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Who is who in kindergarten?

In each kindergarten work a great number of employees, and for each of them the duties. But sometimes it is quite difficult to parents to understand to whom to obratsya with the problems. So with whom it is the best of all to discuss questions of education? What it is possible to ask the methodologist about? What the tutor is responsible for? And in what the educational psychologist is engaged?

the Management

the manager of kindergarten, the senior tutor and the assistant manager on administratively - economic part treat administration of preschool institution.

Managing kindergarten. As in real life women direct kindergartens generally, and usually use the name of this position in a feminine gender - the manager.

the Manager performs the general management of kindergarten. In the activity it is guided by the Act of the Russian Federation “About education“, the Standard provision on preschool educational institution, the Charter of preschool institution, and by other acts. She takes care of completing of groups of children according to their age, a condition of their health, specific features and inquiries of parents, selects shots, directs teachers, and service personnel. Besides, the manager is responsible for rational use of budgetary appropriations, and also the means arriving from other sources.

Parents can address the manager for consultations and make own suggestions for improvement of work with children, in particular, of the offer on the organization of additional services. Parents also in the right to demand from it that the collective run by it provided to the child the appropriate leaving, education and training, protection and strengthening of health - according to terms of the contract.

the Senior tutor is engaged in methodical work and will organize all vospitatelno - educational process in kindergarten therefore in daily communication he is also called the methodologist.

Together with the manager he directs staff of kindergarten, participating in selection of shots, in development and deployment of programs of development and pedagogical plans. Completes groups with manuals, games, toys, organizes cooperation with other preschool institutions, schools, the children`s centers, the museums, etc.

the Senior tutor carries out extensive methodical work in pedagogical collective: open occupations for tutors, seminars, individual and group consultations. Besides he participates in work with parents: prepares stands, folders - the recursors devoted to family education and so forth

the Deputy head on vospitatelno - educational work . Sometimes this position can be met in the staff list of kindergarten instead of a position of the senior tutor. But this not quite same. If the senior tutor deals only with issues vospitatelno - educational process, then the deputy on vospitatelno - educational work besides coordinates work of all services, participates in adoption of administrative decisions.

the Assistant manager on administratively - economic part (supply manager) directs works on economic service of kindergarten. Watches a condition of rooms, is engaged in purchases of furniture, ware, equipment and toys. Directs works on improvement and gardening of the territory, monitors performance of fire-prevention actions and other safety conditions of children and adults.

the Main teaching staff

the Tutor (teacher) - the teacher who is directly responsible for life and health of the children entrusted to it. However the teacher not just “looks“ for kids, she plans and gives classes, games, walks and entertainments according to age of children. Creates conditions in group for successful realization vospitatelno - an educational program and, as a matter of fact, realizes it. Together with the musical director and the tutor on physical culture prepares holidays, entertaining and sports occupations. Directs work of the assistant teacher.

Besides, the tutor conducts work with parents concerning education of children in a family, involves them in active cooperation with kindergarten. Coordinates the preventive inoculations of children planned in preschool institution with parents.

If the kindergarten is fully completed by pedagogical shots, in each group works on two tutors who work in close cooperation with each other. The tutor has a seven-hour working day therefore the first change begins early in the morning - in 7. 00 to 14. The 00, second begins in 12. 00, and comes to an end in 19. 00. During the period with 12. 00 to 14. 00 both the tutor work together. At this time the teacher working since morning and giving classes tells about events of the first half of day, reports with whom it is necessary to work in addition to which of children vaccination what questions to discuss with parents are done and so forth

the Musical director is responsible with

for musical education. Will organize and gives musical classes, literaturno - musical morning performances, evenings. Reveals musically exceptional children and is engaged with them individually and in group. Participates in carrying out morning exercises, sports occupations and entertainments, provides music of organized games of children in 2 - y to a half of day, carries out musically - the didactic, dramatized and rhythmic games.

the Tutor gives sports classes in physical culture and during their carrying out completely is responsible for safety of pupils. Controls physical activity of children during the day. Together with the nurse controls hygienic conditions for carrying out occupations. Will organize explanatory work with parents concerning physical training.

