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Cat in the house or how to get rid of an allergy of

Ya very much I love cats. In the childhood mother did not want that in the house there were animals though from time to time hedgehogs, turtles, kittens appeared at our place, even the parrot lived some time. The father always wanted only a dog and as mother was categorically against in general any living creatures in the house, for a long time at us in a family any animal was not late.

Very well I remember an episode from the childhood (though since then there passed more than 25 years): parents carried me on a poultry market (in Moscow). Carried just like that, on excursion, as to a zoo though knew that I awfully wanted a dog or a cat. Told before departure that nothing rather nobody, will buy. We go only to look also at all.

Ya it agrees nodded, but rather automatically, than having really taken it into consideration. And how the small child (and I then still, apparently, and did not go to school) can go to a poultry market, how to walk? It is equivalent to lay a table with cakes, candies, ice cream and aerated water in the nursery and is strict - to order strictly: nothing is it is impossible, only to look!

my parents of it did not understand

. I already was above that age when the child derives pleasure only that he looks and observes, and does not know yet that it is possible to ask mother to buy that you want. And a dog I wanted awfully, however, as well as many children. Naturally, I at once began to ask parents to buy me a doggie. I sobbed on all street while parents literally dragged me from the market to the car. It was such grief for me small that I remember this case still distinctly. And I still feel sorry for myself.:-)

Ya I do not like to give advice, but in this case just I want to warn present fathers and mothers against similar mistakes - you do not drive children at excursion in toy store or in pet-shop if categorically you are not going to buy anything. For the child it can become a serious trauma and a reason for offense on parents.

Mother often repeated the phrase supposedly will grow up - will get to yourself whom you will want. In the sense that when you will separately live, you will buy at least three dogs. Mother, of course, also did not suspect that as soon as I appear with the husband in the certain apartment, I right there will get to myself an animal. Only not a dog, but cat. The kitten to us was given by absolutely unfamiliar girl to the subway. And since then almost continuously at our life there are cats. Having moved to live to America, we with the husband literally in half a year took ourselves a kitten who lived with us 10 years.

our house is located

almost in mountains, around hills, pines, wild beasts everyone runs whether she slightly comes into the yard. Proteins, rats are mice, raccoons, opossums, coyotes - we observe these living creatures quite often. Squirrels - just impudent creatures, of nothing and nobody are afraid, climb over a fence directly on our site, squall, run everywhere, even to the house run sometimes. Got... The others are more modest, but even we saw coyotes in dangerous proximity from ourselves. And one million times was heard how they howl on the moon. Our cat ran to walk there on hills, caught a game - birds, mice, rats, dragged lizards to the house, we already got used. Once even of a baby squirrel brought! But I for some reason felt sorry for a baby squirrel, and we with the husband won him from a cat and released from prison.

we very much loved

of the Cat and when I became pregnant, very much worried how the cat of the new family member will accept. Approximately in the middle of pregnancy I suddenly had an allergy to cat`s wool. Before never in life on anything allergies at me was. The allergy was not strong, but to take a cat on hands or close I could not press to myself any more - right there began to sneeze.

Nevertheless, pregnancy I departed quietly, tried not to squeeze a cat much (yes and you will not snuggle him especially, escapes at once). The cat accepted the newborn daughter enough watchfully and even tried to huff, but then, having convinced that our love did not get to anywhere, and receiving, as before, couple of packs of “Wiskas“ a day, the cat calmed down. The daughter slowly grew up, and, judging by joyful shouts, the cat was her most favourite being in the house!:-)

was Sent by days, months, and my allergy to wool did not pass. I gave away all the Angora sweaters since I could not carry more them. In shops I often was lost in contemplation of beautiful fluffy jackets, but, alas, now I could not buy my once favourite mohair. Still I began to be afraid that the allergy will be shown also at the newborn daughter, but, thank God, nothing of that kind was.

