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In detail about disposable diapers. Care of children of the first year of life of

In modern system of care of children of the first year of life disposable diapers forced out reusable. Moreover, they changed all system of care of the kid, released a lot of time at parents, gave the chance of “dry“ nights, long walks, quiet visit of guests and the doctor.

Disposable diaper. What is it?

the Main objective of disposable diapers - ensuring dryness of skin of the child at the maximum comfort. At the same time not only properties of a diaper, but also its correctly picked up size, timely change and the corresponding care of skin are important.

the Disposable diaper works with

so: liquid passes through an integumentary layer, is absorbed by the absorbing material (absorbent), turns into gel and keeps in a diaper, leaving a surface dry.

in What diapers differ in


Now polyethylene diapers with the replaceable absorbing inserts which detained moisture and created “greenhouse effect“ are practically not used by


Modern diapers consist generally of natural materials which absorbing layer represents mix of cellulose and geleobrazuyushchy substance. Level of absorbency depends on a ratio of these components. The less geleobrazuyushchy substance, the holding ability of a diaper is worse. Though these diapers are cheapest.

diapers of different classes in one brand not strongly differ in

At the large world famous companies according to the main characteristics. More they differ on the level of comfort and design.

we Sort a diaper

Diapers of different brands, and also different classes in one brand, differ in the following parameters.

Reusable and elastic fasteners it is more convenient than

disposable as allow to perestegivat repeatedly the same diaper in case of need. For example, to be convinced that the child dry, and again to clasp the same diaper if it remained pure.

What can be advised?

Until recently during creation of diapers, safety and dryness remained the only key tasks and very few people from producers paid attention to developments in the field of comfort and convenience.

of Big achievements in all these areas were reached by developers of the HUGGIES® Super diapers - Flex.

So, the breathing HUGGIES® Super diapers - Flex, possessing all above described properties, have the special absorbing system which carries quickly out liquid in a diaper, without allowing contact with skin for the entire period of carrying a diaper. Thanks to the breathing materials, the diaper passes a lot of fresh air to skin of the kid, and damp air quickly comes to light through a set of the minute pores, leaving skin naturally dry and healthy.

Especially should note existence of a special wide and elastic corbel which it is reliable, but at the same time gently embraces the kid, helping to prevent course. Thanks to this corbel and elastic inserts on fasteners, the diaper excellently “sits“, irrespective of “figure“ of the baby - i.e. both well-fad butuz and the thin beauty will feel in it equally comfortably. It is an important point as children all different, and selection for them or did not “press“ a suitable diaper that it did not “slip“ - business not so simple for parents, and they, undoubtedly, can ask about it council the health worker.

not to do much harm!

Safety, dryness and convenience
are possible

only at the correct care of skin and timely change of a diaper.

needs to be considered that in a crotch there should not be remains of cream or oil: the inside layer of a diaper absorbs them worse than a gauze or a diaper. In order to avoid “effect of a compress“, development of an intertrigo and dermatitis, oil is better not to use at all, and to apply light lotions and “milk“. It is also possible to use special cream under the diaper containing “firmer“ basis. It is necessary to put it with a thin layer, previously having pounded in hands. Then it is necessary to wait not less than 5 - 10 minutes for the maximum absorption, to remove the remains wet towel wipes, and only then to put on a disposable diaper. At emergence of irritation or an intertrigo it is necessary to do to a thicket air bathtubs.

For children with a good increase of weight, with the increased work of sweat and sebaceous glands, it is better for p to use not creams, but children`s powders (only not the talc and flour capable to cause irritation). It is possible just to rub off the baby wet towel wipes or to dry after washing. In general cosmetics should be used minimum.

Should remember

that it is necessary to change a diaper at its filling and after depletion of intestines - it is the most important factor of prevention of infections of the lower urinary tract at children.

At implementation of these requirements and when using high-class diapers and famous brands, your kid will feel well and comfortably during this most vulnerable period of life!