As well as other teachers, the tutor on physical culture is guided

by the approved programs considering age features of children and during occupations considers individual opportunities of each child.

the swimming Instructor gives classes in the pool, also according to the program. Children of early and younger preschool age learns not to be afraid of a large amount of water (by means of special games - occupations), and begins training in different styles of swimming with middle preschool age (a crawl, a breast stroke, “dolphin“). Completely is responsible for safety of children on water. Together with the nurse controls a hygienic condition of the pool.

the Instructor helps children at an undressing and acceptance of a shower, accustoms them to strict observance of requirements of hygiene.


Questions of correction


the Educational psychologist - its work is directed to preservation of mental, somatic and social wellbeing of pupils. Its task - the help to children, parents and pedagogical collective in the solution of specific problems. The educational psychologist carries out psychological diagnostics, defines degree of deviations (intellectual, physical, emotional) in development of pupils, reveals violations of social development and will see off their psychologist - pedagogical correction. Participates in planning and development of the developing and correctional programs, in educational activity. Promotes development of creatively gifted pupils. Forms psychological culture of pedagogical workers, and also children and their parents.

the Logopedist is engaged in correction of deviations in development of the speech of children. Examines pupils, defines structure and degree of expressiveness of the defects which are available for them. Gives group and individual classes in correction of deviations.

Additional education

Lately in some kindergartens there was such position as the additional education teacher of various directions (to ecology, graphic activity, theatrically - game activity, rhythmics, training in a foreign language, etc.) .

the Additional education teacher on graphic activity will organize work with children on one or all types of graphic activity (drawing, a molding, application). Reveals and develops creative abilities of children, together with tutors studies specific features of pupils, plans during occupation of a task of different levels of complexity according to preparation and development of each child, and also conducts individual work. Except standard occupations gives classes in the form of conversation, supervision, excursions, involves children in search and experimental work, forming their creative activity in graphic activity.

the Additional education teacher of ecology
is responsible

for ecological education of preschool children on the basis of systematic supervision over objects and natural phenomena. The ecologist forms at children ecological knowledge and skills by means of game, graphic activity etc. Imparts to the pupils respect for the world of the nature.

the Additional education teacher on theatrically - game activity uses different types and forms of theatrical activity in the work. The purpose of its work - development of creative abilities, esthetic taste of children. This teacher, acquainting children with artistic receptions, stimulates expressiveness of the speech of each child, forms his intonation, gesture, a pose, gait. Learns to operate randomly the movements, and the movements of the represented characters. Under the leadership of the “theatrical“ teacher children prepare for performances on morning performances, for participation in dosuga, quizes, performances, and other teachers and parents participate in the organization theatrically - game activity (registration of rooms, providing with theatrical suits, attributes and accessories).

the Additional education teacher of training of children in a foreign language gives classes a foreign language. Its task - expansion of a lexicon of children with gradual transition to grammatical designs, formation of the correct pronunciation of sounds. This teacher advises teachers and parents concerning development of language skills of children, holds reporting events, prepares with children pass - performances.

the Additional education teacher of rhythmics
trains in

children musically - to the rhythmic movements and dances taking into account their physiological and age features. Forms and develops musical, movement skills, coordination of movements and plasticity at children. Trains children for festivals.

Health workers

in kindergarten deal with Medical issues the senior nurse, pool nurse, a diyetsestra, the massage nurse. More rare, in specialized kindergartens, it is possible to meet the physical therapy nurse and the physiotherapy exercises nurse.

the Senior medical nurse

sanitarno - the epidemic mode in kindergarten, and also monitors observance of a day regimen, food of children, the correct carrying out morning exercises, sports occupations and walks. Will organize actions for a hardening of children and participates in the organization of improving actions. Keeps daily account of the children who are absent due to illness, isolates sick children.