But here is how - that the cat did not come back home to spend the night. Business was in the summer before last. We with the husband looked for it at half of the night. Without results. At half of the night I prorydat other, having a presentiment of something bad. Next morning the cat was not again. But near the house I saw a corpse of an opossum which on a neck had a characteristic wound. I learned deadly capture by teeth - the same wounds in accuracy were both at mice, and at rats whom the cat dragged home.

we did not find

of the Cat, and we can only assume that fight with an opossum was deadly to both, just our cat died not at once, and went to die to mountains, far away of the house. It in general is characteristic of cats, having a presentiment of near death, they try to leave far from the house if there is only such opportunity.

of the Cat we looked for long, weeks two, oblaziv all nearby hills, but did not find, neither live, nor the dead. I sobbed constantly, in the house there were always bowls with fresh food and water, and in a toilet there was a tray with sand. All of us hoped for something. Perhaps the wounded somewhere oklematsya, maybe, will bring who... It was very heavy to reconcile to the fact that there is no favourite cat with us any more. The hope thawed every day. All tried to sympathize with us around, but at them badly it turned out. People which never had a pet, will not understand that it to lose the favourite. Family member, friend...


When hope did not remain at all, we, having cried finally, cleaned in a case of a bowl, sterns, and exempted a toilet from a tray with sand. Decided to try to live without cat in the house. Slowly began to reconcile to loss, put and problems tightened with the head, the daughter grew up and required a lot of attention since slept very little. The thought of a new kitten strongly sat in our heads, but we decided to wait a little. The new animal in the house requires attention, time, forces, eventually, and at us is now nothing from listed much remained.

was Decided to be waited especially as to get a new cat with unknown character and habits very risky when in the house there lives the one-and-a-half-year-old child. But the fact that we will surely take a new kitten remained indisputable. Especially as and for the child it would be very useful. They say that children grow in families where there are animals, more kindly, besides since the childhood learn to care for someone that is very important for development.

there Passed year. The daughter grew up, she was two and a half years old. And we decided that, at last, came it is time to get a new kitten. Looked for long on cat`s hospitals and shelters, but everything was not pleasant to us. I first very much wanted a Siamese cat, but in time read that they are very capricious and quite aggressive, besides are excessively active, and with them it is necessary to play and run for days on end. And still it is not recommended to take siam in a family where there are small children.

All this

did not suit us. Then decided to take any underbred kitten who just will be pleasant. But we all - had a number of conditions. We wanted short-haired, it is desirable a cat, but not a cat (males are, as a rule, quieter), absolutely small, i.e. 3 - 4 months are not more senior, and, of course, than absolutely healthy. I began to look for kittens on the Internet. Search base on cat`s shelters and hospitals not too big, but all - which - that was. Chose more - less nearby areas, and set in search our conditions - short or average wool, age about one year, it is recommended for accommodation in the house with children. I deleted white and red cats from the turned-out list, such it were not pleasant to us.

Remained very few kittens, and I was at the computer nearly a month, every day checking new receipts. I tried not to think of the allergy. A cat there was a wish awfully.

it is Somehow casual my husband got acquainted with the woman, already elderly which all life was engaged in cats. It and the doctor - the veterinarian, and in the house at it there lived about ten different cats and cats. She told a lot of useful and interesting concerning care of cats. My husband asked it about an allergy. And she told a surprising thing: here just that case when treat similar to similar! In other words, you want to get rid of an allergy to wool - get a cat! And through three - four weeks from an allergy will not remain also a trace! Sounded not too really, but I believed at once!:-) As a cat there was a wish very much - very strongly.

here in August of last year I found

I in the Internet of a two-month kitten, such charming that I could not have eyes glued on the photo. The mixed breed, it is a little similar to the American bobtail and to the Russian Vaska! With thick dark strips, it is brown - a beige color, an average wooliness, absolutely still tiny - a charm! Absolutely healthy, already imparted by all necessary inoculations and castrated! And it was necessary to pay only for inoculations. And we decided - we take!

the Small hitch was that the kitten was approximately in 200 km from our house! But we were in a forceful mood - we will take! And, having agreed on Saturday, the husband since morning went for a kitten. Roads to Saturday morning were free so the road borrowed approximately an hour and a half one way. We with the daughter remained to wait for the house.


all necessary things - new bowls and a fresh forage especially for kittens, a new tray in a toilet, besides a new lodge - a tsarapalka, toys etc. were purchased Previously. All old stocks of “Wiskas“ went together with the husband as humanitarian aid. Still the husband took with himself specially bought bag - a taxi for transportation of animals.


of the New kitten Mongo, we decided to rename a young of wild animal, but here to it did not think up a name yet. The new name was discussed for hours, but it was not possible to find it which would suit both of us yet.

