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As I kept breastfeeding of

After the birth the daughter put to a breast in 1,5 hours. The daughter often sucked a breast, milk was not yet, was content with colostrum. Often cried, I considered that from a stomach, and the neigbour - that for hunger. The daughter its the first (15 years) - an iskusstvennitsa, and the neigbour at once at doctors asked to bring mixes that colostrum you will not be full. For the second day I under its pressure tried to finish feeding the baby the brought mix too, but very inconveniently to do it by the syringe, and I did not see special desire at the daughter it is. Therefore everything poured out in a sink.

Milk came to third day. It was much. I fed on demand, I so wanted, and so recommended in maternity hospital. Doctors answered my questions of decantation that it is necessary to decant a breast after each feeding, and here is how it is correct to do it explained nobody. And I did not ask as on arrival home I intended to use a milk pump, and did not think that there can be questions about it. And still, seeing as my neigbour does it - repeated after her, without reflecting whether it is correct.

I continued to feed with

of the House on demand. The daughter sucked long, slept a little, minutes on 20 - 30, often fell asleep at a breast. As let out a breast, I stacked it in a bed, but through a small period she woke up, and I put it to a breast again. Therefore it turned out that as soon as I began to decant milk, I had to go to the woken-up daughter. It was very frequent so that it was impossible to be decanted by sense in any way. And still, I did not know, to consider feeding in 20 minutes following or still by that, and on ignorance put to the same breast though there milk - that is already not enough - already fed with it moreover the part decanted. There was a strong wish to give other breast, but, remembering a ban of the doctor not to feed in one feeding with both that and other breast that milk was not gone, was afraid to break it. Though could not understand in any way why it has to be gone.

It only much later I subtracted

that one, but though it is a little to give other breast at the end of feeding needs to nurse even. Because it is considered that milk in the second breast remained unclaimed and the signal on reduction of production of milk comes to a brain. It turned out that a breast full, milk in it stands, and I cannot give it as there passed not enough time from the previous feeding, and I put it the same breast. All thought that there will pass more time, then it will be possible to give other breast. But everything comes with experience. And then it was not at all, and I when managed and when is not present, to be decanted. Used mookootsosy, from time to time massing a breast.

I here to the child month, and my temperature rose, the breast hurts, and on one breast of 2 pink specks appeared, painful. And here also day off, you do not descend to the doctor. Decided to call the gynecologist (she gave a ban on feeding by both breasts in one feeding in due time). She told that I put the child more often to a painful breast, and about another that for a while forgot. The head went around, it turns out that I try to relieve one breast of stagnation, and in another intentionally I will do it!

was Advised by her to me that the husband rassosat stagnation. Like, the child has no so many forces that to cope with it (it I know now that to the child it in power). The husband agreed at once, he could not see my sufferings. He rumpled a breast, adjusting milk to a nipple, and having sucked away, spitted out. It became much easier. I call other gynecologist home, to consult. It, having listened, told to go to hospital to the surgeon, there he will solve, to cut or not. I in horror. Advises me to buy mix, to leave the child with the father, and most to go. I do not want to transfer the daughter to mix at all, and then, knowing how many she sleeps, I do not decide to leave it with the father together. Here the doctor says that the breast will come to look to me. Somewhere in an hour it came. Having examined, made the conclusion that it laktostaz, and wrote me the direction on ultrasound.

Ultrasound was done by the lovely nurse, alternating it to massaging of my breast and decantation. It is the first who showed me as it is correct to do it, I am very grateful to it. Also she to me recommended to put a cabbage leaf to painful sites. It was for this purpose necessary to dip it into boiled water for several seconds, and having slightly cooled, to put. I estimated this its council, it fine helped.


Ya ulrazvuk 6 times, but, frankly speaking, having come there for the first time, I very much doubted that to me there will be enough 6 times. Houses I continued to mass a breast and to decant whenever possible. Ceased to use a milk pump, threw it where far away, hands much more simply and easy appeared. Generally, I coped with a problem.


When to the daughter executed month, we, as well as it is necessary, went for reception to the pediatrician. It turned out that she put on weight only 300 grams, and grew by 3 cm. Made control weighing. The daughter ate 30 grams. The doctor told that at her age she has to eat already 100 grams, is 30 a little. According to the recommendation of the doctor I began to accept means for increase in a lactation. A saw I both “Apilak“ and “Mlekoin“, Laktovit tea and infusion of a nettle, and even infused milk with walnuts. I did not feel anything special. The daughter the pediatrician transferred her to the mixed feeding. She told to consider so: nurse - it is conditional 30 grams, and 70 - to finish feeding mix.


mix. After the first dokorm the daughter overslept more than an hour, I was glad that, at last, I hungry will not have her, but everything was farther still, the dream was short. At that time also GAZ cars tormented therefore, most likely, the daughter cried from - for them, she began “to eat up“ now. But at heart of a cat scraped, I felt, to softly tell, defective that I cannot feed the child. Well though that how many - I can give that to it the milk.

