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Demisezonye (spring menu) of

Excellent piece spring. Everything wants to blossom and ear, fall in love and to propagate... Only where to take on it forces when around avitaminosis? Moreover and a post on a nose.


the Spring is, of course, first of all cucumbers. And the mimosa, streamlets, thawed patches and glades, Women`s Day, birdies sing also the first of April - all this later.

If to approach a cucumber with boringly - the scientific point of view, then a cucumber not that the good fellow, and just the superhero. Those unfortunate five percent which fall on its pulp (other ninety five, as we know, - water) contain the mass of vitamins and minerals with names difficult to pronounce. At least one of which - tartronovy acid - promotes active weight loss. And it is quite enough glucose with fructose in cucumbers not to allow your organism to fail in a faint in the course of adjustment of a figure under a new bathing suit if you decide to arrange to yourself ogurechno - a fasting day.

Is present

, apparently, nothing healthier and simpler than tarator soup which Bulgarians eat not the first century... For its preparation take cucumbers more, to greens as much, garlic and kefir. Garlic is crushed, usually in a mortar, add slightly - slightly walnuts - only for the sake of supply of with selenium and easily usvoyaemy protein. Cucumbers rub on a small grater, salt and mix with chesnochno - nut meat. Greens - fennel in particular, and also cilantro or even an estragon - are small chopped, it is preferable without logs, and pour atop. Then all this needs to be parted with kefir or curdled milk and to allow to stand in the refrigerator of hour or so - another. The only lack of it a miracle - soup - impossibility of the subsequent close contacts.

For some reason in combination with kefir garlic gives to

surprisingly persistent smell which cannot be destroyed neither furious toothbrushing, nor the most thermonuclear chewing gums. The effect of them is gained here what: you (and all people around) feel that you ate “tarator“ to which you added mint. Fresh breath facilitates understanding. Good idea, by the way. Mint is perfectly combined with cucumbers.

one more spring vegetable (and there is a wish to tell - “ovoshchonok“), to which we almost do not pay attention Is. Garden radish. To whom there is a business to a garden radish? And it, by the way, too well. Only one cheerful type of what costs! And the main thing, goes not that doomsday, and from Armenia some next or Georgia. That is does not manage to lose all with what his mother - the earth awarded on the road. I will even tell you one seditious thing: some madmen grow up a garden radish at themselves on a window sill. I, however, to any personally did not look in the face, but eyewitnesses told. And so, the garden radish is underestimated. Large copies are extremely good stuffed.


For a farshirovka will need a small spoon with very keen edges, soft cream cheese and shnitt - onions. It is possible green to take, but to look it it will be already not so effective. You cut off at a pupochka radish it was possible to put, and you cut them across in half. Then you make dredging of interiors which you use in a green salad, for example. And on their place you stamp the cheese mixed with small cut shnitt - onions. From above it is necessary to strew with fresh ground black pepper. Delightful spring snack. Small redisochka are fine, of course, in itself. They can be stuck on toothpicks together with pieces of sweet pepper and to dip into tuntsovy gas station. Bank of a tuna it is ground together with greens, capers and olive oil - the weight is “more smooth“, the redisochny crunch will be better to be felt. And still very tasty a radish to rub on a grater, to mix with vegetable oil and salt, and then to spread a hill on the warm potato baked in a foil.

the Potatoes filled

By the way, about potato. By the end of March she manages to bore. Both fried, and boiled, and mashed potatoes. But there is no place to disappear from it, despite all variety surrounding us now. It is necessary to dodge, think potato thoughts and to carry out them. Behind this we will address for experience foreign kitchens. Spaniards, for example, with potato are not so unseparable as Slavs, but all - respect. Also eat with respect not that we: cleaned - in a kettle - to fennel, fat - and on a table. There it is stuffed.

At first from the whole crude potato take out all soul, leaving only thin stenochka. Then fill it the forcemeat consisting of the onions fried with mushrooms and bacon. In fast option will quite descend also without bacon. Ah, still parsley pours there! Then these potatoes filled are fried in the boiling oil, fixedly watching that forcemeat did not run away. The potatoes fried to a brown crust stack in a ceramic heat resisting form on a layer of the slices fried in the same oil (which were their interiors earlier). Then do sauce: parsley with garlic is pounded in a mortar, stirred with white wine and broth, add a saffron and fill in with it potato. Put in an oven and bake to readiness.

