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Half a century German in Russia studied as the main foreign language back. Over time the situation changed: the list of obligatory objects of the majority of educational institutions included English whereas German and French receded on the second and third positions. The scope of German grows as now rossiysko - the German relations continuously develop and are an important factor of the European cooperation in the sphere of economy, policy, culture, education and in other areas. According to the reference book “Germany. The facts“, now in Russia and the CIS countries this language study about 8 million people.

speak German in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Belgium. The communities talking on it remained in the USA, Canada, Russia, Kazakhstan and in some countries of South America. In general more than 100 million people on all globe consider German as the native language. It gained distribution to Peter the Great`s times in Russia. After it forced out French. In the first half of the 20th century when Germany became the main opponent of Russia on military fronts, language Goethe again got popularity in Russia.


Today in Moscow one gymnasium and nineteen public schools with profound teaching German work. The educational institution No. 1294 (BAO) was founded in 1965 as the MGPIIYa basic school. Here the program of studying of language includes such objects as literature of the German-speaking countries, technology of transfer, business German. Thanks to strong communications with the German cultural center of Goethe of the teacher can improve the knowledge. Besides, at school also their foreign colleagues according to the program of the Central management of foreign schools of Germany work. Language training is calculated on passing an examination on the international certificate “German as foreign here“. Being the recognized international diploma, this document exempts his owner from test passing on German at receipt in any higher educational institution of Germany. Pupils of the tenth classes of school No. 1294 for improvement of language and acquaintance to local culture go to Berlin.

One of the oldest schools of Moscow, No. 1283 (TsAO), in November, 2005 noted 70 - the anniversary. About five hundred of her pupils start studying of German from the first class. According to the program on it take away on two - three lessons a week. Every year language loading increases. In educational institution the invited teacher from Germany works. Together with it three teachers of school who passed special training have the right to train pupils (since the eighth class) to passing an examination according to the SD program - Start Deutsch. The best pupils successfully take the test though requirements are rather high. Annually tenth-graders within three months (from April to June) train at schools of Essen and Berlin.

In Linguistic lyceum No. 1555 at the HAZE (TsAO) training are conducted with eighth on the eleventh by classes. Receipt goes to lyceum on a competitive basis - by results of written examinations in the Russian and foreign languages. German is learned as the first here and as the second language along with many others. Each of objects is given for six hours a week at six-day form of education. The language course includes grammar, practice, house reading, literature and regional geography. The lyceum also actively participates in programs of a school exchange.

In the Moscow state linguistic gymnasium No. 1513 located in Novinsky Boulevard (TsAO), German is a profile subject. It is studied from the second class in a pro-gymnasium (1 - 4 classes) on three - four hours a week at five-day form of education. In a gymnasium (5 - 11 classes, 350 people) lessons of German are conducted by five times a week. From the seventh class add three more hours of English to it. For seventeen years the gymnasium carries out an exchange with schools of three German cities: Dusseldorf, Wiesbaden and Ingolstadt. Thus, annually educational institution sends about thirty pupils to Germany and accepts three groups of the German school students in Russia. The educational institution will organize also trips to Dusseldorf. For eight last years it participates in the program of training of the best pupils within one and a half years on the right of obtaining the diploma of DSD 2. The German representatives who are specially coming to Russia under the auspices of Department of foreign schools at Embassy of Germany in Moscow act as examination committee. The gymnasium No. 1513 was one of the first educational institutions where carried out this program. Now seven Moscow schools participate in it already. The pupils who gathered at examination of 50 and more points receive the certificate, and five best graduates are given an opportunity to continue education in University of Bonn.


In Russia (in Moscow and St. Petersburg) the German cultural center of Goethe (Goethe`s Institute) mentioned above who also offers various programs of studying of German from any of six levels works, will organize groups for seniors, adults, corporate occupations. There are professional courses, individual programs and thematic classes in literature, music, art. The cost of standard level for adults is equal to 11 700 rub, for students - 9 600 rub. The institute carries out examinations (paid) on the certificates conforming to the European standards and confirming the level of knowledge of German. Teachers of the center have high vocational training, and results of examinations recognize worldwide.

In Moscow also the set of language offices of various orientation exists. The oldest State central courses of foreign languages (B. Dorogomilovskaya St.) offer three five-months cycles (the price of one level - 10 000 rub) studying of German. Groups on fourteen people are engaged twice a week for three hours. Upon termination of courses issue to pupils the diploma of the state sample.

Courses of foreign languages at the MFA of Russia offer

the five-level program of studying of German. Occupations take place two times a week for two hours in small groups. The cost of one four-months level - 17 550 rub. Lessons will organize also in an individual order (1 500 rub) .

the Center of training in foreign languages at MGIMO assumes six stages of studying of German for three months at the rate of 100 class periods everyone. Occupations take place in small groups two times a week for four hours. Upon termination of each level which price is equal to 20 670 rub issue the certificate.

“the Unique person - the Center“ the Russian Peoples` Friendship University on one occupation a week as a part of group should pay

In Association of pre-university education 5 400 rub for a three-months language course. Each individual lesson will cost 1640 rub. Upon termination of courses issue the certificate. There are also decimestrial courses.

At faculty of foreign languages and general education disciplines of RUDN where within a year students of all specialties of university, the number of classes in a foreign language, including German study, is made by 800 - 900 hours (20 - 24 h a week) depending on specialty. The cost of training depends on future specialty of the student. At the same time additional preparation on general education disciplines (450 h) is included here. Upon termination of a bachelor degree graduates pass the state examination and at positive results gain the diploma of the translator or translator assistant.

German as the main specialty (with qualification “linguist“, “teacher“, “translator“) is taught in capital higher education institutions: MSU, HAZE, Moscow pedagogical state university, Moscow pedagogical regional university, MPU of Sholokhov, etc.