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The list of children`s books

the Question “what to read the child“ arises at many parents. There was it and at me when I began to select children`s books for a home library. I began to look for on the recommendation Internet, responses, discussions of books. The list given below - a fruit of my researches. The list is compiled from the lists of the recommended literature found me, discussions in koferention, on LJ, own memories of the read books, and also impressions of visit of bookstores. This list gives an idea of that, “that happens“. Books in the list are calculated on younger and middle school age, that is about 7 - 12 years. On the basis of this list I choose books in the Internet - shops (it cheaper, than in real book). There are no summaries in the list - I use summaries the Internet - shops.

I Think, the list is also useful to frequenters of libraries - hardly to orient in a set of unfamiliar books on shelves. In the same list I keep account of books of a home library - I select the available books with a marker. Very conveniently: it is visually visible what books are and what can be bought in addition. I do not apply for completeness of the list, absolute quality of books in the list, and also on general usefulness. It is useful to someone, to someone is not present.

  1. Abramov, Page. “Rainbows are higher“.
  2. Adamov. “Secret of two oceans“.
  3. Adams, R. “Watership downs“.
  4. Azimov, And. “Lakki Star is the space ranger“, “Robot Norbi“.
  5. Aksenov, Vasily “My grandfather - a monument“, “the Trunk...“ etc. (only on Alib. ru).
  6. Aksakov, Ivan “Scarlet Flower“.
  7. Akimushkin, Igor “Fauna“, “Mammals or animals“.
  8. Alekseev, Valery “ATs Project“, “Island of the Guarantee“.
  9. Alekseev, Sergey “The terrible rider“, “A bird - glory“, “Great Ekaterina“.
  10. Alexandrov, Alexander “Shishok“.
  11. of Alexandrov, And., Tuberovsky, M. “Blue bird. Legends and fairy tales“.
  12. Alenikov, Vladimir of “Petrov and Vasechkin`s adventure“.
  13. of Diamonds, Boris “The most beautiful horse“.
  14. Altayev, And. Historical stories.
  15. Aleshkovsky, Yuz “Kysh and Dvaportfelya“.
  16. Amatuni`s
  17. , P. G.“ CIAO - the winner of wizards“.
  18. de Amitchis, Edmondo “Heart“.
  19. Andersen, G. - X. Fairy tales.
  20. Ardzhilli`s
  21. , Marcello “A band from San - Lorenzo“, “Tack adventures“.
  22. Arsenyev, Vl. “Across Ussuri Krai“, to “Dersu Uzala“, etc.
  23. Aronov, And. “Bravo, Araks!“.
  24. Artur, R., Carrie, M., etc.“ Alfred Hitchcock and three detectives“.
  25. Astafyev, Victor “Horse with a pink mane“.
  26. Akhundov, Suleiman of “Chernushk“.
  27. Asbyernsen “Samson and Roberto“. Norwegian fairy tales.
  28. Barnford, Sheila “Improbable travel“.
  29. Babich, Irina “My familiar animals“.
  30. Babenko`s
  31. “Radiant Apollo. Birds, butterflies and myths“, “Under Helios`s beams“.
  32. Bazhov, Pavel “A malachite casket“.
  33. of Barry, James “Peter Pan and Wendy“.
  34. Baruzdin, Sergey “Ravi and Shashi“, “As the Snowball got to India“ and others.
  35. Bakhrevsky, Vladyslav “The ataman`s treasure“, “Soldier Oreshek“, “the Willow-herb - Polykhan“, etc.
  36. Baum, Frank, etc. “Country Oz“.
  37. Bachilo`s
  38. , And., Tkachenko, And.“ Captives of the Black meteorite“.
  39. of Balint, Anny “Gnome Gnomych and Izyumka“.
  40. Belyaev, Alexander “The island of the lost ships“, “The person - an amphibian“, “The lord of the world“, “Ariel“, “The seller of air“, etc.
  41. Belyaev, Vladimir “The old fortress“.
  42. Belousov, Sergey of “Pechenyushkin`s Adventure“.
  43. White, Grigory “House of cheerful beggars“.
  44. Burroughs, E. R. “Lord of Mars“, Tarzan“, “Pellyusidar“, “Veneriana“, etc.
  45. of Bern, Paul “A brainless horse“.
  46. Burnett, Francis “The country of a blue flower“, “A mysterious garden“, “The disappeared prince“, “The little princess“, “Little lord Fauntleroy“.
