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Breakfast of champions of

in the Morning all of us hurry somewhere. And often we do not manage to have breakfast - behind morning collecting on it just there is no time left. And a breakfast - a basis of our daily victories or defeats, and you should not neglect it.

Time can force to work as

for itself and to make it absolutely simply if in advance to think over morning the express - the menu.

we will agree At once: we exclude semi-finished products and a microwave - we decided to care for the health. So, at our disposal is: a traditional, “morning“ set of products, a grill or a roaster, a teapot and (for gourmets) - a frying pan. It is a little imagination, and from competition to a minute hand you will come out the winner.


of Options set. For example, bread can be smeared with oil with various fillers (from calculation: an oil spoon - on a mix spoon). Try to prepare oil with grated cheese, with small cut green onions and parsley or tomato - with dense tomato paste. Garlick (pounded with a garlic glove) - too quite good idea, especially in the winter. However before a business meeting it is better to refrain from it. In sprats (with carefully kneaded sprats) it is good to add grated cheese and too the kneaded yolk. And, at last, dessert - the cocoa pounded from 1/3 spoon, icing sugar and vanilla sugar.

Hot sandwiches

Here where the scope for creativity opens (provided that you have a grill or a roaster)!

can make

of Preparation for hot sandwiches in the evening, to put on a plate and to clean in the refrigerator a plastic bag or having covered with a film. It is also good to grate a little cheese in advance - it can be useful.


It is offered several original recipes:

the Express - a charlotte - smear with oil white loaf, from above put thin slices of apples and strew with granulated sugar that apples were not oxidized.

the Express - cutlet - on the bread smeared with oil put a thin layer of forcemeat, salt, pepper, strew with grated cheese.

By the way, forcemeat it is possible to fill simple drying, previously soaked in milk, and also to strew all with grated cheese.

Cottage cheese we will not tell


about advantage of cottage cheese - it is well-known. Having taken as a basis classical cottage cheese with sour cream, it is possible to experiment. For example, to add to it small cut green onions and hard-boiled egg. Or - tomato paste and a little red pepper. Unusual taste turns out from a combination of cottage cheese and sour cream to the crushed onions.

Interesting option for those who are not afraid to recover, - dessert cottage cheese: with icing sugar, cocoa, slices of apples and strawberry. It is possible to put the yolk pounded with sugar in it also.

Sour cream

Besides a habitual glass of sour cream with sugar is possible

the mass of combinations.

Try to fill in with sour cream the cut green onions and rye crispbread - it is better with cheese. Mix. Simply and very tasty!


Is sung by

repeatedly and deservedly. One fried cheese (schnitzel from cheese) what costs! However quickly to prepare it at you it will hardly turn out. Therefore it is better to pay attention to morning options. In particular, toasts with cheese. Put portion pieces of cheese on the warmed frying pan (it is desirable with a teflon covering), on everyone - on a slice of the bread roasted since evening, cover and remove a frying pan from fire. By then, as you stop washing, the excellent breakfast will be ready.

of Kashi

Food nourishing and useful, irreplaceable, from any point of view. Let you be not confused by need of additional preparations - in the evening it will take away from you only several minutes.

Fill up with oat flakes of a high milling (it is possible to take and 4 - grain) slices of apples with sugar and accurately water all with vegetable oil. Oil “grabs“ flakes as armor, protecting apples (or any other filler) from oxidation. As a filler it is possible to use anything - from a cranberry to tinned pineapples.

fill in porridge with boiled water in the Morning. It is not necessary to cook it - under a cover it “will reach“ in 10 minutes.

Can do without boiled water in general. For example, to fill in buckwheat with kefir and to leave for the night at the room temperature.

By the way

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  • the Breakfast which is always with you

of Egg


without them a breakfast! However, fans of soft-boiled eggs and “in a sack“ should be disappointed - there is no time to count seconds in the morning. But all necessary for fried eggs and an omelet can be prepared since evening.

Preparation for an omelet: shake up eggs with milk, salt and add pieces of boiled sausage or sausage. That eggs did not thicken in a night, from above pour a little vegetable oil to block air access. Pour out everything on the warmed frying pan in the morning and at once remove.

Can remember the childhood and to prepare an egg flip. Pound until white a yolk with sugar, add some cocoa, slices of apples, strawberry, generally - everything that it is necessary for soul. Fill in with vegetable oil - and in the refrigerator. Of course, if time allows, it is better to prepare an egg flip just before the use, but it - as will turn out.

By the way

  • Not gold, but simple

If at you are several excess minutes, make fried eggs - pie. Accurately break egg, without having damaged a yolk, and pour out it on the warmed frying pan. Having slightly inclined it, let`s protein flow down in one party, a rake throw the “grabbed“ protein on a yolk and fry fried eggs on both sides. Proteinaceous pie with a stuffing from a yolk will turn out (dampish or completely ready is already on your discretion).