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In half a year after our Lizaveta`s appearance on light I decided to write my fast childbirth how it was.

In half a year after our Lizaveta`s appearance on light I decided to write my fast childbirth how it was.

All pregnancy (except for 6 - the 7th weeks - lay on preservation) I passed

remarkably. Never would think that I will so well transfer hot summer. In general, we planned emergence the child by May that just and not to go on a heat, but the destiny disposed differently.

After the first ultrasonography I already knew that there will be a girl, the subsequent inspections only confirmed it. We already too thought up long ago a name therefore it was necessary only to give rise to the specified term. Why to specified? Yes because we concluded the contract with maternity hospital, paid a money, and after the last ultrasonography which showed a large (3820) fruit, I was told that will put in time if I do not give rise. It is necessary to pay in addition still. “For what?“ - I wondered, - “Who is guilty? And what it is necessary to make?“ Generally, the toad concerning these surcharges and spare cash smothered me was not at all. Also we decided to persuade to appear Lisa on August 11. There was few hope, but nevertheless.

of the 9th I left the house on shops last time. decided to spend the 10th at home, to complete which - what put, to pack things in maternity hospital since it should lay down all the same. Unexpectedly in the evening the husband`s relatives from other city appeared suddenly (in transit), I was delighted at all not because already sipped a waist and the tummy was too big to twirl by it before people. In general, it there was a strong wish to be hammered where - nibud into a corner that nobody saw... Then I did not understand the reason of such mood yet:-).

Went to bed and... I fell asleep. What too is strange. The last month 3 I practically did not sleep at night, stirred a stomach and a pinaniye a detenka. Slept off in the afternoon. And here and a bit earlier went to bed... In 12 nights I jumped from sharp waist pain. The thought flashed: if it is fights, then it about - is very sick. Bol did not keep itself waiting long and repeated. I went to a toilet, obvious disorder of digestion was felt. I sat minutes 10 then noticed already slime with blood.

I Awake with

the husband: “I give birth, get up!!!“ And as he heard such phrases already throughout 2 - x the last weeks (training fights and just my fears), did not react to me in any way. There now, I suspect, cheerfully, now its raspikhivaniye still time to lose. Began to gather slowly, told it about blood (and he is afraid of blood), woke up. Began to mark fights: 5 minutes. My God that so often - that!!! Is that so! It turns out, I overslept everything?! Called an Ambulance. Spoke to me girlfriends, call a taxi. The ambulance was waited by 40 minutes. I already jumped from fights, sighed - gasped, tried to breathe as learned on courses. A little bit helped. We live on 15 - m the floor and when there arrived the Ambulance in the person of the fragile girl, it, seeing as I 2 times was bent educh in the elevator, told: “Oh, and in the car - that you as will go?“

the Maternity hospital is nearby, the car went accurately, but took me in 3 minutes. Forgot to tell that together with the Ambulance we called the doctor, having told that we give birth. She for some reason too did not hurry. And I arrived to maternity hospital as it appeared, already with full disclosure. At 2 o`clock in the morning. The doctor on duty threw to the midwife:“ Will be in time - will not be in time? Call (my) doctor“. Right there on a chair waters departed.

the Doctor arrived and asked to begin to make an effort already in chamber. When I asked, why, it turned out that just in the rodzal there are no still empty seats:-). To make an effort on fight it turned out not so painfully how to wait fight (which was already as one continuous pain without peredykh). The stomach at me did not ache. All fights - attempts and childbirth took place on a waist. Therefore it was heavy to lie on a back at the time of delivery, there was a wish to rise or sit down.

we Gave birth with the husband. It did not go to special courses and at all morally was not ready to it. Held on, I think only because to me it was obvious worse, than to it, and it supported me as could. Made an effort together, something shouted to me in an ear, generally, kept the good fellow. In labor I do not remember severe pain. Probably that adrenaline which is thrown out and anesthetizes the woman in labor and the truth helps. After several attempts stuck oxytocin in a stomach since fights were short. Three times it could not be extinguished.

Then business went quicker and was decided to make an epiziotomiya (a crotch cut). Pain was not too, on my questions: already cut? all looked to me in the face and honestly lied that is not present (including the husband observing how fabrics part in different directions). Here the midwife told:“ Superficially breathe on the following attempt and listen to me“, and I understood that “usyo“. Breathed, and in splashes of waters (which poured over all medical staff) the girl took off.

5. 15th mornings. All in dense white greasing (the husband very much was frightened, I did not warn him that it happens), peeps, squelches, too swallowed water. The umbilical cord was cut, put to me dityo on a breast. 3420 g, 52 cm. Tears - snivels, pleasure that all ended and everything begins and carried away. And the daddy left. Literally in minutes 10 attempts were started over again, and there was a placenta. And me suggested to subscribe under the general anesthesia since made an incision me on most “I do not want“, and I fell asleep.

Terrible otkhodnyak not to compare to anything. I see I hear the voice of the doctor which became to the family, more precisely. Here the husband, murmurs something too, I will not understand yet that. Transported in chamber, a ditenka brought only at 11 in the morning, I cannot get up, to me it was left what to do - I do not know. And - about a miracle! My neigbour in chamber (I lay in 2 ear, but a door separate, only a joint wash basin) the girl with whom we went to courses. It has an experience - 3 days as mother though something can prompt.

On 5 - y day we were already at home, and we live to this day, rejoicing and being surprised as it so turned out such miracle.

P. S. on ultrasonography spoke not only about a large fruit, but also about bad waters, both obvity, and abundance of water. Nothing was confirmed.