  47. Bzhekhva, Yang “Academy of sir Klyaksy“, etc.
  48. Bianki, Vitaly “The forest newspaper“, “Sinichkin calendar“, etc.
  49. Binz, Archie “Basseterre, to me!“ .
  50. Bisset, Donald “The forgotten birthday“, “Krokokot“, etc.
  51. Bishof, David “Serious games“.
  52. Blayton, Enid “Five taynoiskatel“, “The magnificent five“, Yellow book of fairies, etc.
  53. Bogdanov, Nikolay “As I was a leader“.
  54. of Borisov, Ekaterina “The happy end“.
  55. Broshkevich, Hedgehogs “One another is more interesting than
  56. “, “Three from the Tenth thousand“.
  57. Brustein, Aleksandra “The road goes to a distance“.
  58. Bulychev, Cyrus of “Alice`s Adventure“.
  59. Boussenard, Louie “Diamonds hunters“, “Through Australia“, etc.
  60. Budogoskaya, Lydia “Story about the red girl“, “Story about a lamp“, “Sentry“.
  61. Bush, V. “Plikh and Plyukh“.
  62. of the Bylina. Russian national fairy tales. Old Russian stories.
  63. Wagner, N. P.“ Kot`s fairy tales - Murlyki“.
  64. Vasilenko`s
  65. , Ivan of “Artemk“, “Asterisk“.
  66. Veltistov, Evgeny “Adventures of the Electronic engineer“, “Million and one day of vacation“, “GUM - Din“.
  67. Vern, Jules “20 000 leagues under water“, “The mysterious island“, “Children of the captain Grant“, “The fifteen-year-old captain“, etc.
  68. Veykfild (Wakefield), “Buruta and Gruliki“ (“Lyapiki and Zlokhvosta“).
  69. Vestli`s
  70. , And. - To. “Mother, father, eight children and truck“, “Aurora from the case C“, “Kaos and Byernar“, “Olaug and Doughnut“.
  71. Vereyskaya, Elena “Three girls“.
  72. Vigdorov`s
  73. , Frida “The road to life“, “Is my house“, “Chernigovka“, “My class“, “Teacher“, “Family happiness“, “Lyubimaya Street“, “Twelve brave“ (in soavt. from T. Pechernikova).
  74. Vladko, Vladimir “Argonauts of the Universe“, “Descendants of Scythians“, “The gray-haired captain“, etc.
  75. Vlasov A.“ Army of a wagtail“.
  76. of Grandsons “Dinamis Mobilis“.
  77. Vodovozov`s
  78. , E. “At the beginning of life“.
  79. Bugloss, Adolf “Little man on a wall“.
  80. Wolf, Sergey “Depart from my horse“.
  81. of Wolves, Alexander “Wizard of the Emerald city“.
  82. Voronkov`s
  83. , Lyubov “The girl from the city“, “Elder sister“, “Personal happiness“, “The Altai story“, “A trace of fiery life“, “Messensky wars“, “Hera Salamina“, “In depth of centuries“, “Zeus`s Son“.
  84. Voskresenskaya, Zoya “Girl in the rough sea“.
  85. Vronsky, Yury “Extraordinary adventures of Kuksha from Domovichey“.
  86. Garin - Mikhaylovsky “Chapogi“, “Tigers hunters“.
  87. Gaidar, Arkady “A blue cup“, “Military secret“, “Destiny of the drummer“, etc.
  88. Gabbe, Tamara.“ City of masters“.
  89. Galakhov`s
  90. , Galina “Knights without fear, but not without reproach“.
  91. Garner, Alan “Elidor“, “A magic stone of Brizingamen“, “Legends Olderli Ej“, etc.
  92. Garshin, Century. “A frog - the traveler“, etc. fairy tales.
  93. Gauf, Century. Fairy tales.
  94. Gayatri`s
  95. “The fairy tale about a tree which was able to fly“.
  96. O. Henry`s
  97. “Leader red-skinned“, etc.
  98. Gershenzon, Mikhail “Robin Hood“.
  99. Gernet, Nina, Yagdfeld, Grigory “Katya and crocodile“.
  100. Of St. George, Susanna “Father“, “Liar“, “Bells“.
  101. Georgiev, Sergey of “Shurshiki“, “Fir-trees - sticks: field marshal Pulkin“.
  102. Geraskin`s
  103. , L.“ In the country of unlearned lessons“.
