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Recently our hotly beloved and native daddy had a birthday of the father

birthday. And, of course, that this holiday did not become sad, it was necessary to try a little.

What all wait on birthday for? Correctly, gifts! That the gift was pleasant, it is necessary:

  1. that it;
  2. a gift to choose
  3. with all the heart;
  4. well and, of course, it is important for
  5. how to present a gift.

So, we started preparation of a holiday. The best gift from the daughter is something, made with own hands. But Polyunya still small (8 months) neither to draw, nor is not able to embroider yet. And we thought up here that. While our father was at work, we took a Whatman paper, felt-tip pens and paints. I wrote, and Polina decorated the poster with color prints of the palms.

Together traditional delivery of a gift decided to arrange to

small search in hints. Made small notes with riddles. At night when my house slept tight, I decorated the apartment with balloons and hung up the congratulatory poster of production, joint with the daughter, hid a gift and spread out on the house of a note with hints where to look for a gift.

in the Morning when our father woke up, we with congratulations and on words of love handed it a small box with a bow, all as is necessary for a gift. And in it waited for the first message:

we Congratulate

, happiness, pleasure we wish!
Let will be executed dreams!
Hopes will be equaled!
I, of course, I want to be pleasant to you!
did not understand Yet who I am such?
Well as so think, think, the road.
Precisely! Your GIFT!
Only me should be found:-) you do not know
Well, in day such I will hint:
She is a brunette hot,
It with you
I every evening she when you come home waits. you touch with
to each other hundred once a minute. Find

it, She will prompt
to you, Where you will find

so the father excited with expectation and impatience looked for

I on all house, being guided on the next riddle - the hint in verses.

I here at last gift. But what is it? Still note? Yes! Because it was waited by one more gift from the daughter:-). Also it was hidden, of course, in toys.

We were happy

because ours the folder was happy, and the smile did not descend from his face.

A when he saw the poster, did not believe the eyes, he only exclaimed. But on it surprises did not end.

It seems as flowers you will not present

to the man. But it is possible to present tasty prevkusny favourite cake!

Here so birthday also began

with tremendous mood. And in the evening guests - gifts, congratulations came, and happy birthday did not do without song. The charge of positive emotions will last still for a long time. And if suddenly something spoils to us mood, it is worth remembering this holiday only:-), and everything will seem better!