However, less refined options in the Spanish relation to potato there is a lot of too. To take at least “patatas aioli“ - banal cold boiled potatoes with mayonnaise. It is a little sausage, pickles and peas - and you know what will turn out... With only that difference that mayonnaise house and with garlic.

since the time of Diogenes knows the unlucky creature that all scientists are cranks. Not into a barrel will get, so into a bottle. Nutritionists are good too. They say that for the person living in our latitudes, the annual norm of consumption of green onions has to be not less than eight (and it is better ten) kilograms a year. Then, say, this Homo Lukus will avoid all large and small medical horrors. Of course, scientists tell nothing about private life of this person. That to imagine it, it is necessary just to make simple arithmetic calculations, having increased the average duration of human life in this country - it seems, 68 years - on ten... and to imagine to itself 680 kg of green onions. On private life there are no chances. Unless with same onions - the fanatic... And then it will be already significantly more than a ton! Impresses.

Though, undoubtedly, very tasty things from green onions are. For example, paste from the usual small cut and well fried onions, the hard-boiled eggs and green onions which has to be as much how many napiform, - all this with salt, pepper, is filled with olive oil and it is processed in the meat grinder. Ostrovaty weight with a specific smell which is very tasty for smearing on fresh black bread turns out.

Favourite national greens, not particularly why called parsley, actually bear in itself not less advantage at all though there is a little other direction. In it there is a lot of carotene and vitamin C. And in fennel also folic acid which for ordinary people practically without need, and here to babies in a womb is necessary for development of healthy nervous system.

By the way, pastes it is possible to do of any greens. And it is recommended to those who has a post pesto: and they can water macaroni, and potato, and on bread to smear, and to dip vegetables into it. And only it is necessary to push as much as possible greens in the meat grinder and to grind, it is possible together with pine nuts, then to fill with the good not refined oil and to salt. I very much liked to add earlier olive or an olive there. With the baked fish very tasty.


, Vanya, tyuryu

On what only cunnings goes the person to provide itself with nutrient! Remember at least Mitki from their well-known tyury - preparation for hungry winter. It, apparently, was based on sausage, processed cheeses “Friendship“ and bread. All this was accurately ground and rolled up in 3-liter jars. Fortunately, the hungry winter so never also came since then therefore most of Mityok was pokosit nevertheless by vodka, but not this terrible mix...

But if without fanaticism, then some mixes can be not only useful, but also tasty. Here, for example, a thing which as it seems to me, needs to be prescribed without fail all workers of brainwork - for compensation of cogitative expenses, and to hard workers - workers - physical. Are required: dried apricots, lemons, honey and nuts. It is necessary to put all this in the meat grinder and to turn into porridge. You in general noticed that the meat grinder - the most popular spring tool, and porridge - the most preferable type of food? It not to complicate already tired organism excessive operations. Why to chew when it is possible just to lick a spoon?


Instead of dried apricots dried peaches, pears, cherry, strawberry or prunes can act. Choose nuts to taste: for example, in Brazil nuts there is so much selenium that it is enough 1 nut a day to cover norm; it is quite good to take a filbert, a peanut, cedar, almonds... and it is possible and only little by little.

This fine mix should be eaten with

daily, but not too leaning. Vitamins there some mad quantity, but calories - is even more.

Soup of day

By the way - about calories. The spring - is a high time to think of them in detail. In Soviet period of the girl poor in vegetables very much liked to keep to different diets with interesting names. I remember, there was some African diet (on raisin for some reason and apples), Eve`s diet (porridge on boiled water), a potato goncharovsky diet (not Ilya Ilyich meant, and Natalya Nikolaevna)...


I from all this magnificence distinguished a diet “Spring“. It was necessary to cook nearly ten-liter pan of soup for one and a half weeks. All vegetables which could be got, except potato entered soup. Is it about three once a day followed and to grow thin at the same time on 5 kg a week. Why I so well remembered it? Because the young ladies sitting on it managed in process to lose not complexion and cheerfulness of thought, but kilograms and centimeters.

of the Diet at all not about me: in three hours after I make the decision to saddle some, the terrible zhor attacks and smothers until I stop being engaged in these nonsenses. But I love soups, especially during transitional seasons when slush hides from a human eye of paint of life. If to cook not ten liters, but one, then this multi-colored soup with interest will replace them. It is necessary to gather any differences: cabbage, haricot, carrots, celery, pepper, peas, corn...