  104. Gilbert, Ader “Alice in Zaigolye“.
  105. Golyavkin, Victor “A harp and boxing“, Stories, “As I sat under a school desk“, “Notebooks in the rain“.
  106. Golitsyn, Sergey “Forty researchers“, “Behind birch books“.
  107. Gordoni, Geza of “Star of Eger“.
  108. Gordiyenko`s
  109. , Galina “Between two worlds“.
  110. of Mountains. “Boy“.
  111. Grinvud, James “Small oborvysh“.
  112. Galakhov`s
  113. . “Impossible Cuckoo“.
  114. Howard R., etc. “Saga about Conan“.
  115. of Dialects, S. “Alkamen is the theatrical boy“, “the Last Carlovingians“.
  116. Gogol, H. Century. “Evenings on the farm near Dykanka“, “Myrgorod“.
  117. Golding, William “Lord of the Flies“.
  118. Homer “Illiada“, “Odyssey“.
  119. of Goudzh, Elisabeth “A white horse“.
  120. Hoffman, AA.“ Nutcracker“.
  121. Grabovsky, Yang “Fly with whims“, etc.
  122. Grimm, Brothers of the Fairy tale.
  123. Greene, Alexander “Scarlet sails“, “A gold chain“, “Road to nowhere“, etc.
  124. Grigorovich, Dmitry “The gutta-percha boy“.
  125. to Gripa, Maria “Elvis Carlson“, “Elvis! Elvis!“, “Just Elvis“, “A manure bug flies in twilight“.
  126. Gripare, Pierre of “Skazki Street of Brock“.
  127. Gromov`s
  128. , Ariadna “We one blood - you and I!“.
  129. de Groun, Eles, Uspensky, Eduard “Year of the good Child“.
  130. Graham, Kenneth “Wind in willows“.
  131. Gubarev, Vitaly “Kingdom of curve mirrors“, “Three on the island“, etc.
  132. Gurskaya, Galina “About prince Gottfried, the knight of the Christmas star“.
  133. Gourand`s
  134. , Elena “Heavenly colts“.
  135. Guryan, O.“ Ivashka runs for a horse“, “Witnesses“, etc.
  136. Gelliko`s
  137. , Paul of “Tomasin“, “Jannie“, “An asinine miracle“, “Flowers for Mrs. Harris“.
  138. Danini`s
  139. , M. “The Ladoga ice“ (in general that will be).
  140. Distance, Roald.
  141. Davydychev, Lev “Hands up“, “Ivan Semenov`s Life“, etc.
  142. Distance, V.“ Old man Godovik“.
  143. Darrell, Gerald “A zoo in my baggage“, “The speaking parcel“, etc.
  144. Demykina, Galina “Was lost by
  145. the girl“, “My captain“, “Chucha“.
  146. Defoe`s
  147. , Danielle “Robinson Crusoe“.
  148. of Dzhems, Vil “Haze“.
  149. of Dzheyks, Brian “Two from the Flying Dutchman“.
  150. Jerome, Jerome “Three Men in a Boat (To Say Nothing of the Dog)“.
  151. Dickens, Charles “Oliver Twist“, “Great expectations“, etc.
  152. Dilov, Lyuben “Noomi and Niki`s star adventures“.
  153. Dolinina, Natalya “My captain“, “Lemboy“, “Chucha“, “As is close the world“, “We with the Ear ring twins“, “The girl was lost“.
  154. Doyle, A. K.“ Professor Challenger“, “Sherlock Holmes“, “Captain Sharke“, “Foreman Gerard“.
  155. Dovidaytis, Joonas “Danger sign“.
  156. Dombrovsky, Kirill “Island of inexperienced physicists“.
  157. Donner, Carol of “Secret of anatomy“.
  158. of Friends, Yury “Magic school“, “Adventures of the Pencil and Samodelkin“.
  159. Dragoon, Ksenia “It is forbidden to kiss“, “All boys fools“.
  160. Dragoon, Victor “Denis Korablev“, “Thief of dogs“, “Death of the spy Gadyukin“.
  161. Dubkov`s
  162. , Svetlana of “Fairy tale of the star sky“.
  163. of Oaks, Nikolay “Grief to one“, “Fires on the river“, etc.
  164. Durov, Vladimir “My animals“.
  165. of Nice fellows, Dusan “Pishtachik travels“.
  166. D`ervilyi of “Adventure of the prehistoric boy“.
  167. of Smokes, Felix “Where you are necessary“.
  168. Dyurichkov`s
  169. , M.“ Tank and Janka“.