For the second month the increase made 1100 grams, grew by 2 cm. So, from the first to the third month I finished feeding the daughter mix. The truth it not always ate 70 grams of a dokorm when it is less when it is more.

on June 15, the daughter in two days 3 months. In two months the daughter got used to a small bottle with a pacifier (from usual flatly refused, could not accustom), and began to refuse a breast. I in panic, milk am, and it is not wanted! It Rasperezhivatsya that again stagnation will be. On the advice of the cousin Tanya (and her second kid is one month more senior than my daughter), I began a thicket to put the daughter to a breast. It on a disketka transferred to the same time to me articles downloaded from the Internet about feeding by a breast. As I am grateful to it! They got to me at the right time. From them I learned that the child for each feeding eats differently. Even if he on norm needs to eat 100 grams, he can eat only 30, but another time he can eat, for example, 120 grams. Eh, would know I about it when did control weighing!

I shared

On reception at the pediatrician that the daughter began to refuse a breast on what the doctor shrugged shoulders: will refuse, so will refuse. There were no councils how to make so that it did not occur. Such situation did not suit me at all. Especially one situation when the child is transferred to artificial feeding when mother has no milk at all, and absolutely another - when milk is, and the child from - for habits to a small bottle is forced to eat mix, but not a mother`s milk.

Still I learned

from articles how to define whether is enough for the child of milk.

the Essence consisted here in what.

Should consider by
  1. quantity of wet diapers in days (them has to be not less than 8 - 10). Unless the doctor spoke to consider diapers? No, of course not!
  2. to Watch
  3. at mood of the child i.e. if it is cheerful, disturbs nothing him then there is enough milk. I agreed that the hungry child will let mother know that something disturbs him the behavior.
  4. the Increase in weight in a month has to be normal for age of the kid.

Having read articles, and also letters of those who shared the results, I made the decision to work, I lost nothing, and moved me huge desire to nurse the daughter. Having begun to put more often the child to a breast, the quantity of the dokorm given to the daughter sharply decreased to 20 - 30 grams. Quantity of wet diapers - 10 pieces in 6 hours. It is a good sign. The daughter perfectly feels, does not show concern. Great! It is necessary to learn a weight increase...

When walked with it, I took with myself a small bottle with mix. And, coming home, I poured out all contents of a small bottle in a sink as there was no need for it. Still after a while the quantity of a dokorm was brought to naught and when I offered the daughter a bottle, saw a protest from the daughter. She so weaned from her that she turned away, at the sight of her. Here so I fought for breastfeeding, and won! And it is enough - that quickly.

Already since the beginning of July the daughter was only on breastfeeding. All next months Nika gained weight well, always within norm. The need for decantation was gone by itself after 3 months. If there was a morbidity in a breast, then the child coped with any stagnation. Even happened, spoke to the daughter: “Give, my good, each other we will help“.

of Milk came so much how many it was necessary for my child. I made many mistakes on ignorance, but, in time having taken measures, I reached the desirable. Still relatives advised me to feed on hours, said that I often feed her that else that milk was not digested. But I - that knew that maternal milk is easily acquired, and the kid himself knows how many to it is. I did in own way because it was sure that they did not read new information on this subject, and try to impose me how fed. On my question to them, “what to do if she cries, the breast asks?“ they answered what will cry and will calm down. Maybe the child if he would be given substitute - a baby`s dummy would calm down, but mine - that flatly refused it and on themselves would experiment: there was a wish to eat, and instead of food to take a piece of rubber and to chew. I would look at them!

on March 17 to the daughter. I continue to nurse, I do not think of the breastfeeding termination yet.

in conclusion:

  1. Mother always feels the child, it has to consider and satisfy his requirements. It is not necessary to listen to those who advise to close eyes to the crying kid, to put to him a pacifier. It is necessary to be guided by the child.
  2. If the doctor points
  3. to shortage of milk and advises to finish feeding the child, try to put more often it to a breast, it stimulates a mammary gland on production of milk. To begin dokorm never late. In one very clever book it is written:“ even the old woman who was giving birth 40 years ago will be able to feed the child with a milk drop if he constantly sucks, stimulate a breast“. I completely agree with it. What to tell about just given rise woman when the nature gave her such ability.
  4. If the child began to refuse a breast, having got used to easy food from a small bottle, and you are seriously adjusted to fight for breastfeeding, then do not give in to temptation to put a bottle to the child if he after long attempts and refuses a breast. All this is temporary. Again persistently offer it a breast, do not think that something happens to it for hunger. What still will remain to it except how to take a breast if any more nothing is offered? Real fact: at an earthquake the maternity hospital, under fragments hundreds of babies collapsed. What surprise when all were rescued in several days was, and they were without food and water. At small there is such feature - they can do without food several days without prejudice to health. Perhaps, it will seem cruel, but it so. It is a terrible example, but very indicative.
  5. the First month it was heavy
  6. , the daughter did not want to sleep in a bed more than 15 minutes in any way. And nights and at all insufferably constantly to jump on shout. What here dream? From second month the daughter sleeps with me. From this point began to sleep long, could oversleep all night long. Well and me it became much easier, it is not necessary to rise. After 10 months decided to accustom gradually with the husband her to a bed. At this stage one wall at a bed is cleaned and moved up to ours, it seems as sleeps with us, and in too time, in the bed. It is very convenient because mother needs to get enough sleep that there were forces to be engaged with the child in the afternoon.
  7. After 5 months I all - broke a ban: began to feed the child in one feeding with both breasts, my many acquaintances so did. And after 9 months the daughter herself began to choose a breast. I consider that time to nurse left came, I give it it, and it, having sucked, undertakes right. To it - that is more visible that it is necessary to it. Very often sucks alternately one, other breast. And here result - I feed still what and to you I wish.