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Lipstick for beauty and health of

Lipstick from the scientific point of view is a giro - the wax substance which is not containing water. Modern lipstick, unlike predecessors, not only is not harmful, but on the contrary - is useful to lips. However really to combine beauty and care of lips, it is necessary to approach carefully the choice and uses of this cosmetic.

Of what lipstick consists

B usual, not hygienic lipstick, as a rule enters four components: the basis painting mix, additives and a fragrance. A lipstick basis - wax and wax-like substances - structure-forming elements, fats and oils - emolenta, film-forming components. From vosk and wax-like substances paraffin, bee or silicone wax, ceresin, microcrystalline wax, karnaubskiya and kandelilskiya wax - natural vegetable wax from palm trees and leaves of a grass are most often applied. The main oil used as a part of lipstick - castor. It is appreciated high viscosity and good mitigation of lips. Except it vaseline oil or liquid paraffin is applied. Mix of oils gives to lipstick softness and ease of drawing, and film-forming elements - polymers and silicone derivatives, - create brilliant steady dab.

Colour of lipstick depends on mix of pigments, dyes and oils. The list of dyes is very different therefore there is no sense to list chemical terms which not to the expert will be explained nothing.

Among the additives which are present at composition of any lipstick the structures which are looking after lips - vitamins A and E, the preparations improving regeneration of fabrics with anti-inflammatory action, hyaluronic acid, plant extracts on an oil basis, sun-protection filters are most popular

. The part of additives is defined by fashion - the nylon adding the gloss, nacreous pigments reflecting light. Also all lipsticks surely contain preservatives which are urged to keep properties of lipstick as long as possible and the antioxidants preventing its oxidation. The fragrance hides a smell of raw materials of lipstick.

Types of lipsticks

Depending on structure, lipsticks share on moistening, nutritious, resistant, hygienic and a lip gloss.

usually are a part of the moisturizing lipstick oil of avocado, cocoa, castor, sunflower or coconut, camomile extract. The painting pigments choose on the basis of vegetable or mineral vosk. The moisturizing lipstick not just paints lips, adding them damp gloss and increasing them optically, but also softens, preventing a peeling. To use it is more optimum in the spring and in the summer when lips most suffer from dryness and a heat. It is possible to carry to shortcomings of the moisturizing lipstick that it is quickly erased and leaves marks.

Nutritious lipstick is created by

on the basis of wax, the painting pigments and powder. It protects lips from cracks in a cold season, but is not quite comfortable on lips, - it is impossible to forget about its presence from - for a large amount of wax in its structure.

the composition of resistant and superresistant lipsticks includes the painting pigments mixes with flying air. When after a while after drawing air disappears, on lips there is a colored film. Such lipstick does not leave marks and can keep on lips during 6 - - 12 hours (resistant) and 20 - - 24 hours (superresistant). With resistant lipstick it is not difficult to achieve an accurate make-up, it is easily applied and has pleasant texture. At the same time you should not use resistant lipstick every day, especially, if you have dry lips as it will also a little dry them. The feeling of a film on lips also belongs to its shortcomings.

Hygienic lipsticks contain vitamins, the nutritious, moisturizing and antiseptic substances. Often at its structure there are ultra-violet filters. Hygienic lipstick prevents dryness and cracking. It is ideal for careful care of lips during the cold period. Unfortunately, hygienic lipstick is not capable to replace usual as does not shade a lip. It should be applied rather with the medical and preventive, than decorative purpose.

the Lip gloss contains vegetable dyes in a small amount, the share of oils therefore it has a transparent shade is much higher in it. Vegetable oils and vitamins are its part. Gloss is ideally suited for a natural make-up, giving it naturalness. It is possible to carry to shortcomings of gloss that it easily spreads therefore it is necessary to put it very carefully as he can grow stout and contours of a mouth will look not accurately.

As it is correct to p to pick up lipstick?

only one certain way Is - to try and to try once again. Of course, there are certain regularities. Makeup artists recommend to select lipstick depending on skin color for the following principles:

than skin is more dark than

what to pay attention in shop to

So, you already represent what color and a type of lipstick is necessary for you. What to pay attention in shop to? Qualitative lipstick has to be applied softly and easily on lips, exactly lay down, without rolling down and without spreading. It does not leave spots on lips after it is erased. Company lipstick does not pull together a lip and does not cause feeling of weight. It has to be resistant, not too transparent, possess a pleasant smell and not thaw at influence of the sun.