Besides, the senior nurse trains children for medical examinations and itself participates in them, takes weighing, anthropometrical measurements of children, carries out preventive inoculations and carries out appointments of the doctor.

pool Nurse - this position is available in gardens with the swimming pool and is sometimes combined with a position of the senior nurse. Pool nurse performs inspection of children before each class in swimming, exempts them from occupations at indispositions and complaints to feeling sick, watches a condition of children during occupations. Controls a sanitary condition of all rooms of the pool and the equipment.


of Diyetsestr and displays the daily menu and watches quality of cooking. It daily makes test of ready dishes and puts it on storage according to requirements of SES. Monitors implementation of the schedule of receiving food by groups and carries out daily round of groups, checking catering services in groups.

Junior service personnel

the assistant teacher, the cook, the storekeeper, the laundress, etc. treat junior service personnel. All these employees ensure trouble-free operation of preschool institution, but only the assistant teacher works directly with children.

the Assistant teacher , or the junior tutor (in daily communication - just the nurse) helps the tutor with the organization vospitatelno - educational process, and together with the tutor is responsible for life and health of pupils. The assistant teacher brings food from kitchen and helps with distribution, then cleans and washes the dishes, prepares water for washing of children, for rinsing of a mouth; in the senior groups will organize laying of children`s tables. Helps the tutor to walk children and to bring them to group, to undress kids before a quiet time and to dress after it. Necessary for carrying out the tempering and hygienic procedures prepares all, takes part in the organization of training sessions of children to swimming.

Also the nurse is responsible

for purity in rooms; twice a day she carries out damp cleaning in group. According to requirements of SES carries out sanitary processing of ware, toys. Watches purity of towels, changes them in process of pollution, helps the tutor with carrying out hygienic procedures with children. Once in 10 days carries out change of bed linen.

whom to address?

All teachers of kindergarten have to have the higher professional or secondary vocational education. At the manager and the senior tutor education has to be the highest. Each of teachers (the logopedist, the psychologist, additional education teachers, the tutor on physical culture) works together with the tutor in group, and that knowledge which the child gains on occupations are fixed then in daily activity.

parents can ask any employee of kindergarten questions and receive the qualified answer. So, the senior tutor can answer the questions concerning the organization of leisure of children of the house, to tell about the programs and methods of work used in kindergarten that the child to a certain age has to know and be able, advise what books and toys should be bought to the kid.

can discuss some questions of education With tutors: what to make that the child cleaned toys? what to occupy the child during preparation for a dinner with? how to discuss the read work with the child? what questions should be asked the child during examining of illustrations in the book?, etc.

the swimming Instructor will tell

how to make that the child with pleasure went to the pool or how to teach the child not to be afraid of water. The educational psychologist will consult concerning fears, whims, obstinacy at children. The logopedist will prompt effective methods of correction of the speech. The teacher on theatrically - game activity will tell how it is better to learn poems with the child.

the Assistant teacher (the junior tutor) will answer with

the questions concerning culturally - hygienic skills, appetite of the child, will explain when and as airing in group is carried out.

All staff of kindergarten works with

in close contact with each other, creating the best conditions for physical and mental life of the child.

the Operating mode

in kindergarten is available For each expert the schedule of work.

the Manager
works with

in the mode of irregular working hours according to the schedule which is usually made so that it was possible to control work of all structural divisions. Thus, the working day of the head of kindergarten can begin both in 7, and in 8, and at 9 o`clock in the morning, and come to an end respectively and at 5, and 7 o`clock in the evening.

At of the tutor the seven-hour working day. The first change lasts with 7. 00 to 14. The 00, second begins in 12. 00, and comes to an end in 19. 00. The period with 12. 00 to 14. 00 - hours when both tutors of group work together.

the Musical director, the tutor on physical culture and the swimming instructor
work with

according to the schedule which depends on the number of groups which they conduct.

the Educational psychologist , as well as the tutor, works 7 hours a day. The schedule of its work can cover as on the first, and second half of day that there was an opportunity to be engaged not only with children and teachers, but also to communicate with parents of pupils.

At of the additional education teacher the operating schedule is formed, proceeding from 18 - hour working week, i.e. it can come to work both every day, and several times a week - duration of its working day depends on it.

the Senior nurse
begins with

work in 7. 15. At this time she carries out morning reception, estimates a condition of children, especially those that came after an illness and were in contact with infectious patients.