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As often it is necessary to hear about a good advice, terrible obstinacy and a mother`s milk of

that for successful breastfeeding of the child it is necessary to have only huge desire to nurse, and everything will turn out. At my look, it is not enough one desire - the knowledge, and here is necessary for the vast majority of young mummies also self-confidence, and also the big obstinacy just necessary for opposition of all grandmothers to army - aunts from them not always useful tips.

I Hurry to share

how I had all this. In 1998 I gave birth to the first child - the daughter Nastya. The desire to nurse was huge, and knowledge of this process almost any. In maternity hospital we were regularly knocked into the head idea of feeding on hours, at the same time it was necessary to wash a breast endlessly. Having arrived with the baby home, I got rid all this peel, just the daughter was capricious - as well as it was necessary to the newborn - and calmed down only at a breast. So I began to feed her on demand and, respectively, it became just impossible to wash a breast before each feeding.

In a month the daughter put on the weight of 1100, I was proud and happy. And here began! Our pediatrician - the young and strict woman - authoritatively declared that the child in 1 month should already give skobleny apple. I was verified with “The encyclopedia for mothers and fathers“ (prod. 1998). Yes, there too it was indicated the need to give to the monthly child apple. Began with a teaspoon, to 2 - m ate to months already table. In 2 months the pediatrician ordered to begin to give to the baby juice. Well, no sooner said than done. By the way, I also water gave to drink to her from a bottle, so my mother advised to do to me.

Having visited policlinic in 3 - x monthly age, found out that the child put on the weight of 400 g (for the first 2 months of 2 kg). The pediatrician told that it is not enough (!) “probably, the child at you undereats“ and ordered to come to us to control weighing. All road from policlinic home I cried (here the foolish woman - that!). It was scary a pity for my baby, and suddenly she undereats, starves? Also that called mother, having moaned, advised the child to finish feeding.

went to control weighing Next day. The daughter easily exhausted in 15 minutes 160 g of milk. The pediatrician slightly was surprised and told:“ Sucks well, milk at you insufficiently nutritious means - it is all the same necessary to finish feeding the child“. Also I undertook the 3 - x to stuff the monthly daughter with mix from a bottle and porridge. And nearby there was no person who would stop me, unreasonable. All my friends and acquaintances fed the children of 1 - 3 month. Mother, in due time, nursed me 3 months, and my sister 1,5 months. It had an explanation it: milk was not.

Here how many mistakes I made, listening to everyone:

generally, I by some miracle finished feeding Nastya till 8,5 months, and then the daughter refused a breast. Just took it in a mouth, bit, smiled, and did not want to suck any more.

... There passed 7 years. I expected the second baby and, digging on the Internet, came across article about breastfeeding. Read on one breath, this article became for me just revelation. I began to look for still similar information, found out that with it it is easy now - useful articles about breastfeeding the sea.

So a synulka I met

already fully equipped and with firm intentions not to give in on any there provocations from doctors and relatives. To my astonishment, the pediatrics for last 7 years cardinally changed the views of a chest vskarmilivaniye.

of the Son was put to my breast right after childbirth. He stuck greedy and practically hung on a sisa all three our days with it of stay in maternity hospital. On my shy complaints that “the child, apparently, sucks too much“, doctors joyfully nodded and assured that “it is just fine and health of the kid testifies about good, besides the newborn has full authority to spend at a breast 24 hours a day and milk will arrive quicker“. Really, milk arrived already in a day, and there was it much.

of the House mother began to help with the kid to me. And here again began! “Why you do not give to drink to him water? Well you a breast to it put everything, water is necessary to it too!“ But I firmly held the ground - I will not dopaivat water. Fight lasted month, all my arguments were listened with extreme mistrust. All compassionate neigbours simply - fainted, having learned according to mother about my flippant attitude the child. One even adduced some foolish argument of type: “At it all membranka will shrink inside!“ I had fun with all the heart - what else membranka?

Then the elderly aunty is a pediatrician told in the presence of my mother that it is already not accepted to dopaivat water children. The mummy calmed down at once. As I was grateful to this woman doctor - it is difficult to transfer.

For 1 - y month synulya put on the weight of 1100. All were very happy, and all nothing, but here mother became more active again. She decided that she small belches too much and sleeps badly and began to persuade me to give it a baby`s dummy. I long resisted, but as a result nevertheless showed cowardice and allowed mother to make it. Here, probably, my fatigue and a constant sleep debt affected. The son sucked a baby`s dummy of week three. And then, on survey in policlinic it became clear that he put on weight for a month of 500 g. In general, an indicator within norm, but I suspected wrong, and, being afraid of repetition of last mistakes, liquidated a baby`s dummy. Without it we gathered for 3 - y month 1200.

Now to my Bogdan year, I still nurse it and I am going to continue this wonderful study of years do1,5. It is the program - a minimum, and there we will look. The kid does not know either baby`s dummies, or bottles and received only a breast almost to 6 - monthly age.

do not think, please, that I want to shift all fault for the mistakes with GV to mother. No, of course not! Without her love, care and the help it should me very difficult. And all its councils were, of course, sincerely and are dictated by desire to besides help me. It is a pity only that when mother gave birth to us with the sister, the person who would help her council was not near, would prompt as it is correct to feed.

Dear future mummies! Read more about breastfeeding, take good note. So far the kid in a tummy for this time is. Then its (time) can not appear at all.

Yes, still, which - that from personal experience:

There now, it seems and everything, than wanted to share. I wish to all mummies and their children of a good health and much - a lot of tasty milk!