Look narrowly at a surface of the chosen lipstick - on it there should not be droplets or smudges. Lipstick of bad quality nonplastic, fragile, the unpleasant smell is possible. To check quality of the copy which was pleasant to you, draw a tester a line on a sheet of paper - it has to be uniform, not to leave lumps, pellets and roughnesses. Apply with a sampler a small amount of lipstick on a back surface of a bend of a hand, and you will see how lipstick lays down whether well it is erased and what its color at day and artificial lighting. This way is almost faultless, but for full confidence it is better to apply lipstick with fingers on lips since its shade can change, having imposed on natural color of your lips.

Buying by

lipstick, surely pay attention to an expiration date. Similar information is placed on a case with lipstick if its sizes allow, or is specified in a leaf - an insert. Usually it is the line “it is suitable to“ with the indication of month and year or date of development with the indication of an expiration date. If there is no such information, it is not difficult to define expired lipstick all the same - it will have an unpleasant smell, on its surface white specks and the faded color are possible. Resistant lipstick quickly dries up after the stipulated expiration date. Use of expired lipstick is harmful as the oxidized fat puts the most severe injuries to a mucous membrane of lips and all organism.

the Maximum expiration date of lipstick - 3 years. Time lipstick will serve this to you if to store it in the refrigerator and to put with a brush, and a brush regularly to wash and clean. If you like to apply lipstick directly on lips, the term of its validity is reduced to a year and if you forget to close a tube and hold on the sun, then in 3 months on your lipstick aging signs will appear.

the Case of lipstick serves not only for appearance, but also for protection - for example, packings with “double click“ interfere with penetration of particles from the outside better, and lipstick is longer not oxidized.

the Make-up

Many women are sure by

that putting lipstick is some dabs. Actually there are certain procedures which should be carried out before any putting lipstick, even in the morning. At first special tonic clear bays, then apply on them hygienic lipstick or a thin layer of cream. A planimetric pencil trace a surface of lips. If the contour is too allocated, shade it a brush. The pencil has to be the same color, as lipstick, or is one tone more dark. Further in two layers apply lipstick - that it long kept and kept initial brightness. The first layer of lipstick promakivatsya by a napkin, then is powdered, and the second layer is put already then. Surplus of lipstick is also deleted with a napkin. To highlight a shape of lips, in end of a make-up apply lighter shade of lipstick on a middle part of a lower lip

As it is correct to use a planimetric pencil?

the Line of a contour is drawn by

from the center of an upper lip to corners, then on a lower lip from left to right. Lines of lips connect in corners. The line will be accurate and equal if to conduct it short and soft strokes or to put ends closely to each other. Choose a planimetric pencil soft that it did not injure skin, but at the same time not fat that the contour did not spread. It should not be and dry, otherwise the drawn lines will begin to crack. Expiration dates of cosmetic pencils are written on a lateral surface or in a leaf - an insert. As it is correct to p to use

a brush for lipstick?

the Brush gives to

the chance to accurately depict a contour of lips. When you apply lipstick without brush, the contour is deformed as the mouth stretches. In addition the brush helps to mix lipstick to make lips relief. In one color you will never achieve effect of relief lips, for a similar state professionals use a play of light and shadow - do a basis dark, and on the acting places a brush impose lighter lipstick or gloss.

Removal of lipstick

Is also whole ritual. Before going to bed lipstick needs to be deleted completely as the dyes which are contained in it get into a mucous membrane of lips. Lipstick categorically cannot be washed away water with soap - soap dries a gentle mucous membrane, and lips begin to burst.

the Make-up from lips is removed only by means of fat-containing means. It is possible to use usual make-up remover milk, but it is better to use special means for lipstick removal. To remove lipstick, blot lips with a napkin, and remove the remains special means. In completion of procedure it is desirable to apply the moisturizing cream which will protect them from drying on lips, and it is better - nutritious lip balm.