So, the husband left for a kitten, and we with the daughter remained to wait. Whether it is worth saying that the child did not manage to fall asleep in the afternoon!:-) Both of us worried and waited. I pretended more too that I stack the child, and itself sensitively listened through the closed nursery door whether there arrived the husband. And here, at last, I heard rustles and a low whisper of the husband. Having left the daughter one in a bed, I left to look at the new family member. My God, this fluffy lump fascinated me even more, than then in the photo!


that the daughter will not fall asleep any more, I let out it from a bed to look at a cat. What was delight! A poor kitten, I think, had a considerable stress, having heard enthusiastic shout of our child!:-)

So, the new cat was unanimously accepted by all family members. First, of course, it was difficult. It was necessary to watch closely very much both a kitten, and the child. And, first of all, to preserve a cat!:-) But literally in several days the daughter already ceased to rush on a cat with wild squeal, and for both of them it was possible not to worry. The kitten allowed it to take himself on hands, even to pull for a tail, and was never scratched or bit. With the husband, however, could kusanut us slightly, but on the child there was no scratch.

Again the question with a name rose. In the first day we christened a cat Amadeus.:-) We with the husband both musicians, and I just idolize Mozart. But to morning of the next day we understood that our cat - any not Amadeus.: - (Well, this nickname does not match appearance of a kitten, for the life of me. And not without the aid of the mother-in-law who was also fascinated by an animal we nicknamed a cat Marseille, and simply - Marsiky. This house name strongly became stronger for a cat, and now we call him either Mars, or Marsiky.

So, the cat got a new name and began to develop the room. It was such ridiculous and charming that its all the time wanted to be snuggled, taken on hands, to stroke... He, by the way, at all was afraid of nobody, and willingly allowed to take himself on hands and to iron. And here - that I also understood what is an allergy which scales could only guess earlier.

As soon as the kitten appeared at us in the house, I felt how at me it was combed in a nose, and I began to sneeze. By the evening it became worse. We with the husband, having laid the child, lay in a bed and watched TV. The kitten lay with us. My God what with me began! At once bunged up a nose, eyes began to water and to scratch desperately. I sneezed, without ceasing, exhausting mountains of napkins with which I blotted eyes and a nose. In a throat dried up, and I began to cough.

In an hour I could not watch TV any more, in general be with a kitten in one room. I drank Klaritin. Through some time it became easier, it is possible even to tell, much easier, but symptoms did not pass finally. Before going to bed I all - did not keep, and combed to myself eyes, forces to suffer was not any more. What I saw in a mirror in the morning - separate history.: - (I woke up as from a big bodun!:-) The eyes which swelled and swam away the person in red spots, in a throat dry trees. I was horrified, but at the same time strongly hoped that all this is only temporary.

was Sent by days, and my state did not change in any way. I regularly drank Klaritin, learned not to comb eyes and a face, but all the same the allergy remained. Having got somehow in one and a half weeks to the doctor concerning the swelled brush, I told at the same time and about an allergy. The doctor right there, without reflecting, told that I will get used soon, and the allergy will pass. The hope for disposal of an allergy got stronger even more, and I began to wait patiently. And here approximately in 4 weeks I really felt that the allergy began to recede. And though began at me with long sneezing still every morning, in the afternoon I felt much better. I ceased to drink tablets.

Passed a few weeks more, and I did not trust in this miracle - the allergy was not any more!!! I am in general a pessimist at heart, and though hoped that the allergy will pass, but all - trusted in it not too strongly. I still had weak reaction to wool when I especially long was very close to a cat, but it was such nonsense in comparison with what I tested in the first weeks.

there passed already half a year Now since we took to ourselves Marsik. I feel just fine, any even on a former allergy I have no hints any more. At the daughter, thank God, too no allergy was shown. She gently loves Marsik, cleans after him in a toilet (only!!!) with my help gives it “Wiskas“ and almost it does not grab a tail.:-)

Here history with my allergy so safely ended with

. In total - there are miracles on light!