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We study, playing. Grants for training in reading by the hands

Ya I want to offer you material for independent game and preparation for training in reading. This material is based on Zaytsev`s technique - training in reading in warehouses.

the method is known to Skladova`s

since the time of L. N. Tolstoy. A warehouse merge of the concordant with a vowel, separately public as a syllable, separately concordant (in the closed syllable), concordant with a sign is considered. For example, WITH - OH - KA, PAS - RO - IN - Z, And - And - With - T and so on. On warehouses the baby begins to tell MA - MA, but not on letters or the whole word. On warehouses it is easier and more natural to teach him to read.

But, unfortunately, ready grants of techniques of N. Zaytsev (cubes, tables) rather expensive. Therefore not each mother can use them. And if in that place where mother with the kid lives, there are nearby neither shops with grants, nor circles where it is possible to write down the child, then production of grants the hands remains the only exit.

These grants represent cards with letters. You should download 3 files: the king`s lodge (135 kb), the queen`s lodge (119 kb), and the file with cards - concordants (19,5 kb).

of the Card from a lodge of the king and a lodge of the queen needs to be cut out and connected vertically (i.e. in a column in that order as they are printed).

the king`s Lodge the queen`s Lodge
A Ya
O Yo
U Yu

Then (at the request of parents) these lodges from the face are pasted over with an adhesive tape, and behind pasted on fleecy paper (other option - to paste a flypaper). It is necessary to put them for days under a press. At this time we take the sheet of plywood (a dense cardboard or other improvised material) and we fit it a flannel.

our lodges of the king and queen can easily be placed Now on a flannel board, and they will perfectly keep there.

we Begin to play

with the kid.

Think up the fairy tale about the king and the queen, about the letters living in lodges. For example: “Lived, there were a king and the queen, and they had a great number of servants. Servants of the king lived in a big lodge, the queen`s servants - in a lodge it is less. These servants were not simple, all of them very much liked to sing. Etc.“

Sing through letters from lodges (from top to down). It is possible to sing on any motive, the main thing that it was interesting to the kid. Be not afraid that you have no hearing, your kid all the same considers that you sing best of all!

When these vowels in lodges will be acquired by

, we cut out and we make cards - concordants: B, P, M, To.

we Take

, for example, “B“ and we begin to roll it on lodges:
of BO
of BU
of BE
- -

we roll also other 4 letters:
of MA
of MU
we are
of ME
- -
mya myo
of a mu

can substitute Then
letters on the right and to the left of lodges: BOOM

the Same we make
of BAM
of BOM
also with other consonants (we make cards, we roll them on lodges, we substitute to other warehouses). It is simple, but rather effective technique, in my opinion.

When my oldest daughter went of

to classes by Zaytsev`s (Zaychata studio) method, learned to read for several lessons. But it then was years 4 - 5. Little children, naturally, will need more time for digestion of material.

of the Appendix