strong passion.

It is incorrect as if the wife of the genius is obliged to be the gray mouse which refused a social life and unconcernedly storing the center. If the wife wants to be a muse, it has to remain inaccessible though in something: only the feeling of the full power over the companion forces the genius to miss really. To it the situation at which the wife stops being object of the general desire is intolerable. Strangely enough, Alexander Blok`s wife whom he adored till last day was an ideal muse. It did not prevent the poet to change it, and to answer tactless questions of quantity of the vlyublennost: I supposedly had two women - Lyubov Dmitriyevna and all others. At the same time Lyubov Dmitriyevna fooled around much more often, openly tempted his friends and even the child, by hearsay, gave rise not from Blok at all - and Blok felt pity for the wife who was eternally getting involved in tragic, “novelistic“ stories. It is not masochism - it is respect of the poet for the beauty, always pulls them to each other about what Pasternak in “Charter of immunity“ most precisely wrote. They are edinoprirodna, and connects them, besides love, a special sort of solidarity. That is why communication of the poet and prostitute meets so often - and it is so durable. Victor Hugo, Alexandre Dumas is the father, Maupassant - all of them for years remained are faithful to thoughtless girlfriends of youth. Blok loved Lyubov Dmitriyevna eternally because she was intended to him and therefore that never belonged to it quite. It is the main drama of any lyrics which made Blok the most great poet of an era.

In general, as it is paradoxical, the genius appreciates beauty much above devotion. This results from the fact that traditional human criteria in its case, so to speak, are vague. He prefers to deal with a sacred monster what he itself is. It is attracted by exclusive - even if ugly, let absolutely immoral: beauty then only is also perfect when in it there is a smack of excessiveness, pathology, that that does the genius by the genius. The genius is capable to fall in love with the libertine if she sees end in itself in debauchery and serves it with the enthusiasm reaching sanctity. So Wilde loved the Alfred Douglas by nickname Bozi about whom he knew everything and about whom did not create the slightest illusions; so Shakespeare adored the swarty lady, knowing that she changes him with his friends. Pushkin fell in love with Natali for for what she is hated by Pushkin scholars: for the full, finished insensibility, for that perfect immorality which only also stuck to marble. She was not the worst wife for the genius - they were at least one breed: it - the highest expression of humanity, it - so limit expression of brutality. Even platitude can have the genius, and such genius of platitude rushing on all fashions of an era, there was Lilya Brik. Read her letters to Mayakovsky with infinite lists that to buy and to bring - it is difficult to imagine a bo`lshy vulgarity and self-interest: but, that it is so impudent to exploit the genius, it is necessary to be the genius, only a few other breed too. In a word, human criteria for the genius do not exist - he falls in love not with a vector, and with a scalar, not with morality, and with scale.

Here we approach

the main thing. The genius is so arranged that he often should deal with inhuman criteria, ultraboundary passions, ice abstractions - with everything that it is so difficult for fragile human nature to sustain. Constantly battling against it, the genius, be he the physicist, the lyric poet, the humanist, the technocrat, the performer, the inventor, all the time forces itself and sooner or later falls into despair. Tasks which face it, on a shoulder only titans; he sees all difficulties of their implementation, and in himself feels forces not always. And then he needs … to formulate it as if?. Mayakovsky declared:“ There is a wish to hide the ring in soft, in female“. But it is not female. Matter in human: in only consolatory word told in time. The person staying in a condition of panic attack needs for calm to catch the one and only sympathetic look: yes, I understand that to you it is bad, and I will make for you that I can. The genius is mad about the uniqueness, he goes crazy from loneliness - it is loneliness and there is its main, enduring nightmare. To inspire in it that it not one at the tops that nearby a support that watch it, feel pity for it, will not allow to be gone - the main function of the wife, and for this purpose to anything supernatural beauty and special intelligence. For this purpose only intuition - but it in itself the same rarity as the genius is necessary. That is why successful marriages of geniuses are so rare. They can be listed on fingers. It is Andrey Sinyavsky and Maria Rozanova, Osip Mandelstam and Nadezhda Hazina, Bulat Okudzhava and Olga Artsimovich, Pavel Antokolsky and Zoya Bazhanova, Ilya Averbakh and Natalya Ryazantseva`s union. All these wives of indisputable geniuses were allocated with the highest mind - they were able to explain to the genius in time that it not one, and that to rescue from insanity. It is not easier to find the only words and intonations for this purpose, than to put the elementary phrase from the elementary words: “I remember a wonderful moment“ …