  170. Dumas, Alexander “Three musketeers“, “Queen Margot“, “the Count Monte - Cristo“, “Ascanio“, “A black tulip“, “Two Diana“.
  171. Yemelyanov, B. Stories (“Boots - dogs“, for example). “Story about orphanage“.
  172. Yermolaev, BB. “The house of brave little cowards“, “Arrows are fired in the purpose“, “Yurasik - karasik and a water snowflake“.
  173. Yershov, Pyotr “the Fad - Gorbunok“.
  174. Zheleznikov, Vladimir “Salty snow“, “The odd fellow from sixth “B“, “Effigy“, “Blue Katya“, “the Password “Dragonfly“.
  175. Zhitinsky, Alexander.“ Old man with Big Pushkarskaya“, “Courtesy visit“, “Cheops and Nefertiti“.
  176. Zhitkov, Boris “What happened“, “Sea stories“, stories about animals.
  177. Zhilinskayte`s
  178. , Vitaute “Travel on Tandadrika“.
  179. Zhuravlev`s
  180. , Zinaida “Remove an armor“.
  181. Zalten, Felix “Bembi“.
  182. Zverev, Ilya “The second of April“, “The tram law“, “Serebryanki`s Flight“.
  183. Zeleransky, N., Larin, B. “Bear, Serega and I“.
  184. Zevako`s
  185. , Michel of “Pardayana“.
  186. Zorich, Anastasia “Secret gold actinium“.
  187. Zoshchenko, Mikhail Rasskazy.
  188. Ibbotson, Eve “Ms. Vedma“, “Operation “Monsters“.
  189. Ivanov, Sergey “The winter girl“, “Being the Roll and his daughter“, etc.
  190. Ivanov, Yury “Cassiopeia“.
  191. Ilyin, M.“ Hundred thousand why (stories about things)“, etc.
  192. Ilyina, Elena “The fourth height“, “Is my school“.
  193. Inber, Vera “Time of apricots“, “Mess, Tosik and the responsible communist“, “As I was small“, verses.
  194. Irasek, Alois “Ancient Czech fairy tales“.
  195. Isarov`s
  196. , Larisa of “Senior pupil`s note“.
  197. Kaverin, Veniamin “Two captains“, fairy tales, “The flying boy“.
  198. of Citizens of Kazan, And. “The flaring island“, “Is stronger than time“, etc.
  199. Kamasov, Fedor “Hi, Artyom!“.
  200. Kaminsky, L. “Laughter lessons“.
  201. Kanushkin, River. “Emperor of shadows“.
  202. Kassil, Lev “Be ready
  203. , your Highness“, “Conduit“, “Shvambraniya“.
  204. Kalm`s
  205. , N.“ Black Sallie“, stories, “Children of mustard paradise“, “Verneysky rooks“.
  206. Cowl, Truman “A meadow harp“, “Children at birthday“.
  207. Karlye`s
  208. , Lieber “Secret of “Altamare““.
  209. Katayev, Valentine “Magic seven-petal flower“, “A pipe and a small jug“, “The son of a regiment“, “Grows white a sail lonely“, etc.
  210. Kattner, “Prokhfessor was covered with G.“, “A copper with troubles“, etc.
  211. the Core, Ludwik Jezhi “Ferdinand the Magnificent“, “Wake up, Ferdinand!“.
  212. Kervud, James of “the Tramp of the North“, “In the North jungle“, etc.
  213. Kestner, Erich “Emil and detectives“, “Tricks of twins“, “Knopka and Anton“, “The thirty fifth of May“.
  214. Keller, Vladimir of “Fairy tale of one day“.
  215. King, S., P.`s Straub“ Collision of the worlds“ (“Mascot“).
  216. Kipling, Rudyard “Book of the Jungle“, “Kim“, fairy tales.
  217. Kiselyov, “The girl also ptitselt Vladimir“.
  218. Clark, Artur “Island of dolphins“.
  219. Kliri`s
  220. “Ramona hooligan“.
  221. Klyuev, Evgeny “Between two chairs“.
  222. Knorre`s
  223. , Fedor “Captain Krokus“, “Olya“, “Paper books of Lally“.
  224. Koval, Yury “Nedopesok“, “Five kidnapped monks“, “Suyer - Vyer“, “Vasya Kurolesov`s Adventures“, “The lightest boat in the world“, “Wormwood fairy tales“.
  225. Kovtun, Andrey “Baranova beam“.
  226. Koyn, Irmgard “The girl with whom to children did not allow to be found“.
  227. of Goats, Sergey “Hedgehog in fog“, “Young lion and Turtle“, “Tryam, hello!“ “Australian skewbald“.