I Ask to notice

that types of cabbage at us in use not less than seven, and haricots - peas and at all pieces ten. So it is possible to vary. Or to cook every day soup of new color: red of pepper and a red cabbage; orange - from carrot and red pepper; yellow - from yellow pepper and corn; green - from broccoli, scapes of a celery and green beans; ý - ý - aa... with blue and blue problems though, it seems, there is a blue potato; violet - from beet and red beans. By the way, such diet is too - in the flowers.


Mushrooms - not the easiest food. Some them are at all cannot. And here to the healthy fasting citizens now with mushrooms expanse. Recently we with the daughter went on the good Moscow market. On the street minus, and in the market - mushroom disorders. Yes, they there frozen. But what choice! I do not speak about delicacies: white and chanterelles. But there are democratic mossiness mushrooms and slippery jacks! Birch mushrooms and obabk! And whole hats to you, and pieces... lovely sight. It is simple not to buy a sin.

mushrooms with onions and potato are able to Fry everything and without me. And here brochette? It is necessary to get wooden skewers only. Further sweet pepper, tomatoes - cherry and zucchini undertakes. The mushrooms (which thawed certainly) previously to cut in large cubes and to pickle in olive oil with salt - pepper and Worcester sauce about half an hour.

the Oven warm

to the maximum moreover and include a grill. It is necessary to imitate coals somehow. Are put on a skewer: a piece of pepper - a mushroom - zucchini - a piece of pepper - a mushroom - tomato. All this can be sprinkled olive oil too, to lay out at an angle on a baking sheet (that one end of a skewer was higher than another) and to bake minutes fifteen. To give with any sauce, with the same pesto, for example.

Still, of course, mushrooms stuff

. Let`s tell, birch mushroom hats very for this purpose are good - and not just capitalist champignons - overages with the proud name “portobello“. Forcemeat in meat time can quite include ham and cheese - and in fast is good also vegetable, with a large number of garlic, onions and tomatoes.

Baked pudding is available seductive - from mushrooms and vegetables. However, it is heavy to do without eggs - will collapse. It is made of cabbage (better than Savoy), carrots, leek, red sweet pepper, usual onions and tomatoes. Onions with carrot and tomatoes are cut and fried on a frying pan, cabbage and pepper soar in a double boiler to softness. Too it is better to fry mushrooms. Then all this mixes up, the stale bread which is previously wetted in milk and the shaken-up eggs is added there. The turned-out weight (seasoned with salt and spices) gives all the best in the oiled form which, in turn, is put in the bigger capacity filled on one third with water. And in such difficult look the design goes for half an hour in quite hot oven. When cools down, baked pudding can be cut and eaten cold. With himself it is convenient to hire.

the Comparative analysis

In a uniform rush to investigate and classify the value of our world scientists decided to place priorities in the fruit environment. Each fruit was sorted on components: vitamins, minerals, calories, proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Then something was divided, increased, calculated percent... also appropriated to everyone on STs is a daily value. Here what three of leaders turned out. On the first place with a big separation the exotic newcomer of a kiwi escaped - it has 16 points. On the second place a papaya, even less popular with us, with 14 points. On the third - a melon with thirteen. Somewhere at the end of the list the apples and pears which did not gain even 3 points dangle. Well to buy a kiwi from us not the problem - and even sometimes fresh come across. And here the papaya and a melon can be got quite dried. Effect, of course, not that, but it is necessary to reach for ideals at least.


At my place fifteen stores years the plate which is cut out obviously from some serious American newspaper. Paper qualitative, for so many years any small letter was not erased. It is the list of the vegetable and fruit cocktails recommended at different problematic states. I think, copyright behind a limitation period was cancelled long ago so it is possible to peredrat this table with quiet conscience. Especially as there each word - the truth. Whether it is necessary to say that juice has to be svezhayshevyzhaty?.

Vegetable cocktails - unfairly unpopular thing. Though, perhaps, the situation will change soon. We like to follow an example of America? And there, in Hollywood, at some stars in contracts daily consumption of some interesting drinks is written down. Here, say, one megahollywood star daily uses eight glasses kapustno - spinach juice. Also it is meanwhile young...

Council concerning preparation of vegetable cocktails is simple

: take only the best vegetables. Nothing acceptable will leave pale rubber tomatoes which filled counters now. It makes sense to do fresh tomato juice only since July. And here a celery, the same cucumbers, carrots and beet - just right. It is possible to season vegetable juice and in certain cases it is even necessary. It is the best of all soy or Worcester sauce, olive oil and Tabasco - on the fan. Buy the juice extractor right now. The rush of love to a new piece of house utensils as practice shows, lasts about two months. Just will be enough to live up to summer.