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The certified childbirth of

at the beginning of 2006 it will be offered to each future mother to get free of charge the birth certificate on 7 thousand rubles. One its paper part, for 2 thousand rubles, should be given to the doctor of a maternity welfare unit, and the second, on 5 thousand, - in maternity hospital. And why the most pregnant similar “express“ work?

Authors of the national Health project which part is the program of birth certificates expect that medical institutions of additional money from Social insurance fund has to provide to pregnant women and women in labor (only to citizens of the Russian Federation) attention and the professional help of doctors. It is supposed that the material interest will induce workers of consultations to cease to ask: “Well, abortion?“ and in maternity hospitals will begin to hesitate to accept “tip“. If the woman informs of pregnancy till 30 weeks (or to 28 at polycarpous) and will safely give rise in maternity hospital, after it cash will come to these establishments.

Who issues the certificate?

the Mechanism of finding of the certificate is simple

: when your pregnancy is 30 weeks old, the doctor conducting pregnancy from city or municipal medical institution fills and issues to you the certificate. Initially it consists from 4 - x parts: the first part - a back of the birth certificate which the doctor keeps for the general reporting, the second - the coupon No. 1 of the birth certificate which you should give to the same doctor that 2 thousand rubles were transferred into the account of its institution. 60% of this sum will go to a salary to the employees, and 40% - to “other expenses“. The third part - the coupon No. 2. You will need to give it to doctors of maternity hospital that in an award for obstetric aid this institution received 5 thousand rubles. 40% from them will go to a salary to the employees, and 60% - to “other expenses“. The fourth part - actually birth certificate which coupons No. 1 and 2 come off.

All points of the birth certificate are filled in with doctors. The certificate, its back, the coupon No. 1 and points 1 - the 8th coupon No. 2 the doctor conducting pregnancy, and the rest (the information about the been born child) - the doctor of maternity hospital fills. That it occurred, you need to show the passport or other identity document, and also the policy of compulsory health insurance and the insurance evidence of the state pension insurance.

innovation Pluses

  1. When the woman, having learned about pregnancy, will come to a maternity welfare unit for registration, by it not only will not suggest to make abortion, but also will persuade to keep the child. It can positively affect also a demographic situation in the country, and on an emotional condition of each specific woman.
  2. the Doctor conducting pregnancy will try to render to
  3. services of due quality, to support emotional contact with the pregnant woman that at approach 30 - the week term of pregnancy, the woman was still observed at it.
  4. the Woman has an opportunity to independently choose maternity hospital where she will give birth that she will cause emergence of the healthy competition between maternity hospitals. As much as possible future mothers will try to involve these establishments. Except for cases when the woman on medical indications needs to give birth in specialized maternity hospital (in the presence of heavy pathologies, premature birth or in the presence of infectious diseases: HIV, syphilis, hepatitis, etc.) .
  5. Pregnant women will be able to come to maternity hospitals not only the city, but also any other city of Russia. If you live in the Eagle, but want to give rise in Moscow, you have a real opportunity to carry out conceived.
  6. If childbirth takes place
  7. is unsuccessful, the child either you suffered, or the kid was born with serious pathology, medical institutions of money will not receive.

Disputed issues

  1. the Mechanism of providing unemployed women with certificates, and also those who have no policy of compulsory health insurance or the insurance evidence of the state pension insurance is not installed yet.
  2. Establishment of exact term of pregnancy - a controversial issue. Even the skilled worker of a maternity welfare unit establishes term approximately: 3 - 5 or 27 - 28 weeks of pregnancy. Quite often it happens that, according to ultrasonography term is established, excellent from established by the gynecologist. What week of pregnancy in each case will be considered 30 - y? There is a wish to believe that all this will not become the reason of artificial overestimate of terms.
  3. Today pregnant women quite often suffer from
  4. from excessive attention of workers of consultations, excessive unjustified, and quite often just dangerous preventive actions (drugs, pricks, droppers, and also a biopsy of a horion, amnio - or kordotsentez) without indications, serious on that. Whether fighters for the safe end of pregnancy even more diligent in similar “prevention“ will become?.
  5. Is present
  6. no guarantee that the giving birth women (waters departed, or are observed fights) who are not holding the certificate will be accepted in maternity hospital where they came by “ambulance“ or on own car. It is impossible to deny the fact that there are cases when before the giving birth woman employees of maternity hospital just closed a door, explaining refusal with the most different reasons...