  228. of Goats, William “President of the Stone island“, etc.
  229. Kollodi`s
  230. , Carlo of “Pinocchio“.
  231. Konstantinovsky, Maylen “KOAPP“.
  232. Konopnitska, Maria “Orphan Marysya and gnomes“.
  233. Korinets, Yury “the Song of Gizi“, “The got lost robot“, “Hi from Verner“.
  234. of Dry biscuits, Vitaly of “Solnyshkin`s Navigation“, “Ice adventures Floated - we Know“.
  235. Korchak, Janusz “King Matiush the First“.
  236. of Kites, Mikhail “A tragic hieroglyph“, “The school Universe“, “September + September“.
  237. Korchmarosh, Fell “A pencil - the wizard“.
  238. Kostetsky, Anatoly “Knock with
  239. in my window“, “I want to fly!“, “Minimax“, “All as actually“, “Superklya Hristofora Tyulkina“.
  240. Kornilov`s
  241. , Galina “Our acquaintance Bumchik“.
  242. Korolenko`s
  243. , V. G.“ Children of a vault“.
  244. Kottsvinkl, William “E. T. (The alien and his adventures on Earth)“.
  245. Krasitsky, Dmitry “Taras`s Childhood“.
  246. Krakow, Vladimir “What smile at you!.“.
  247. Krapivin, Vladislav “The boy with a sword“, “The musketeer and the fairy“, “Zhuravlenok and lightnings“, “Dovecot“, “A great crystal“, “The flying fairy tales“, etc.
  248. of Kreps, Vladimir, Mintz, Klementy “On a wave of the famous captains“, “Travel becomes dangerous“ (Scenarios of broadcasts “Club of the famous captains“).
  249. Krinitsky, Mikhail “Citizen Mitka“.
  250. Krishtof, Elena “The modern story told by Zhenya Kamchadalova“.
  251. Crawford, Ch. P.“ Run on three legs“.
  252. of Moles, Victor (“Worm Ignatiy and his friends“).
  253. Kruger, Maria “A blue bead“, “Hi, Karolinka“.
  254. Krylov, Alexey “Kot Vasili where you were?“ and other verses.
  255. Kryus, James “My great-grandfather and I“, “My great-grandfather, heroes and I“, “Tim Taler, or the Sold laughter“.
  256. Koudou`s
  257. , Reet “To the prince princess“.
  258. of Sandpipers. “The secret messenger“.
  259. Kulmov`s
  260. , And. “But - oh, Leokadiya!“.
  261. Kurbatov, Constantine “Heretic Geoffroi Vallee“.
  262. Cooper, Fenimore “Pathfinder“ and other books about Natti Bampo.
  263. of the Compartmentr “The sea magician“ (Absolutely other Cooper! - VK).
  264. Kuprin “A white poodle“.
  265. Kurguzov, Oleg “Our cat - the alien“.
  266. Carol`s
  267. , Lewis “Hunting for a snark“, “Alice in Wonderland“, “Through the Looking-Glass“.
  268. Lagerlof`s
  269. , Selma “Wonderful travel of Niels“.
  270. Lagin, Lazar “Old man Hottabych“.
  271. Lanetskaya, Elena “Night of a full moon“, “Obolon - a grass“.
  272. of Lari, Yang “Unusual adventures of Carrick and Valya“.
  273. Levinzon “Farewell to Debervil“.
  274. Levshin, Vl.“ In a labyrinth of numbers “, “ Lost-and-Found of the lost numbers “, “ three days in Karlikaniya “, “ a black mask from Al - Dzhebra “, “ seekers of unusual autographs“.
  275. Levitan, Yefrem of “Alk in the Solar kingdom“, “As Alka with friends of the planet considered“, “Wanderings of Alki and gnomes on the Milky Way“, to “Kids about stars and planets“.
  276. of Le Head Department of the Penitentiary, Ursula “Wizard Zemnomorya“.
  277. Levinova, Lyudmila, Sapgir, Heinrich “Kubarik and Tomatik or Cheerful mathematics“.
  278. Li`s
  279. , Harper “To Kill a Mockingbird“.
  280. Leonid, Leonid “Well who does not like to crackle
  281. the candied sprat?!“, “As it is correct to slip on a banana crust“.
  282. Likstanov, And.“ Adventures of the ship`s boy“, “Malyshok“.
  283. Lison, Robert “Genie of the third class“.
  284. Likhanov, Albert “A solar eclipse“, “Deception“, “Shop of beloved grants“, “Fright“, “The last cold weather“, “My general“.
  285. Lindgren, Astrid “Emil from Lennerbergi“, “Rasmus is the tramp“, “Carlson“, etc.
  286. London, Jack of “Heart of three“, “White Fang“, stories.
  287. Lobatu`s
  288. , to Monteyr “Award of a yellow woodpecker“.
  289. Lobe, Myrrha, Ferra - Mikura Vera. Fairy tales.
  290. Lobe Mira`s
  291. “The town Around - yes - Near“, fairy tales of the Austrian writers.
  292. Lomm, Alexander “the Night Eagle“.
  293. of Lofting, Hugh “John Dulittl`s Adventures“, “John Dulittl`s Circus“.
  294. Lukyanenko, Sergey “Boy and darkness“, “Today, mother!“, etc.
  295. Lewis, Clive S.“ Chronicles of Narnia“.
  296. Liashengko, Mikhail “The person - a beam“.
  297. Maar, Paul “Seven Saturdays during a week“, “On Saturday Subbastik returned“.
  298. Moor, Janka of “TVT“.
  299. Makarenko`s
  300. , Anton “The pedagogical poem“.
  301. Makarov`s
  302. , Alla, “Travel to the country Maya“.
  303. Mack - Kelley, Johnston “Zorro`s Sign“.
  304. Makkloski`s
  305. , Robert of “Homer Price`s Adventure“.
  306. Maltsev, Stanislav of “An adventure of two friends“, “About hare Petya“.
  307. have not enough
  308. , Hector “Without family“, “In a family“, “Romain Calbiri“.
  309. Mamin-Sibiryak “Alenushkina of the fairy tale“, “Fairy tale about a brave hare“.
  310. to Marliza, Arold “Park of Ghosts“, “Privy Council of twelve“, “Plot of ghosts“, “Stealing“.
  311. of
  312. Marshak, Samuil “Twelve months“, “Clever things“, “A grief to be afraid-...“ etc.
  313. Marshall, Alan “I am able to jump through pools“, “Whisper on wind“.
  314. Matveev Herman “Green chains“, “Secret fight“, “Tarantula“, etc.
  315. Matveev`s
  316. , Short story “Spot of Sunlight“, “Rabbit Village“, “Tavern of “All Fours““.
  317. Mathieu`s
  318. , Militsa “Day of the Egyptian boy“.
  319. Mashkov, Vladimir “Hi, Valerka!“, “As I was a child prodigy“, “Missed a rain“, “The last day of matriarchy“.
  320. by
  321. Medvedev, Valery “Barankin`s Imaginations“, “A flute for the champion“ “Make a cheerful face“, etc.
  322. Mason, M.“ The boy from great Mississippi. The story about Mark Twain“.
  323. Maeterlinck, Maurice “Bluebird of happiness“, “Ariana and Sinyaya Boroda“, etc.
  324. Mimadis, Yannis of “History from Herodotus“.
  325. Mirer, Alexander Blue Keith`s “Submarine“““.
  326. Mikhalkov, Sergey “Laughter and tears“, “Sombrero“, “Dear boy“, “The first three“, “Others role“.
  327. Mitre, Ave. “Olympus legends“.
  328. Molitvin, Pavel “At the beginning of summer vacation“.
  329. Moritz, Yunna “Bouquet of cats“, etc.
  330. Molnar, Franz “Boys Fell from the street“.
  331. Mogilev, Sofya “Mark of the country Gondelupy“, “Eight blue paths“.
  332. of the Pestilence, T. “A magic shubeyka“.
  333. Moszkowski, Anatoly “Fathers go to the ocean“, “Black cypresses“, “The dolphin cape“, “Five in a starprobe vehicle“, “Seven days of miracles“.
  334. Moskvin, Ilya “The forward - in protection!“ .
  335. Mowat, Farley “A dog who did not want to be just a dog“, etc.
  336. Muserovich, Malgozhata “Tselestina, or the sixth sense“.
  337. Mae`s
  338. , Karl to “Vinnet“, etc.
  339. Myakelya, Hanna “the Uncle Hey“, “A horse who lost points“, etc.
  340. Naumov, Evgeny “Tomorrow is a new day“, “The coral city“.
  341. of Nesbit, Edith “A fiery dragon“, “Mascot“.
  342. Nekrasov, Andrey of “Adventure of the captain Vrungel“.
  343. Nemtsov`s
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